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  1. BreakfastClub

    Cascade to Join ICC 2019-2020

    I don't believe Monrovia has any reason to move out of such a competitive conference and back into something similar as the old WCC.
  2. BreakfastClub

    Cascade to Join ICC 2019-2020

    The good ole Cadets.
  3. I don't have a clue. I had heard about it over the weekend prior to me posting it from someone close to the team.
  4. Mike Gillin leaving Indian Creek for Mooresville. May or may not be able to read article. http://www.reporter-times.com/sports/high_school/decatur_cent/gillin-leaving-indian-creek-for-mooresville-post/article_fc210041-d43b-52f6-b481-90ee3ea8a831.html
  5. BreakfastClub

    Martinsville Artesians

    But can you still sled down it Mid January?
  6. I'm with you MonroviaAlum. Less chat, more splat!
  7. So now that the main worry (bleachers) has been addressed, it's almost game time.
  8. BreakfastClub

    All-Time Rushing Record

    I can't wait to see this young man at Purdue next year. Hopefully he pumps some life blood back into the program that they so desperately need! We've been waiting for it for some time now.
  9. This will certainly be a fight to the finish. Time of possession and turnovers will be the key to winning the game in my opinion. MD is 13-0 for a reason, as is Monrovia at 11-2. That said, none of those previous games matter, only this one. Both teams are starting at 0-0 on Saturday. Good luck to all still in the tournament! Monrovia - 32 Mater Dei - 20
  10. I totally understand that. Yet many programs would dismiss the athletes by noon and/or give them the entire day off. I would have thought this to be the case for MD. It's a moot point now, Saturday it is.
  11. BreakfastClub

    Tri West at Heritage Hills

    Good Luck to Tri-West Bruins! (Never thought that would come out of my mouth. But times have changed over the last 20 years.)
  12. So MD got what the asked for somewhat, with the game being moved to Saturday. Not sure of the exact reason because when myself and the rest of the 1989 team played them AT MONROVIA, it was on Friday night. Fairly certain the distance hasn't changed, and being as TC traveled down there, I just don't know. That said, it should be a battle from start to finish. Hopefully we don't have any of the obscenities carry over from the TC game, there is simply no place for it. MD has always been a very classy school and I'd like to keep that memory.