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  1. How is the Hoosier Heartland looking in 2018? I would guess that Sheridan is the cream of the crop. Is anyone going to challenge them? Any surprise teams? I also noticed that almost half of the conference attended the 11 on 11 Tri-Central. Carroll Clinton Central Clinton Prairie Eastern Sheridan Taylor Tri-Central
  2. agm5971

    Tippy valley coach suspended?

    I know I'm not DT, but I feel like these 5 sum things up well. The coach is committed to the school community and knows the student dynamic. The coach genuinely and deeply cares about the athletes he or she coaches. The coach is educated in the sport they teach and can effectively communicate their ideas to their athletes. The coach is organized and has a practice plan they execute on a daily basis. The coach is committed to values of education, family and maintaining integrity and diversity. Let's be honest, the Bud Kilmers of the world are a dying breed. Every great coach must learn how to adapt and change throughout time. Never before has there been a more diverse group of children in our schools and country. They lack manners, feel entitled, and need a lot of validation BUT, on the positive side, they are inclusive, appreciate and accept diversity, and have big goals. We, as coaches, must be fathers, mothers, counselors, teachers, salesmen, chauffeurs, etc... The dynamic has changed so greatly that it's not about those X's and O's or W's and L's. It has to be about "How can I use football as a vehicle to drive this group of young people towards being productive members of society?" I know I went a bit off topic, but the profession of "Teacher/Coach" has changed greatly in the short time I have had the privilege to be a part of it and it may be more demanding now than ever before.
  3. They have chosen a basketball coach. I believe it'll be made official at their next board meeting.