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  1. I wasn't using the game against Leo as a gage, I was just saying that I have seen both teams play in person and gave my opinion on what the potential outcome of the game might be. It is true the Saints hung 42 point on Leo, but they didn't score until the 2nd quarter. The reason Leo didn't put up more points against Dwenger is we had 5 turn overs that turned into touchdowns in that game. Our QB was not making good reads, and our receivers were not coming back to try to catch the ball. Leo's numbers are down this year with only 13 Seniors so many of the starters going both ways takes it's toll on the team, Angola and Dwenger have the depth to not have to play guys both ways so that was a big factor in our losses to both teams. Going into the game I knew we would get beat, but we helped your cause by turning the all over that many times. By the way we did the same thing against Angola, hence the final score. I asked my son who played in both games who he thought would win between Angola and Dwenger, he said it will be a very close game as both teams were the best he played against all year. Looking forward to this one.
  2. I disagree, I have seen both teams beat Leo this Year. Angola is fast and shifty on offense, and their defense is better than it was last year. Dwenger is not as strong this year on offense and seems to be run heavy, they will need to throw the ball to beat Angola. This game will be a close one.
  3. fan57

    Sectional 19 Thoughts?

    The million dollar question will be where will Dwenger host the game?
  4. I agree 100%, when skill player act like they are God's gift to football it really irritates me. As an old ex offensive lineman they are showing no respect for the guys that got them there in the first place. They wouldn't have much to celebrate if the big boys up front don't do their job. As my collage coach used to tell our team every game day, "ACT LIKE YOU'VE BEEN THERE BEFORE"
  5. fan57

    Sectional 20

    Game is at Lures, now that we have a venue what are everyone's thoughts on the game?
  6. Leo Twitter page just said at Luers.
  7. fan57

    Sectional 20

    In the likely event that Leo and BD win their first round games, and Concordia wins their first round game, who gets Zollner for the home second round game?
  8. I am really looking forward to this game, the talking is almost over time to play.
  9. Any live stream of this game?
  10. Test passed, but not an A. Leo needs to tighten up ball security, and stupid penalties if they want to beat EN. Defense looked good for the most part and contained their team speed. Offensively I thought the coaches were a little too conservative in the second half with the play calling. The first half was a good mix of run/pass and kept the NH defense on their heels, the second half was all ball control clock management. It worked, but that style of offense put a lot of added pressure on the defense. Looking forward to next week already.
  11. Could be a very interesting game. The field will be wet, so that should make ball security a big concern. I think the media still looks at Leo as the bullies of the ACAC, but we have had success in the playoffs against 4A competition. The crowd should be big for this one, the first test of the season for us. I think it will be a 4 quarter defensive game. Leo 13-10.
  12. fan57

    Northeast 8 and SAC 2015

    I tried to start a thread for NE8 conference play, but it won't let me. I must not have enough posts yet? gmjunk why don't you start it?
  13. fan57

    Northeast 8 and SAC 2015

    After 2 weeks of games, preseason predictions may need to be revised.