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  1. Boilernation

    Region Pick'em (BIG 10) Week 6

    Valpo Michigan City LaPorte Portage Hammond High North Judson Whiting Lowell Hobart Andrean Griffith Bombers
  2. It doesn't seem like Lowell has a run in them this year. Sectionals will likely be a cakewalk, but I would take whomever wins the dogfight of Sectional 18 to advance on to Semi-State. Michigan City's offense really clicked last week against Merrillville with the addition of Lyric McFarrin (starting Safety) at RB. Still, it currently appears their only hope at this point against New Pal is if the game gets turned into a track meet. In 3A, I know Memorial has an outstanding QB/WR combo that can take over games and Chatard is putting together an impressive season. Gibson Southern deserves some mentioning as well. I'm just surprised West Lafayette isn't getting more consideration as the front runner. That team is huge and is going to give every offensive line they see major, major fits.
  3. Boilernation

    Cathedral - St Xavier

    Good post. As others have said, Cathedral had the lead going into the 4th quarter in all of their losses. This is a possibly a season altering win.
  4. Boilernation

    Region Pick'em (BIG 10) Week 5

    Valpo LaPorte Michigan City Crown Point Highland Lowell Hanover Central South Central Hammond High Griffith Andrean
  5. Merrillville - I watched a little of the game on Friday night via WJOB. To put it nicely, my Indians looked small, void of talent, and were running an offense I would expect to see at the 1A-2A level. My question would be how The Ville looked against Penn. The score seems to have been close, but was it really a close game? Did The Ville do anything impressive? At this point it seems like The Ville stole a W from a very good Andrean squad and will now pick on the midgets in the Duneland. Lawrence Central - I could be wrong, but if my memory serves correct I think Rodenberg wore out his welcome at Moeller and wasn't necessarily a fan favorite. Again, I could be completely wrong. I must say, after watching their entire game against Hamilton SE, I am surprised they're now 1-3 and didn't put up at least a fight against WC. Seems like they have a lot of talent to work with. I really liked some of their ball carriers. Michigan City - The Valpo loss has me scratching my head. It seems to be the norm for the Wolves lately. They just can't put together the perfect season since Mason has the program on the rise. They'll still be a very solid contender in the North. At this point I think their only hope against New Pal would be to play the game at beautiful Ames Field. The New Pal kids won't like the bone chilling breezes coming off of Lake Michigan in November and MAYBE Michigan City can use their speed to turn the game into a track meet. I say maybe loosely, because at this point I'm expecting New Pal to easily cruise throw 5A. Regardless, agree, big game for City this week against Merrillville. Hobart - I think Osika also played for the dreaded Indiana Hoosiers and was on Howell's last State Final's team. It's good to see Hobart trending up. People outside of the Region may not care or understand the "All my life I wanted to be a Brickie, work, work, work!" mantra, but us old timers from The Region consider those Don Howell years to be legendary. The rumor in Portage was they practiced on gravel parking lots. 😀 North Central - It has always surprised me that Anderson, Muncie Central, and Richmond could be so bad in football. I'm sure they're s a lot of raw talent not being utilized. Maybe those schools should spend some time studying Marion. Honestly, those communities closely resemble Michigan City in terms of demographics and socio-economic statuses if you exclude the million dollar homes lining Lake Michigan in the Michigan City school district. Michigan City has always been considered a sleeping giant among Region experts and Buzea, now Mason, are proving the Wolves can have major success with the right coaching staff. Regarding Lafayette Jeff, I can't imagine them ever leaving the NCC again. The Hoosier Crossroads with the Lafayette schools was a failed experience and independence is not a route most AD's will be fond of. The only way I could ever see them leaving is if the Lafayette area schools formed a 5 team conference, which isn't likely to happen.
  6. Boilernation

    Get the Red Rings Ready...

    Personally, I would have loved to have seen New Pal opt up to the 6A level this year. The 5A playoffs will be a snooze fest if their trend of insane margin of victories continues past the Sectional Round.
  7. Boilernation

    Region Pick'em (BIG 10) Week 4

    Chesterton Crown Point Portage Michigan City North Judson Whiting North Newton Bombers Highland Hanover Central Hammond Morton
  8. Exactly it. You can easily find better in the Chicago area, but it’s the closest to Chicago dogs and beefs down here unless you know about Fat Dans and a few others I’ve heard about. Portillos is just the trendy mainstream place.
  9. Aurelio’s came south and has a location in Fishers. Now I just need Andy’s Red Hots to come down from Portage or for the Portillos in Fishers to not have lines that stretch up to Muncie.
  10. A Region crew working an MIC game? Isn’t that a style of play far superior to what they’re used to seeing in 6A? 😀
  11. Boilernation

    Region Pick Them (BIG 10) Week 3

    Portage Merrillville LaPorte Michigan City Lowell North Newton South Bend Washington Bombers New Prairie East Chicago Central Hobart
  12. In fairness DT, this notion solely resided as a figment of your imagination.
  13. Carmel's mayor used Naperville as a model for most of development going on in the downtown Carmel area. Naperville is likely 20-40K more populated than Carmel and has 3 high schools. I've always thought the Illinois equivalent to Carmel would be combining 2 of the Naperville High School's (Central, North, or Neuqua Valley) into 1 HS.
  14. Boilernation

    Cathedral @ Brownsburg

    Kind of like when you made it clear a certain QB was leaving Cathedral and attending Warren Central for athletic reasons?
  15. Boilernation

    5A North collision course

    Time will tell. Zionsville nipped them last year. Michigan City just took a far more loaded team than New Pal to OT. A lot of ball left to be played. Injuries, fatigue, weather, etc., play too big of a role in the playoffs. I think it’s a little presumptuous to assume New Pal is going to blow out everyone in the North.