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  1. gc75

    depth to be defined as a punter

    I think coverage can be more of a problem if trying to punt out of a field goal formation, especially if the returning team is prepared. The personnel is different upfront for a field goal o-line (usually bigger, stronger, and by comparison slower).
  2. gc75

    Cut Blocking

    Can an offensive linemen cut block when the quarterback is not under center (in shotgun or pistol, etc.)? I know the free blocking zone disappears once the ball is gone, but can an o-linemen cut on the snap of the ball?
  3. gc75

    EIAC 2014

  4. The game I was referencing was the Shelbyville vs Greensburg that we played Friday night.
  5. Does the punter have to be 7 yds deep to be considered a punter and get the protection as a punter? I know that is the rule to grt snapper protection.
  6. Anyone know a score for Lawrenceburg v Franklin County?
  7. Center Grove Merrisville C olumbus East LCC Ritter Linton Stockton Chatted FW Lures Hamilton heights Concorde
  8. Pike Center Grove My. Vernon C Dwenger Charlestown Hamilton Hieghts Lawrenceburg Luers North vermilion Sheridan Tie breaker is total score of Charlestown and Gibson southern 85
  9. gc75

    Terrific 10 Week Twelve

    LCC Lawrence Central Jasper Roncall Lawrenceburg Charlestown Greensburg Hamilton Heights Sheridan West Washinton Indian Creek at Greensburg total 42
  10. Warren Central Fishers Pike Columbus East Chatard Bedford North Lawrence Sheridan Avon North Central Mt. Vernon Tie Breaker- Combined score of Castle and BNL 47
  11. ft wayne snider carmel east noble east central lakeland brownstown central churubusco kankakee valley danville south putnam tie breaker homestead snider 56
  12. Carmel Center Grove LCC Greenwood Brownsburge Cathedral Homestead Penn Mt. Vernon (Fortville) Roncalli Tie Breaker- total score for Carmel Vs. Ben Davis: 28
  13. Ritter Castle Ft. Wayne Luers Brownsburge Jimtown Delta Snider Chesterton Columbus east Culver academy Tie breaker- final score of dwenger vs snider. Snider 35-Dwenger 14
  14. Carmel Ben Davis Andrean Tri-West LCC Tipton Speedway Linton-Stockton Culver Acdemy Charlestown Tie Breaker- Total Score for Warren Vs. Carmel 48