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  1. Former Bomber Athlete

    Hoosier Conference Week 13 - Regional

    1) I think that Meeks will mix n match the different types of offenses they run throughout the whole night. More disguising the better. 2) Guarantee both teams throw in some wrinkles. Maybe some wildcat from the Bombers? 3) One big disappointment to me was the way West Lafayette manhandled LCC one week after RC/LCC round 1. And they haven't had any real competition since. 4) I don't think sustaining will be of any concern, both teams are both well conditioned and the adrenaline will not be hard to come by with the award at hand. 5) Temperature wI'll only be a factor in creating turnovers. I think the team that wins the turnover battle goes to state.
  2. Former Bomber Athlete

    2A North Semi-State LCC @ RC

    eI disagree with you on one point, if you were at the game last time, LCC actually did score but was nullified by a penalty. Actually, to be honest, mistakes by LCC was the biggest difference in the game. They have showed that they can score, just haven't done it, yet. I believe this game will be another close game, can't wait to see Rensselaer set a school attendance record as the whole town plus surrounding schools show up to watch RCHS pull out their first ever trip to the dome with a 24-21 last second field goal by Ziese.
  3. Former Bomber Athlete

    Hoosier Conference Week 13 - Regional

    I understand where you are coming from but, it was the same way for us back then, for a few years we could have competed in 3a no problem, but when we actually was moved to it, we were on a few mediocre years and had just above five hundred records and had a rough tournament. I love coach Meeks, he was actually an AAU wrestling coach back then, but it's not like we had a poor coaching staff. We had all of the former Bomber Hall of Famer, Coach Burvan, Brandenburg, Litner, and Head Coach McKim. Of course our conference was the NWHC though, but at the time Lowell was great, Twin Lakes was very good, like previously mention N. Judson we hated to go there and KV was always tough. I was just thinking of next year if we would bump up, it looks similar as far as we lose A LOT of talent. Not saying that I don't want them to win Rennselaer's first State Title in history, just think the way the IHSAA rule is doesn't always work out well.
  4. Former Bomber Athlete

    Hoosier Conference Week 13 - Regional

    Just wanted to say congratulations to the Rensselaer Bombers, a second consecutive regional championship. The good news is Rensselaer gets to host the semi state game against Central Catholic. I can just imagine how hard it will be to find a seat in the stands next Friday. This will be, by far the biggest game in Rensselaer history. If memory serves me right I believe that this also means that Rensselaer will move to 3a next year. Is that a correct statement Coach Nowlin? Which brings me to another conversation, I don't believe Rensselaer is a legit 3a school, not saying anything bad against the program, but there are several 3A schools that are much bigger and have more student athletes than Rensselaer can put on the field. I should now because I played they moved us up to 3a and the sectional games were much tougher. Ask your brother Coach Nowlin, he played on the line with me. I believe he was one of our guards. Anyway congratulations to LCC and the Rensselaer Bombers, can't wait for the big game next week.
  5. Former Bomber Athlete

    Hoosier Conference Week 13 - Regional

    I was just looking at some of teams they play, which in my opinion, half are weak. Hope you are right and i am wrong. Have we ever thought about dropping N. Judson or N. Newton and adding Winamac or West Central. By the way, get that defense ready for a shutout..
  6. Former Bomber Athlete

    Chicago Bears 2014

    Not a huge Bears fan but definitely more of a Bears fan than Colt fan and I'll say this. I totally believe that the Bears should cut Jay Cutler before his next year guarantee money deadline, which I think is in March and use the excess money on what they really need, a good line and defense. I always remember the great Bears teams always had a decent QB, but a great line and RB and a top 5 defense. This Tresman has departed from the mold and it is showing big time. On the other hand, I did see that his current record with the Bears is 11-14 in his first 25 games. Seems bad? Lovie Smith started his first 25 games 11-14, oh, and Mike Ditka's first 25, you guessed it 11-14. Does this mean good things are to come???
  7. Former Bomber Athlete

    Hoosier Conference Week 13 - Regional

    It looks like to me that the Hoosier Conference added two decent teams and two sub-par, almost BC, Delphi type schools. Nothing against BC or Delphi, but they seriously haven't had above average team in recent years that I can remember. I just hope that the dividing of the Conference is justified by not only talent but travel time as well, being that Rensselaer is and would still be the only school an hour behind.
  8. Former Bomber Athlete

    Hoosier Conference Week 13 - Regional

    As a former Bomber football player, and having played at Fort Wayne Luers in 92', when it was just as cold as it will be this Friday night, it is very hard to imitate the feeling of getting hit and the numbness that occurs. I'm not saying in any way that this game will be a Rensselaer loss, but I'm also not leaning toward it being a blow out. In my opinion, I believe that it will be around 35-38 points for the victors. A lot of ground and pound, because throwing accurately and catch efficiently is greatly hindered in this type of weather. Go Bombers. By the way, shout out to Coach Nowlin, who was just a few grades below me, when his brother and I graduated.