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  1. Muda, I agree there are some incredibly valuable data we can learn from here to make our game better, but I am disappointed in you as a “science” guy....this is biased sample set.
  2. LilUrb

    Hoosier Conference Pick 'Em Week 3

    1 Point Games Cass Lafayette Central Catholic Tipton West Lafayette 2 Point Games North Judson Clinton Central 3 Point Game Rensselaer West Central Fountain Central Park Heritage
  3. LilUrb

    Hoosier Conference Pick 'Em Week 2

    1 Point Games Tipton Guerin Catholic Hamilton Heights Lafayette Jeff Lewis Cass 2 Point Games Seeger Twin Lakes Delphi Clinton Prairie Rensselaer 3 Point Games West Lafayette
  4. LilUrb

    GID Poll Preseason

    I will say this about High School Football and NCAA Football, I would like to see pre-season polls go away. They have more to do with teams/players that are no longer there, and less to do with actual value of the current team. I feel it would serve much better to have teams play at least 3 games before any type of rankings be released. Let them play and establish themselves. Pre-season polls are only good for barber shops, bars, sports writers, and forums....not for football.
  5. LilUrb

    Hoosier Conference Pick 'Em

    1 Point Games Pioneer Tipton Northwestern 2 Point Games Delphi Hamilton Heights Rensselaer Tri-West Western Tri-County Triton 3 Point Games West Lafayette
  6. Don't feed into his garbage. He has a point of view, and he can have it. Mine is good for them in investing in their school quality, whether academic or extracurricular. It's nice to have those luxuries, needed or not.
  7. LilUrb

    Hoosier Conference Pick 'Em Regional Championships

    2 POINTS EACH Fort Wayne Snider Avon Concord Zionsville Lowell Fort Wayne Dwenger Evansville Central Fort Wayne Luers Danville Woodlan Western Boone Indianapolis Lutheran Fountain Central Monroe Central West Lafayette
  8. LilUrb

    Hoosier Conference Pick 'Em Sectional Championship

    2 Point Games Lewis Cass @ Eastbrook Lafayette Central Catholic @ Pioneer Western @ Mississinewa Andrean @ West Lafayette Kokomo @ McCutcheon Terre Haute North @ Terre Haute South Angola @ Culver Academy Jimtown @ Mishawaka Marian North Newton @ Boone Grove Triton @ LaVille Fountain Central @ Attica Eastern Greene @ North Central 3 Point Game Monroe Central @ Sheridan LaPorte @ Michigan City
  9. LilUrb

    Hoosier Conference Pick 'Em Sectional Round 2

    1 Point Games Twin Lakes @ West Lafayette Delphi @ Lewis Cass 2 Point Games Pendelton Heights @ Western Hamilton Heights @ Southmont Lafayette Central Catholic @ North Miami Linton @ Southridge Winamac @ Triton Culver @ LaVille Harrison @ Kokomo Mishawaka Marian @ Knox 3 Point Game Eastbrook @ Rensselaer Western Boone @ Tipton Penn @ Valpo Adams Central @ Churubsuco
  10. LilUrb

    Hoosier Conference Pick 'Em Sectional Round 1

    1 Point Games Benton Central @ West Lafayette Rensselaer @ Taylor Tipton @ North Putnam 2 Point Games Western @ Yorktown Calumet @ Twin Lakes Hamilton Heights @ North Montgomery Lewis Cass @ Rochester 3 Point Games pBlackford @ Northwestern Attica @ North Vermillion Tri-County @ Lafayette Central Catholic
  11. That’s why you put in JV and Freshmen. And if they can’t stop them then they have more problems than you running up the score.
  12. How would your options not be the same of someone just giving up or quitting? I do not endorse either. The pursuit of excellence includes is 'striving for perfection even when knowing perfection cannot be accomplished.' That includes situations that are impossible, not better moment to teach about resiliency, perseverance, and coping. After all it is just a game correct? So if we are getting that bent out of shape from getting embarrassed in a game, how will we handle embarrassment in the real world? It is a flat out terrible situation, I have been there as a player and a coach. If you can't stop them (including jv and freshman), then get better. It's not nice or sympathetic, but it's honesty. Easier to learn from honesty than false perceptions.
  13. LilUrb

    Hoosier Conference Pick 'Em Week 9

    2 Point Games Northwestern @ Benton Central Hamilton Heights @ Lafayette Central Catholic Rensselaer @ Western Eastern (Greentown) @ Clinton Prairie 3 Point Games Lewis Cass @ Twin Lakes Tipton @ West Lafayette Tri-County @ North Newton North White @ West Central