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  1. Lol This is the first time I’ve been called out for a down vote. I wasn’t going to add anything, but since I was called out. I want to start off by saying that Coach Szabo is a heck of a coach. I know there are some at North that weren’t big fans, but I coached under him for a few years while finishing up college. As a coach overall, but especially as a defensive coach, I learned so much from him. I wish him well! Having coached there, I can tell you @tango is 100% correct. The distance drives kids away (when it comes to athletes) from North. Every summer while myself and other coaches would pick up kids for practice, we simply couldn’t pick several of them up. It’s not like these were kids that lived 10-15 minutes away. They lived on the south side. I’ll never forget, one day at practice I was talking to a player about his weekend. I asked him what he did, he said him and his family moved houses, but it was just a couple houses down from where they did live. Come to find out he lived beside Roca Bar.... No! Not the one on the North side, but the one on Kentucky AVE. Literally south of Bosse. I haven’t been in the EVSC in a few years, but AT LEAST AT THE TIME, that was technically North district. In case you’re wondering, the kid (along with several others) was at Harrison the following year. Kids would say it was a 45 minute bus ride in the mornings. Even IF they are able to get a ride in the summers/late evenings, would you rather sleep in another 20-30 minutes every school day and just pick another school Freshman year? I’m not saying it’s impossible to win at North, but hiring the “right” coach isn’t going to make athletes magically appear, only winning will gradually do that, and you’ll have to win with the cards you’ve been dealt first. I’ll start off by saying that I don’t mean this in some sort of negative way, because I know how offended SOME Gibson Southern fans can be. I know it’s popular to throw Coach Hart’s name out with every opening. I have no idea what Coach Hart does, whether he does something in the school, owns a business, or works at a local business. However unless he finds the perfect spot or gets his teaching license, it may be hard for some schools to accommodate him. Honestly that’s good for Gibson Southern fans. *** That’s assuming Coach Hart would even want to take another job.
  2. I have to agree with the stripes. Seems like many of you feel they should have started kicking players after the 3rd of those 5 fouls mentioned. I don't know the order, but I can't imagine having a player kicked, and losing him for not only the rest of the game, but also the following week for a block in the back or a face mask. How about keeping your composure and taking your 15 yards? On the other side of the field, I believe after the 3rd personal foul, I would call a timeout and inform my entire team, that I would bench ANY player that commits another.
  3. coachhagan22

    2015 Out of state matchups

    Floyd Central plays Louisville Male. The Louisville schools (St. X, Male, Trinity) are just as good as the Ohio schools.
  4. Just to add to what you're saying, Castle returns a lot. They do lose peach which hurts, and their JV struggled, but they had a lot of underclassmen starting on the varsity level last season. They should be pretty tough this season.
  5. coachhagan22

    POSTseason Poll

    I'm confused how Mater Dei isn't on any of the 1A-3A list. Their first loss was in the state championship, to the team you have #1. People seem to forget the score was 28-21 in the 4th. This is all without one of the better LB's I've seen. MD also plays 4A & 5A teams all season. Not top 5, I get it, but not top 10? Certainly not a MD fan, but I like to give credit where it's due. Just my 2 cents.
  6. I'm no expert like the rest of these guys when it comes to figuring out who would be in and who would be out. I would assume because there is only 34 teams in 5A they may be able to get into the playoffs with 4 wins. If these happen to be 2A schools, where there is 64 teams, I'd say you'd be right. Talking to guys who have coached in Illinois, it was my understanding that if you didn't get 6 wins, you weren't getting in. *i believe it's 34 in 5A and 64 in 2A. Too lazy to fact check. So I could be mistaken.
  7. It wasn't meant to be taken literally. I've seen SEVERAL post saying the other team or fans were classless in some way throughout the playoffs. Thanks for the count though. Keep me updated!
  8. Nice win Mater Dei! Way to represent the SIAC! Now go finish the job at LOS. On a side note: Can anyone win a game without someone else accusing them of being classless?
  9. Does anyone have the link to where it'll be streaming online?
  10. I assume you're mocking the guy that made that comment. He must have forgot just how well Crutcher did at Bosse.I watched Jones on hudl. While there is several things to like about the kid, my favorite might be the Barry Sanders move after he scores. Just hand the ball to the official.
  11. Hard to say it much better, I also like what Coach Freimanis said about getting your young guys experience. Since, bobref brought it up, I would HATE a mercy rule. You're losing an opportunity to get experience, while also telling the players "hey, don't belong on the same field as this other team. So we're just going to call the game. " Whether it be true or not. As a player I would find that more embarrassing than any score could be.
  12. coachhagan22

    Jasper @ Reitz

    Certainly agree with what you said about not running the ball. The second pick was an int. I was standing in that corner, because I wanted to beat traffic. The ball was just a LITTLE bit under thrown. From where I was standing it appeared the QB had a ton of running room through. Jasper had their chances, let's not forget he over threw the wide open WR before the 1st pick. Heck of a game. Was anyone else disappointed by the attendance? It appeared like a regular season game + a few fans and players from other schools in the area on the Reitz side. On the jasper side, it might have been half full. I came to this same matchup 5-6 years back (with some buddies from jasper) and it was nearly standing room only on the jasper side.
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    Can a team no longer practice once they've been eliminated from the tournament? Heard some discussion that any team can practice till the end of the tournament.