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  1. bucksfan

    depth to be defined as a punter

    Where do you coach and we are we safe to assume this is how you punt?
  2. bucksfan

    13 on field on TD play

    Fans at Mooresville vs Decatur say that DC had 13 on offense officials dropped flag then waved it off after DC TD. Sounds fishy, all the way around, but wondered if anyone had any insight. Fans said Gillian could have been ejected for going crazy over it.
  3. Maybe just quality applicants. Agreed you should not rush but this is borderline ridiculous. Maybe the rumors are true and it is not that great of a job- Just hearsay and speculation on my part.
  4. Does anyone else find it odd that the 6A state champs can't find a new HFC? Seems like this one should have been filled by now.
  5. Danville’s strength coach left for Indiana State. Anyone know if he has been replaced yet if so who?
  6. bucksfan

    Spring Football

    The rule is there is no spring football.
  7. bucksfan

    transfer policy

    Since IN now has the infamous voucher system changing schools is as simple as a choice right? Does that choice include athletics? It seems that may be why transfers are pretty easy.
  8. As a 20 year coaching veteran I am on board. Mostly because too many of the youth coaches have no real coaching experience and think it’s about about hard hits and do not teach fundamentals that include more than just tackling. It’s not all the coaches fault as youth football just grab bodies to coach like most youth sports but football is not like any other sport and should not be treated as such. My kids will not play until they are in middle school for science safety and other reasons I listed above.
  9. Funny you you call CNN/MSNBC half truths when everything you said about the president is documented and TRUE. I guess the Mueller indictments are half true as well. You will only enjoy the tax break this year while the rest of us pay for it over the next 10. Get your facts straight. Back on point the changing culture "bro " or whatever is dangerous because their is less and less of a line between player and coach and it apparent at evey level.
  10. I agree that safety is good for the game as well, but Riddell reps have told me on more than one occasion that any injury to a player wearing anything on the helmet alleviates them from any law suit because the helmet was modified from its intended use. That being said I know several teams that wear them in practice and believe that it is reducing the amount of heads hits through out the week thus reducing their total concussions. I say wear them in practice and take your chances with that big hit that is more likely to happen in a game.
  11. bucksfan

    State Finals

    Great point.
  12. bucksfan

    Mercy Rule

    DJ are you a coach ? Your arguments sound like a fan. Just curious.
  13. bucksfan

    Mercy Rule

    Although there is some truth to the above it can't be without coaches input. My 20+ years says they have to be involved for the same reason to not let the IHSAA do it by themselves.
  14. Great suggestion but who pays it. If IHSaa foots the bill even better but if the schools have to pay out of their small cut of the gate bad plan.
  15. bucksfan

    Why Is There A Shortage Of High School Officials

    True, lol. The pay needs to be better. No one has more money that the IHSAA so why not supplement the schools to increase the pay for officials. Just look at the pay structure for the playoffs is a joke. Aside from the politics of getting the playoff games the pay keeps people from wanting the playoff games.