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  1. nwifbcoach34

    Michigan City at Kokomo

    Kokomo plays on field turf now. No grass!
  2. I wonder what would have happened if the school administration had told the seniors that turned in their gear in protest that they had in effect quite the team and were no longer eligible to play in the Penn game and that by quitting the team they also did not finish the season in good standing and thus would not be eligible for any post-season awards such as varsity letters etc. I feel like if the coach had to be held accountable for his actions then these senior players should have been held accountable for their actions.
  3. nwifbcoach34

    Drop in football participation

    Year round sports is also contributing to the decline in football participation. Kids can now play baseball or basketball all year if they choose. I have actually seen situations where a coach tells a 12 year old they must "Choose" between fall baseball and football. Parents have some culpability in this also. There are parents that believe that by having their child focus on one sport they will be the next great thing in that sport even if statistics tell us that is not true and by one playing one sport all the time you increase your chances of a repetitive motion injury significantly.
  4. nwifbcoach34

    Aiding the Runner

    Is this still a rule in H.S.? If so could you please explain it.
  5. nwifbcoach34

    Rams Moving?

    MarshallCounty, You are exactly right! One might even argue that it has been in the NFL's best interest not to have a team in L.A. for just that reason.
  6. nwifbcoach34

    Number Eligibility

    Can you do something like line up an offensive lineman at the FB position to block. Does he have to report to the referee if he is not going to touch the ball?
  7. nwifbcoach34

    NSC Sectional

    Well BuckLateral, Looking at Calumet's record this season is a little deceiving. The combined records of the teams they have played this season, including upcoming first round sectional opponent Gary Roosevelt is 35 wins and 54 losses. The only two teams Calumet has played with a winning record have beaten them by a combined score of 12 to 56. In the words of Lee Corso "Not so fast my friend!"
  8. nwifbcoach34

    Troubles at River Forest

    Thanks Coach E. Like I said Culver just got themselves one heck of a coach. I just hope they can get all their internal problems fixed
  9. nwifbcoach34

    Troubles at River Forest

    Coach Ellenwood, I haven't been able to find the post you are referring too. I agree with MarshallCounty that this would be a great hire for CC, but I kind of question why Coach Rodriguez would want to go from one 1A school to another 1A school that is a much longer drive then the one he makes now. Also with the current instability at CC that would be a risky move in my opinion. For Culver I don't think they could ask for a better hire.
  10. nwifbcoach34

    Angola gets new FB coach -

    Andy was a quality person and a very good coach. Is there anyone within the school that is interested in the HC job? If not how do you bring someone in when you are in such a dire financial situation that you just eliminated the AD position. Seems like this will be one of those situations where a lay coach may have to be hired?
  11. nwifbcoach34

    New IHSAA Football Regs?

    I had to walk to practice. Up hill. Both ways! Fighting off grizzly bears with my loose leaf notebook. We ate dirt for lunch and we were glad to get! lol
  12. Knox High School is hosting a 7 on 7 passing league on July 10, 22, and 24. Please see the attached flyer for information.Knox 7 on 7 Flyer.pdf Knox 7 on 7 Flyer.pdf Knox 7 on 7 Flyer.pdf Knox 7 on 7 Flyer.pdf Knox 7 on 7 Flyer.pdf Knox 7 on 7 Flyer.pdf
  13. My question is what will the IHSAA do to teams that get caught not following the new rules?