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  1. I really like that you guys do flag football for the elementary ages. No real need to do tackle at that young of an age imo. Is your youth flag a full 11v11?
  2. Shenandoah(2A school) has a 7th grade team and an 8th grade team. Our 6th graders play in our youth league.
  3. jfries

    IFCA Poll Week 4

    Doah lost to Scecina by 2 points 28-26 but that's splitting hairs. Doah has also blown out all the other 2A schools they've faced....and two were "others receiving votes" in the rankings at the time of the game. Scecina also blew out their other 2A opponents. Then Scecina went on to beat a solid 4A school....so losing to a solid 4A school or beat a solid 4A school? So maybe Doah is worthy of a higher ranking, maybe not. But let's be honest, rankings mean jack squat except as good discussion.
  4. jfries

    CIC Week 5 (Ball St)

    I would doubt that any MEC school would be willing to leave their conference right now. Doah and EH just joined. Last I knew, the MEC wanted to add 2 more football schools to take them to 6. I wished Lapel, Monroe Central, Doah and EH would have joined up with the CIC. I feel like that would have solidified some rivalries.
  5. jfries

    Game Night Scores:

    Shenandoah 40 Centerville 7 It wasn't that close.
  6. jfries

    Week 2 Scores

    Shenandoah 63 Heritage Christian 10 Final
  7. Arsenal Tech is on the road but Scecina v Shenandoah is at Tech tonight. Shouldn't be a problem.
  8. I'd like to do 1A-2A this year.
  9. This is pretty much why I didn't attend the state finals this year. I was able to watch all 6 games on my computer with 11 year old son in the convenience of our own home. I live less than 45 minutes from LOS but didn't want the hassle of driving down, paying for parking, a couple tickets and concessions. My son and I had zero rooting interest in any of the 6 games but we watched at least parts of all of them but especially watched all 3 small school games while still being able to help with decorating the Christmas tree and the house. It'd be interesting to add in the TV and online viewerships to the totals if we had those.
  10. jfries

    SemiState Scores

    Pioneer 7 Monroe Central 0 11:25 2nd
  11. If you have OL with good technique, they'll be fine! For their size, I wasn't that impressed with their aggressiveness on defense. And I think at least one of those two will have some difficulty with faster d-linemen. In our game against them, one of them for sure needed to be subbed out quite a bit due to getting worn out pretty easily.
  12. I think there is one MC coach on the boards here. I remember him commenting in earlier threads. MC is well coached, they have some big boys up front and some solid athletes. If Pioneer is as fast as everyone says (I haven't seen them) then that will be an advantage for Pioneer. I feel as though MC had more team speed last year in compared to this year's team. But they do still have some speed on both sides of the ball. MC can run the ball and they are effective at it. They are also a team that isn't afraid to throw different formations at you and do different things. This probably the one game I want to see over all the other semi-state games because I think it'll be a a good close game.
  13. jfries

    CIC Sectional Finals

    They may be without a couple seniors but it appears most of their key seniors (Frazier, Scott, Hudson) will play tonight. They'll be fine. It should be a good game.
  14. jfries

    Sectional 36

    Shenandoah beat Northeastern 60-8 I heard Winchester gave Lapel fits, was winning at halftime and into the 3rd quarter before Lapel pulled away. Is that right?