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  1. indianastate33

    NIC 1st Round of Sectional Play

    I'll take: Central in a close one NP big St. Joe in a game that's closer than what it should be Riley big (How many more seasons of football is Clay going to have to endure before something happens to the program) Mishawaka's magical ride doesn't end quite yet (wouldn't be surprised to see them lose though) Maconaquah easy over Glenn Jimtown's schedule helps them pull out a tight one against knox Marian picks their score against Fairfield Bremen picks off Woodlan to start their tourney run Teams that have a legit chance of getting out of sectionals in the NIC: New Prairie, Mishawaka, Bremen, Penn, Elkhart Central (holy poop that is a WEAK sectional), and Marian.
  2. indianastate33

    Mishawaka to NLC

    You obviously aren't too familiar with Curtis and his impact on an ENTIRE community. The only way Warsaw is not a NLC power in the coming years is if the kids/parents/community don't buy into his system and how he works. I can tell you that there aren't too many people in his former stops that didn't buy into what he was selling. That guy can/will get every ounce of talent, heart, passion, pride out of his athletes; and his players (from every school he's been too) would run through a brick wall for the man. Love him or hate him, people respect him. Curtis will do his part for Warsaw, It's in the communities hands whether they take the opportunity to elevate their program to a level they've never seen before.
  3. Great hire for Warsaw! For as good of a coach he is, he is even a better man! He will turn your athletes into young MEN and is a great ambassador for the entire community. Get ready for smart, disciplined, option football with ugly uniforms!
  4. For me: Pros = St. Joe and Mishawaka on the schedule. Really think there will be good hard hitting games between programs and something the communities will look forward too. Cons = Jimtown and Marian off the schedule. A lot of history with Jimtown and the past NSC title match-ups. Marian has consistently been a great game for both schools and a bit of a rivalry for top dog in the south could of happened given more time. Time will tell = Penn, if playing Penn will help the Cougars and prepare them for postseason or hurt the program with what looks like an unmovable object sitting at the top. Washington, In a down cycle but usually solid. They are neighbors to the East and if NP has to play a SB public school, Washington is the one i'd like to see on the schedule. Mehhhhh = Bremen, John Glenn, Riley off the schedule. Adams and Elkhart on the schedule. Non of these changes are very intriguing.
  5. I've always thought NP fits the NLC "mold" perfectly, a lot more like minded schools compared to the NIC. Being in the NSC for years New Prairie is used to some long drives, But the drive to Warsaw and Wawasee aren't very appealing. Remember 1 trip there a season on a Friday night isn't bad, but you have to take into account Tennis, Softball, Baseball , Volleyball, Basketball, Wrestling, etc. which are mostly played on weekday nights.
  6. Probably the best move for both schools. Wonder if NP will keep Clay as a cross-over game or go looking elsewhere to fill the void. Personally, I feel that Jimtown should stay on NPs schedule just to keep that NSC flair.
  7. Serious question. After all this delightful banter back and forth it seems that Lowell's offense likes to grind it out (that isn't a bad thing), so my question is how much of Lowell's defensive numbers are based off the fact that the other team is limited to fewer possessions? No question Lowell has a great D, just wondering if some of that is played off of the offensive strategy or if it's just because point blank they have a great defense.
  8. Nice to see some passion though for the big game, and i think the lines were drawn Monday.
  9. Not trying to start an argument, just trying to inform you. NP has some kids that can catch the ball and the QB can throw it better than one would think (if you are looking at his total passing yards). NP doesn't pass much because they haven't really needed too. Now, does NP wanna throw the ball around? no. But they are capable if need be. Can't wait for Friday!
  10. Sorry, I was unaware that NP was incapable of scoring 14-28 points on a defense that has given up 13 points a couple of times...how stupid of me. Not to mention the fact that NP has one of the best offenses in the state. three 1,000 yard rushers (by a long shot), 554 points this season, and 11 games in a row scoring at least 40 points. Yeah what a ludicrous comment to think NP will score HALF of their average.... But seriously Lowell's D is stout and I wouldn't be all surprised to see NP struggle on the offensive side of the ball. But NP will get theirs and Lowell will too, it's going to be a dog fight!
  11. Obviously the story of the game will be; can Lowell stop the New Prairie rushing attack. Lowell will be by far the best defense that NP has faced all season, so I don't expect the 40+ points NP puts up every game. But I still see New Prairie being able to score 2-4 TD's. Now that begs the question, does Lowell have enough offensive fire power to be able to move the ball and score on a solid NP defense consistently? NP does have 9 games giving up 13 points or less, including 5 games without a touchdown. The two teams SOS's are very similar with a slight edge going to NP. Either way it should be a hell of a game in the region this Friday night!
  12. 27-13 20-7 19-0 27-13 27-0 28-9 16-0 30-7 These are the final scores to 8 of Lowell's games. They must have some confident coaches to pull their starters in the 2nd quarter....
  13. indianastate33

    4A schools remaining

    Surprised nobody has been talking about a potential NP-Griffith game. I'm sure a regional championship between two 11-1 teams at the boneyard for Radtke's homecoming would be PACKED. But first things first, take care of St. Joe tomorrow night.
  14. I acknowledged that St. Joe usually turns is up during post season play, and they are probably better than their record indicates. But please explain why is isn't "fair" to compare common opponents scores? Especially when two of those common opponents were literally played 3 days ago.
  15. St. Joe seems to turn it on during postseason play every year. If they can figure out a way to keep the NP offense at bay, they have a chance. But if NP scores 35+ I don't think St. Joe has enough offensive firepower to keep up. Common opponents: Marian: NP won 42-0, St. Joe lost 13-14 Clay: NP won 73-0, St. Joe won 50-20 Mishawaka: NP won 42-21, St. Joe won 27-25 Riley: NP won 42-32, St. Joe won 39-27