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  1. crimsonace1

    New Pal 84 Delta 13

    New Pal is half the size of most of the Mid-State. As NP grows - and with current building trends in the communities, enrollment at New Pal, Mt. Vernon & Pendleton Heights will likely top 2,000 by 2030 - that would make more sense. Right now, it would be a great move in football, but NP would be significantly smaller than every school in the league except Greenwood.
  2. crimsonace1

    New Pal 84 Delta 13

    The eye test does support the thesis. The 2015 team has zilch to do with this one, other than the fact that they have the same coach and two starters from the state title game in the Friday night lineup. That team wasn't very deep and had about 7 guys going both ways who never came off the field (and also lost its starting RB to injury early in the title game). That team was tough and had athletes on the edges who could make big plays happen. That, and Snider was very good. This team is much deeper (it could go to a full two-platoon, but often has only 1-2 players starting both ways), very experienced, has an incredibly good OL and a 6,500-yard RB running behind it with a dual-threat QB and some really talented WRs on the edge. And, yes it was in Week 2, but it did schedule last year's 5A runner-up and a 6A powerhouse. Not sure anyone expected Kokomo to fall off *quite* that much. Zionsville is a very, very good program and NP will have to play its best game to beat them in two weeks - especially at Zionsville. Michigan City is a very, very good program and, if NP is fortunate enough to get to the semistate, it will be a great game. There are no givens. There are too many good programs along the way. Zionsville is likely going to 6A next year enrollment-wise. Michigan City is a great program. Whoever gets to the State Finals is going to have to beat 2-3 really good teams to get there.
  3. crimsonace1

    New Pal 84 Delta 13

    New Pal is not changing conferences. There are more sports than football, and NP - enrollment-wise - sits in the middle of the league. The league is very competitive in several sports. There's a reason why New Castle left the NCC for the HHC even though it was perceived as a step down in basketball ... the league has produced state champions in softball, volleyball, girls golf, football, baseball, et al, in recent years. NP is very happy in the HHC and the conference *is* getting better. It's historically been a very solid, competitive conference. In the late 1990s, PH was dominant. In the 2000s, it was Delta. Now, NP has been the king of the conference for the better part of the decade, but a lot of the other league programs have gone through some transition and are getting their programs pointed in the right direction. This just might be the best team New Palestine has ever had.
  4. crimsonace1

    Center Grove @ New Pal

    Western Hancock County is exploding in population. It's about 20 years behind Brownsburg/Avon/Plainfield/Zionsville/HSE, but the sudden growth that marked every one of those communities is beginning to hit New Palestine & Mt. Vernon. Outside of Triton Central (whose county government is notoriously anti-growth), they're the only two school districts bordering Marion County that haven't seen explosive growth yet. My son's class - our sixth-graders - has grown by more than 100 students in six years. Add to that New Pal has very similar demographics as Center Grove - top-rated school district, generally upper-middle-class community, and it's become a very attractive place for families moving to the suburbs.
  5. crimsonace1

    move boys soccer to spring

    The "out of season" stuff was in part to combat the outsized importance club sports have taken over high school. I'm not sure if it was 100% the reason ... instead, a lot of coaches in sports intertwined with club (soccer being one of the worst, but volleyball is pretty big in this, too) began to use that as an excuse to encourage/force kids to specialize.
  6. HHC weekly report This week’s games New Castle at Mt. Vernon The HHC’s most potent passing attack – Drew Barber-to-Luke Bumbalough – meets a balanced Marauder squad at MV. Tyson Harley is averaging more than 140 yards/game passing and Dylan Cole is coming off a 100-yard game. MV’s defense shone in a victory over Pendleton Heights last week. New Palestine at Shelbyville The Dragons’ varsity offense has scored touchdowns on more than 80 percent of its possessions this season. This game features two top rushers in NP’s Charlie Spegal, the league’s lone 1,000-yard rusher so far. Shelby’s Matthew Merritt has four straight 100-yard games. Pendleton Hts. at Delta A matchup between two teams who have both received votes in the 4A poll this season. PH is looking to bounce back from last week’s loss to Mt. Vernon, while Delta looks to maintain first place. PH’s Christian Conkling crossed the 1,000-yard passing mark last week and Anakin Allison posted his second straight 100-yard receiving game. Delta has had tremendous balance, with 15 different players scoring touchdowns. Cameron Levers has 297 yards and four TDs receiving the last two weeks. Yorktown at Greenfield-C. The Tigers broke out in a big way last week with their 66-0 win over Shelbyville. It was their most points since 2013. Reid Neal passed the 1,000-yard mark passing last week. Gehrig Slunaker leads G-C’s young squad. J.P. Fuchs had a 100-yard receiving game last week against NP.
  7. Out of curiosity from the officials on the board, what's the difference between the game stipend for a typical regular season game vs. a tournament game?
  8. This is going to become a bigger problem as time goes on. 24 crews is a lot, given the first round includes *zero* 6A and only a handful (four or five) 5A games. Basically, the IHSAA needs enough crews for 132 games when a typical Friday night features 150-160 games. Would it be possible to see some games moved to Thursday or Saturday? (the 5A opening-round games might be a good bet to move up to Thursday. That gives the winner an extra day of rest for the team that has the bye in Round 2).
  9. crimsonace1

    move boys soccer to spring

    Travel volleyball has basically killed girls basketball at several schools. 20 years ago, those were the two sports with the single biggest overlap of shared athletes. Now, I don't think there's a single volleyball/basketball player at any of the 4A-sized schools in our county.
  10. crimsonace1

    move boys soccer to spring

    Boys (and girls) soccer has *always* been a fall sport when the IHSAA has sanctioned it. Before IHSAA sanction, it was loosely governed (like lacrosse is now) by an association of soccer-playing schools. MOST schools that had soccer played in the fall, but some did play in the spring. The NCAA plays in the fall and the club schedules (which, like volleyball and baseball/softball and increasingly basketball, are viewed as being as important - if not more important - than the school season) are tailored around the fall high school season. I really doubt there would be a ton of overlap between soccer & football. When schools have added soccer, football participation has been negligibly affected. However, cross country has REALLY taken a hit from soccer. I'd expect the same to happen to track in the spring (but again, that's prime club soccer season, so there doesn't seem to be a ton of overlap even with soccer & track). As far as other fall sports, there are a lot of tennis/baseball players. I'd love for tennis to be moved to the spring because my two boys seem to be interested in soccer, tennis (and my oldest, football). But they'll have to choose one when they get to junior high school because the seasons overlap.
  11. Weekly report layers of the Week Offense: Brady Hunt, Delta Hunt threw for 308 yards and three touchdowns in the Eagles’ 45-14 victory over Mt. Vernon. Offense: Austin Keele, New Palestine Keele graded at 98%, leading a Dragon offensive line that blocked for two 100-yard rushers in a 42-21 victory over Pendleton Heights. Defense/ST: Anakin Allison, Pendleton Heights Allison had a strong game, including a blocked PAT and a 43-yard punting average. He had 27 tackles – including nine solo – on defense, and 104 yards receiving on offense. News and notes New Palestine became the fifth school in IHSAA history to win 50 consecutive regular-season games with its 42-21 victory over Pendleton Heights. Brady Pease became Delta’s all-time tackles leader last week with 354 tackles. He has also been a four-year starter at linebacker for the Eagles. Two HHC defenders had pick-6s last week – Mason Hunt of Delta and Gavin Rose of Greenfield-Central. Hunt also had four tackles for loss in the Eagles’ victory. Zach Neligh (138 rushing, 69 passing) and Charlie Spegal (259 rushing) both totaled 200+ yards in New Palestine’s win over Pendleton Heights. Christian Conkling threw for 286 yards, 104 to Anakin Allison. Shelbyville’s 28-27 victory over Greenfield-Central gave coach Michael Clevenger his first victory as the Golden Bears’ head coach. Landon Watson threw for 159 yards and Matthew Merritt ran for 105 for the Golden Bears. Drew Barber threw for 348 yards and four TDs – 111 to Triston Chesher – in New Castle’s 42-25 win over Yorktown. The Tigers’ Reid Neal threw for 181 yards and ran for 131. Cameron Levers had 180 yards receiving in Delta’s 45-14 win over Mt. Vernon. MV’s Dylan Cole rushed for 105 yards. Charlie Spegal of New Palestine leads the nation in rushing TDs (25) and scoring (152 points). This week’s games Delta at New Castle (broadcast: WMDH-1550) Both QBs – Delta’s Brady Hunt and New Castle’s Drew Barber – threw for 300 yards in victories last week. Both teams have balanced offenses full of weapons. Luke Bumbalough and Triston Chesher have been weapons in the passing game for NC. Cameron Levers and the Wesleys – Woodin and Stitt – have been huge in the ground game for Delta. Greenfield-Central at New Palestine (broadcast: New Pal Radio, WSVX, WRGF) The Dragons’ Charlie Spegal has rushed for 200 yards in four of his team’s five games so far. G-C had its best offensive performance of the season last week against Shelbyville, with QB Gehrig Slunaker throwing for three TDs. G-C has HHC tackling leader Tyler Antic. Mt. Vernon at Pendleton Hts. (broadcast: WEEM) A longtime SR 67 rivalry resumes in Pendleton. Two strong air attacks do battle, as PH’s Christian Conkling has thrown for 872 yards and MV has thrown for more than 850 as a team. Anakin Allison has 199 receiving yards in the last two games. MV’s Dylan Cole has back-to-back 100-yard rushing games. Shelbyville at Yorktown (broadcast: WSVX) The Golden Bears come off a strong performance and a victory. The Tigers dropped a decision to New Castle last week, but had a big game from Reid Neal, who had a 100/100 game against the Trojans. Shelbyville’s Matthew Merritt has had two strong games on the ground in back-to-back weeks.
  12. crimsonace1

    playing both ways in 6a

    It's even rare in 5A (for true 5A schools, at least). 4A schools, you'll see a handful of players going both ways. By the time you get to 2A/1A, you'll find more than half the players on both teams going both ways.
  13. crimsonace1

    0-9 and 9-0

    OV used to be a 4A in a conference filled with 1A/2A schools. Even though they're still one of the bigger schools in the WIC, there are *more* 3A/4As on their schedule. They had a few good years, especially under Troy Burgess (who is an outstanding coach), but talent tends to ebb and flow, especially in rural communities with largely static population bases. Owen County is *very* rural, very hilly and pretty isolated and hard to get around, so there really aren't many opportunities for growth.
  14. I believe Pancol can be NFL-caliber. He's an incredible athlete. That might be the first time I've agreed with DT. You throw enough uninformed and off-the-wall opinions out there to stir the pot, like a broken clock, one of them is bound to be right. The game played out about how I expected. PH came out and executed its gameplan perfectly in the first half - shorten the game, limit possessions and hope NP makes a few mistakes on offense. NP was just the better team last night - good OL play allowed Spegal to dictate the game in the second half, and once it became a four-score game, PH had to throw and the NP DL could pin its ears back (and did). PH is very well-coached and took advantage of what NP gave it - taking away Pancol allowed Allison & Spinks to have big games. But NP controlled the game in the trenches last night.
  15. New Pal, right now, is WAY too small for this league. Remember, football is not the only sport in IHSAA athletics.