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  1. Panther86

    2019 SIAC Pre-Season

    I think Bosse has as much of a chance at winning State as the Evans' have returning to Central, or any other school that wont put up with the craziness they bring. Central actually has a coach now that wont allow that stuff.
  2. It shouldnt because the topic was a 2 year run. That 2010 Cathedral team would have blown out any mentioned above though. All 3 mentioned though without a question are the top 3 2-year run in the SIAC in at least the last 50 years.
  3. Dont forget about Reitz 09-10. Going 28-1 with 28 straight. No 1 standout receiver. Also in that stretch of 2007-2010 a total of 3 losses in 4 years.
  4. How does it matter what the team did the year before? Thats was a 6-4 team after losing a huge amoun tof talent from the 2003 season. And that was a Chatard team that went to semi-state that year.
  5. To add to this nonsense about strenght of schedule, we could easily argue that Memorial would still be 14-0 against Chatard or W Lafayette's schedule and Central would could be 13-1 against Dwenger's schedule. No one knows if they would or wouldnt be but I'd bet they would be darn close if not equal.
  6. Funny how these northern teams always think they play such a tougher schedule than anyone else. This is a new Central in many ways. Myself, along with alot of others, havent respected them for a while. New coach has taken the talent and added discipline which has been sorely lacking. Does anyone realize Central has beaten 3 undefeated teams and the defending 4A Champ to get to this point? Central 28-24 to give Evansville the first of 2 State Championships this coming weekend.
  7. Mid 40s for the high and as of now 0% chance of precip. So down in the 30s by game time.
  8. A couple inches of snow on Wednesday night being a factor in a gameon turf 2 days later when there is 0% chance of any precip??
  9. I didnt say all, but some.
  10. Reaading some of this reminds me of 2009 when another Indianapolis catholic school was coming down and was so big and mighty. Its was sctually printed that the game was just a stepping stone on the way to another state championship. We know how that happened, a trip back to Indy after only scoring 10. Not saying chatard will only score 10 but I would be stunned if Memorial doesnt surpass 40. Doesnt matter if Chatard has 10 play 6 minute drives or not. Memorial can and will score 3 or plays after they get the ball back. I say Memorial 42 Chatard 31.
  11. Memorial could lose, although I dont think they will. But to say that have no chance is absoultely stupid to say.
  12. I know the game is Saturday but I havent seen anywhere what time it is. Does anyone know?
  13. What a srurprise. Like was mentioned in another post for Central. This year is was addition by subtraction. Both on the sidelines and on the field. Maybe not as much overall speed but more than enough but discipline which was lacking big time before. By the 4 games I have seen, 2 against Reitz, east Central and Memorial, the coach seems to be very good at making adjustments when needed.
  14. Panther86

    Semi State Stadiums

    Both in Evansville have turf.
  15. Definately was additon by subtraction with EV Central, coach included. Weve got the same, Central and Memorial. Both at home this weekend on top of that.