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  1. Boilernation

    New Pal 84 Delta 13

    Michigan City has never had the type of coaching theyve gotten from Buzea and Mason. They’ve always been considered a sleeping giant in NWI because of the talent they get. Buzea had some success and bolted for a HUGE paycheck across the border at Homewood-Flossmoor. Mason, a former State Title winner at Andrean, took over the program a few years ago and completed the turnaround started by Buzea. The talent has always been there. The downside is Mason will likely eventually leave. Merrillville foolishly turned him down after he left financially disfunctional Andrean and Bobref has hinted he was in the running for an Indy job last year, perhaps Ben Davis?
  2. They should have appreciated Moyers when they had him instead of expecting him to have Warren level success.
  3. Boilernation

    New Pal 84 Delta 13

    Beating CG and picking on the small talentless schools of the HHC doesn’t prove you’re Indiana’s second best team, let alone they could beat a school of 2,700 that is loaded in talent by 30+. There’s a huge difference between 8A Illinois football and what NP is used to seeing against the likes of Yorktown, Shelbyville, MV, etc.
  4. Boilernation

    New Pal 84 Delta 13

    You honestly think New Pal would beat a Suburban Chicago power similiar in size and talent to an MIC school by 50+ or is that just hyperbole?
  5. Boilernation

    2018 Boilermakers

    I tend to agree that there is some bad defense being played, more so in regards to poor tackling by DB’s, but I also think good offenses are becoming harder and harder to stop. I’ve seen the hurry up and/or RPO make a lot of good defenses look silly. Plus, QB’s are getting developed at a high level now in HS. Some of the big guns are coming into college with insane arm strength and accuracy. Anyone notice the comment Millen made regarding the NFL? He said he knows of NFL people that are interested in Brohm now for his play calling. He said Brohms ability to read the game so quickly is at an NFL level. Personally, I would take a job as an NFL OC over any college HC job.
  6. Boilernation

    OSU - PSU and James Franklin

    And on the contrary, I loved the play calling by Ohio State down the stretch. A lot of safe throws for the young QB to get their stable of talent out in the open field.
  7. Boilernation

    OSU - PSU and James Franklin

    Penn State’s last 4 losses have been by a total of 8 points and they’ve had a 4th quarter lead in all of them. At some point is that on coaching?
  8. Boilernation

    Hunter Johnson leaving Clemson

    As in Bryant selling out his teammates and transferring? Can’t blame Dabo for having no loyalty if you’ll give Bryant a free pass for quitting when PT was still a possibility.
  9. Boilernation

    What does PENN Have to do?

    The DAC is arguably the toughest baseball/softball conference in the state alongside the Hoosier Crossroads. The addition of Penn would be HUGE for those two sports. I do agree about them being content. Lake Central tried for years to get into the Duneland and only received an invite when Hobart left. I'm sure the NLC wouldn't have even opened Mishawaka's application if it wasn't for Memorial merging with Central.
  10. Boilernation

    Hunter Johnson leaving Clemson

    Interesting take. Hard to argue with it as it has merits. My only rebuttal is the coach should play the guy who puts the team in the best spot to win. Couldn’t loyalty be considered the player keeping their scholarship?
  11. Boilernation

    Greg Schiano is Outstanding

    I don’t think recruiting Chicago is that easy for Illinois. 1. Chicago media treats Notre Dame as THE home town team 2. Michigan, ND, and Sparty have major inroads into Chicagoland recruiting 3. Champaign a rural setting to urban kids and that’s a turn off for some Illinois will always get there fair share of Chicagoland recruits, but I don’t think they could ever control the scene without a coach like Meyer.
  12. Boilernation

    2018 Boilermakers

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he turned down Louisville. Leaving a program after 2 years generally isn’t a good look.
  13. Boilernation

    SAC week 7

    I caught a little of the Wayne/Snider game on Friday night. My stream for Summit City kept freezing so I finally gave up. My initial thoughts though was that Wayne looked pretty big and athletic. I'm not very familiar with them. It looks like they've had a lot of dumpster fire years lately some average to good mixed in. What's their story? Do they lose a lot of good talent from their school boundaries to Luers?
  14. Boilernation

    What does PENN Have to do?

    You’re using one game in 2003 as a transitive property for the entire 2003 season in terms of Penn vs. the non Warren MIC.
  15. Boilernation

    What does PENN Have to do?

    Exactly, that was my point. You said it yourself that everyone gave Warren a better game in 2003 than Penn did and used that score as a measuring stick.