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  1. I agree with you on the intimidation factor, we use to be that way with Laporte but now we can compete with them hopefully the kids see that you guys beat them and realize it’s possible. We would still have to play a near perfect game but it can be done. Congrats on the win and hopefully we see you again in a couple weeks
  2. Colts4girls

    Week 9 Scores..

    New Prairie 21 Elk. Central 0
  3. Colts4girls

    Week 5 Scores

    Warsaw-Northridge score?
  4. Colts4girls

    AP Poll Week 4

    New Prairie was 10th beat the number 9th ranked team but falls a spot? There has to be more than one early drinker smh.
  5. Colts4girls

    Gameday Scores

    New Prairie 41 SB St Joe 28 final score
  6. Colts4girls

    NIC WEEK # 4

    2015 the year we started 1-3 we lost to Andrean and Washington in back to back weeks, but that is the only time he lost 2in a row here at New Prairie, let’s hope we keep that way
  7. Colts4girls

    Game Night Scores:

    Check broadcastsportsmet they might have it
  8. Colts4girls

    AP Poll Week 3

    How can FW Snider lose to Carroll, but still be ranked higher?
  9. Colts4girls

    Michiana Pick'Em 2018 Week 3

  10. Colts4girls

    Michiana Pick'Em 2018 Week 3

    Is there away to change a pick after you submit the form?
  11. Colts4girls

    Michiana Pick'Em 2018 Week 3

    I don’t see a link for this week, is this just the results for the last two weeks?
  12. Colts4girls

    Week 2 Scores

    New Prairie 42 SB Clay 0 7:30 left in first half
  13. Colts4girls

    Week 1 Scores

    New Prairie-28 Laporte-7 halftime
  14. Colts4girls

    Week 1 Scores

    New Prairie-14 laporte- 0
  15. Colts4girls

    The next reclassification

    Laporte is already 5A