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  1. crimsonace1

    NFHS Rules Changes

    Changing the penalty for an improperly equipped player to elimination of the distance penalty and merely removing the player for at least one play. (For minor issues, that's not a problem. For serious issues that have to deal with safety, there should be a yardage penalty) Adding an option for fouls by K during a free or scrimmage kick that adds any distance penalty to the spot where the down ends (NFL rule. I don't mind it). A new rule that addresses multiple personal fouls by the same player leading to ejection (Would clarify that it would be multiple unsportsmanlike conduct penalties). Moving the K free kick line from the K 40 to the K 45 yd. line (This would actually make things worse by encouraging more on-side kicks, which are much more dangerous than a kickoff. The 40 is fine) Change the rule so that it is now illegal to trip the ball carrier. (It isn't already?)
  2. The only reason to go to districts is if we get rid of the all-in football tournament. This is basically an expanded version of the 1983-84 cluster system. Illinois has realized teams are gaming the system by trying to schedule enough wins each year to get into the tourney, which is why this is being considered.
  3. crimsonace1

    Nolting to Greenfield-Central

    I'd count New Prairie. G-C will be right on the border of 4A/5A next year, and could be in either class. Their enrollment has been right at 1,450 for several years (and has been trending slightly downward in the last couple of years). They'll likely get passed by Mt. Vernon (which is at 1,330ish and is gaining about 50-75 students a year) and possibly Pendleton Heights within the next cycle. G-C could go back to - and stay in - 4A for a few cycles if those trends continue.
  4. crimsonace1

    What happened at Pike?

    Pike has been to the State Finals (and nearly won it) in recent years in a very similar type of turnaround to NC this year - had a great class come through with a new coach and they meshed perfectly. NC is the alma mater of Derrick Mayes, Lars Tate, Eric Allen & Darius Latham among others. It has fallen on hard times recently but has had a great football history. It was only a matter of time before everything came together. Pike has a lot of the same potential.
  5. crimsonace1

    Nolting to Greenfield-Central

    He said in the Trib-Star story that it had a lot to do with family. He's from Greensburg & his wife is from Anderson, so it'll allow them to move closer to home (and the kids' grandparents). The HHC has a new wave of coaches. For years, we had a lot of great, long-used systems in the league - John Broughton's pass-heavy version of the run-and-shoot at PH, Grant Zgunda's ground-and-pound-and then go deep run-and-shoot at Delta, Doug Peacock & Pat Parks running the Wing-T at MV & Shelby, Doug Denny & Mike Wilhelm's pro-style attack at Yorktown. Coach Wilhelm is the only one left from that group - Kyle Ralph at NP just finished Year 6 and is now the second-longest-tenured HC in the HHC. A lot of teams run some variant of the spread offense, so it'll be interesting to see a wishbone attack if G-C goes that route. When Roger Dodson was there, they ran a pistol flexbone a lot.
  6. North Central (Farmersburg)'s Travis Nolting has announced he is headed to Greenfield-Central. https://www.tribstar.com/sports/local_high_school_sports/prep-roundup-nolting-stepping-down-as-nc-football-coach/article_c81f27b1-decc-5f57-8b18-fb4071618e4e.html
  7. crimsonace1

    What happened at Pike?

    Being a Pike grad, I want to see the Red Devils be successful. It's always been perceived as a basketball school, but it has had some good football teams in the years when Bob Gaddis & Derek Moyers were coaching. There's been a lot of out-migration to Zionsville, Carmel & Brownsburg from Pike (which has happened at every Marion County township school). It's a MIC job, but it's very difficult to win in the MIC. You could have the 10th best team in the state and be 2-8. It's a lot of work, but it's a good job for an up-and-coming coach.
  8. crimsonace1


    Grabbing my State Finals game notes, it was likely Pioneer. 45 takeaways (27 fumbles, 18 INTs) going into the State Finals. WeBo had 41, Evansville Memorial 38 going into the Finals. New Pal was +29 (35 takeaways/6 giveaways) after the finals.
  9. crimsonace1

    DOE Enrollments

    The 6-class tournament was created in part to accommodate more than 320 teams (thus allowing the "overflow" to go into 5A while also splitting the huge 3-4K student megaschools apart from the 1,500-2K-student schools who are now in 5A). You'll never see more than 64 in a class. But if contraction gets us below 320, what will likely happen is 6A & 5A will go to 32 each and one school will be removed from each class 4A-1A (e.g., 4A & 3A would be 63 teams if we were at 318).
  10. crimsonace1

    Success Factor movement

    New Palestine's enrollment has jumped the school into the top 85, with about 90-100 in all of the four-class sports. It's pushed way above the 3A/4A line. This will be NP's last year in 3A in softball, regardless of success factor.
  11. crimsonace1

    Success Factor movement

    Most private schools don't have an 11% dropout rate. Generally, those whose parents are paying several thousand dollars to send their kids to school aren't going to be likely to drop out. Greensburg, for example, won back-to-back basketball state titles and never moved from 3A, because the two championship years bridged a reclassification year. In the "other" year of each cycle, they failed to get out of the regional. Same with New Pal softball. Lost regional in Year 1 (2016), won state in Year 2 (2017) ... stayed in 3A, won state in the first year of the new cycle (2018) and will remain 3A this year for the second year of the cycle. NP is growing so fast, it will likely move up to 4A on enrollment after this school year so the SF won't be an issue.
  12. crimsonace1

    Center Grove @ New Pal

    NP will be fine at QB. The junior backup this year started at WR this season to get the best players/athletes on the field. They return 8 offensive/8 defensive starters.The biggest issues will be replacing Keele up front (likely soon to be 3x All-State OL) & Ely (All-State) at MLB, but those are positions where NP always has great depth and this year's team was probably the deepest NP has ever had. And to respond to all the remarks about move-ins, western Hancock County is one of the fastest-growing areas in Indiana. New Pal has grown about 10% & Mt. Vernon about 15% in the last two years.
  13. crimsonace1

    DOE Enrollments

    No, it was 4 points to stay in a class, then it was lowered to 3 after the 2015 season (mid-cycle, after Cathedral "only" won a regional in 6A ... I believe New Pal was the only one actually affected by that move that cycle, but NP won a state title in 5A anyway). It was never 2. The one change that has been made since doesn't apply to football - Lebanon proposed (and the IHSAA board accepted) that teams that if a team moves up a class, a corresponding number of schools do not "bump down" to the lower class. It can't apply to football because FB is limited to no more than 64 schools in a class.
  14. Depends on how many 5A teams there are. If there are 35 - which I expect - G-C stays in 5A by the numbers currently available.
  15. According to new enrollment numbers, looks like that's likely.