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  1. crimsonace1

    playing both ways in 6a

    It's even rare in 5A (for true 5A schools, at least). 4A schools, you'll see a handful of players going both ways. By the time you get to 2A/1A, you'll find more than half the players on both teams going both ways.
  2. crimsonace1

    0-9 and 9-0

    OV used to be a 4A in a conference filled with 1A/2A schools. Even though they're still one of the bigger schools in the WIC, there are *more* 3A/4As on their schedule. They had a few good years, especially under Troy Burgess (who is an outstanding coach), but talent tends to ebb and flow, especially in rural communities with largely static population bases. Owen County is *very* rural, very hilly and pretty isolated and hard to get around, so there really aren't many opportunities for growth.
  3. I believe Pancol can be NFL-caliber. He's an incredible athlete. That might be the first time I've agreed with DT. You throw enough uninformed and off-the-wall opinions out there to stir the pot, like a broken clock, one of them is bound to be right. The game played out about how I expected. PH came out and executed its gameplan perfectly in the first half - shorten the game, limit possessions and hope NP makes a few mistakes on offense. NP was just the better team last night - good OL play allowed Spegal to dictate the game in the second half, and once it became a four-score game, PH had to throw and the NP DL could pin its ears back (and did). PH is very well-coached and took advantage of what NP gave it - taking away Pancol allowed Allison & Spinks to have big games. But NP controlled the game in the trenches last night.
  4. New Pal, right now, is WAY too small for this league. Remember, football is not the only sport in IHSAA athletics.
  5. HHC football report for Week 5 Friday’s games New Palestine at Pendleton Heights (New Pal Radio, WEEM) Two of the HHC’s co-leaders match up this week with at least a share of the conference lead on the line. The matchup features two veteran teams, with PH’s Christian Conkling and Eli Pancol leading an explosive passing game in which Pancol has six TDs on 13 catches. NP’s Charlie Spegal has led a tremendous ground attack that averages more than 10 yards per carry. Both defenses posted shutouts last week. Mt. Vernon at Delta The Eagles are 2-0 to start conference play and are getting big contributions from their offense, which has spread the ball around to several backs in wins over Shelbyville and Yorktown. Wesley Stitt and Wesley Woodin lead the Eagles’ ground game. MV’s Dylan Cole had a 100-yard game in a loss last week. MV’s Tyson Harley leads the HHC in passing with 662 yards. Yorktown at New Castle Two of the league’s top passing attacks meet up, as Yorktown’s Reid Neal (643 yards, 8 TDs) and NC’s Drew Barber (468 yards, 10 TDs) meet up. Last year, these two teams played a 62-55 game NC won in overtime. Greenfield-C. at Shelbyville (WSVX) Both teams are seeking their first victories of the season. Landon Watson has had a strong start to the conference season, throwing for 237 yards in two games. Spencer Johnson leads G-C with 235 rushing yards.
  6. crimsonace1

    Get the Red Rings Ready...

    Thanks for throwing out your typical "throw ridiculous opinions against the wall and see what sticks" schtick that has no basis in fact. 3 of the 4 teams NP has played so far are primarily passing teams, and the fourth was 4-wide shotgun for most of the second half. None of them have a WR like Pancol, who is one of the top receivers in the state, but to say they've faced "ground-oriented teams" is not true. PH has a very good passing attack with Conkling - an experienced QB - and Pancol, who is one of the top WRs in the state. NP has a very good secondary - it's fast and experienced and might be the best part of a very good defense. It should be a good matchup.
  7. crimsonace1

    Punt beyond LOS

    Exactly what I thought (and I should've used K and R just to be more clear), although I screwed it up on the broadcast (the game was a blowout by then and the winning team had its JV in by that point, but I do try to get rules interpretations correct and that's one I missed). And the first touch was *clearly* by the R team - he went down to pick it up with 4 opponents surrounding him. Felt for the player, who got the "don't even look in my direction" stare as he went to the sidelines.
  8. crimsonace1

    Thinking about TA

    Thanks for sharing, Mrs. GID. You have a beautiful family. TA touched a lot of lives in every role he held - coach, teacher, minister, advocate of football, media savant - but his most important were being a husband, father and grandfather.
  9. crimsonace1

    Thinking about TA

    I still remember that day. Had no idea who you were at the time as far as GID handle, but you were a monster that night. MV had some field position troubles because they were punting into the wind early that night and the game turned on them quickly. MV HC Doug Peacock, who is one of the finest human beings I know and was one of TA's best friends, said "we'd have gotten more out of this game going to Santa World than playing tonight." MV then won eight straight games and won the Hoosier Heritage Conference title that year, including beating No. 1 Delta at the RCA Dome.
  10. crimsonace1

    Punt beyond LOS

    Had an odd situation last week. B has 4th-and-25. Punt is deflected by A and lands about 10yds past LOS. A player reaches down to pick it up, but B pounces on it as soon as it’s touched. B ball. I was uncertain on the enforcement of the play - a blocked punt behind the LOS is treated as a live ball and a fumble (and B would have to advance it past the line to gain to retain possession). Once it crosses the LOS, does B maintain possession on a muff by A? I’m assuming that’s the rule but clarification is always good.
  11. Further evidence every town in Central Indiana is trying to be Carmel.
  12. Full conference report: http://hoosierheritageconference.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/21/2018/09/2018-09-04-HHC-Football.pdf Week 4 games New Palestine at Mt. Vernon (broadcast: New Pal Radio) One of two county rivalries this week matches up two teams who are 1-0 in the HHC. The annual Boundary Rail matchup marks the 51st season the two teams have played each other. Both have strong offenses – MV tallied 521 yards of offense last week, NP had 640 yards. This game matches up the HHC’s leading passer, MV’s Tyson Harley, against leading rusher Charlie Spegal of NP. Delta at Yorktown (broadcast WXFN, DelCoSports) Two more longtime rivals meet up at Yorktown. Delta scored 84 points last week behind a rushing attack that averaged 15.6 yards per carry. Wesley Woodin has 176 yards on the year. Yorktown’s Reid Neal has thrown for 544 yards and six TDs. Pendleton Hts. at Greenfield-C. (broadcast WEEM, WSVX, WRGF) The Arabians are 3-0 after a strong game last week. PH’s Eli Pancol has caught nine passes this season and scored on six of them. He averages 25.1 ypc. G-C had its best offensive game of the season last week, with freshman QB Gehrig Slunaker throwing for 167 yards. New Castle at Shelbyville (broadcast WSVX) Two teams enter looking for their first conference victories. The Trojans bring their aerial attack led by QB Drew Barber, the league’s second-leading passer, and top receiver Luke Bumbalough (18-321, 7 TDs). Veteran QB Landon Watson leads Shelbyville’s offense, which tallied three TDs last week. Watson threw for 158 yards last week. Week 3 Players of the Week Offense: Charlie Spegal, New Palestine Spegal tallied a season-high 252 yards on 18 carries, playing one half of the Dragons’ win over Yorktown. He had six touchdowns and now has 15 scores for the season. Defense: Tremor Bynum, Pendleton Heights Bynum had three tackles for loss, three sacks, eight quarterback hurries and a forced fumble in the Arabians’ 49-14 victory over New Castle. Special teams: Nate Southerland, Delta Southerland blocked a punt and recovered it for a touchdown. He also blocked an extra point in the Eagles’ victory over Shelbyville. On defense, he had two sacks.
  13. crimsonace1

    Center Grove @ New Pal

    Over the next 10-15 years, the enrollment prediction might happen. New Pal's population is about to explode. I wouldn't be surprised to see Avon/Westfield/Zionsville/Center Grove-style growth over the next decade in NP.
  14. This week's HHC football update Week 1 of conference play. All games at 7:30 p.m. New Palestine at Yorktown (Broadcast: New Pal Radio) The Dragons meet up with the Tigers in a matchup of teams who have 2-0 records so far in the season. NP posted wins over ranked teams by a combined score of 108-9, led by Charlie Spegal’s 317 yards and nine TDs. Reid Neal has thrown for 353 yards in Yorktown’s two wins. Pendleton Hts. at New Castle (Broadcast: WEEM) The Trojans are 2-0 for the first time in 12 years. The Arabians are 2-0 for the second straight campaign. This game matches up two of the HHC’s top receivers in PH’s Eli Pancol and last year’s conference receiving leader, NC’s Luke Bumbalough. Shelbyville at Delta (Broadcast: WSVX) Delta put up strong numbers in its loss to Eastbrook last week, with Brady Hunt throwing for 178 yards in the loss. The Golden Bears are looking for their first victory under new head coach Michael Clevenger, with veteran QB Landon Watson throwing for 100+ yards in each game so far. Greenfield-Central. at Mt. Vernon (Broadcast: WSVX-2) Two Hancock County rivals meet up in the opening week of conference play. MV has spread the ball around under coach Mike Kirschner, with three receivers among the conference leaders and Tyson Harley throwing for 367 yards in two games. G-C got some offensive momentum with a TD against Whiteland.