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  1. The game everyone has been talking about since week 1. I plan to make this one, should be the best game in the state, including games on thanksgiving weekend.
  2. PatriotFan

    Forest Park Facilities

    Give them a break....you will likely have more fans there than they will. Sit in the stands. They will share with you. During a normal football game everybody but the parents of the players leave after the band plays.
  3. PatriotFan

    Sectional 32

    Before we at HH even begin to talk about the team to beat we will have to concern ourselves with a very good GS team that pounded the daylights out of a very good SR team. Not to mention that we need to deal with MV first. I'm stoked for the final as well.....just don't want to overlook what it will take to get us there. GS will be more than ready for HH this time and it will be nasty.
  4. Bowling Green has a running back that has a handful of SEC schools looking at him.
  5. Are we going with the backup kicker? I'd say we will have to. This fight will be won at the line. If the line play looks like last week we win, if not we lose. I haven't seen those kids play with that much heart in a long time. They play with that intensity and heart tomorrow night, I'm not sure who could beat them. I love the Southridge game, as already stated, we are close with these folks.....I even have a friend in church that has a son on each team (one boy lives with his father in Huntingburg)!
  6. PatriotFan

    The PAC Conference 2018

    Again, it will depend on line play. With it, we will compete with anyone on our schedule, without it, we will have a similar season to last year. I am looking forward to it...I wanted to go to the scrimmage the other night for the single reason of looking at the line and got home from work too late. I'll miss quite a bit in the first couple games because I will be staring at the line, quite a bit of anticipation there.
  7. PatriotFan

    The PAC Conference 2018

    There is quite a bit of excitement in Lincoln City this year, more than last year. Every kid I have talked to is telling me it is going to be a good year. Heritage Hills will be fine at the skilled positions, and I think the defense will be solid, but in my assessment there is only ONE way that we will get our swagger back. Line play. If we are great at the line, we can do anything this season, if we aren't, we are looking at going .500 again. Not trying to be a downer, just realistic. With that said, I am stoked for this year and I really think it will be a great season for the Patriots.
  8. Additionally, some of us just like grass. Invest the money in the weight room.
  9. Clayton would have never had turf....but that ship has sailed. Turf came up in a facebook post the other day and it was mentioned that it would take additional, fund raising for turf. Who knows?
  10. We sure could have used those stands about 15 years ago!!!!! Back then you could double the stands and still not have room. I'm afraid it is going to look awful empty, but hey, it will look nice. Build it and they will come?
  11. PatriotFan

    Best Chances for 2018 Title

    Don't know about the rest, but in 3a, I would argue that Memorial has an excellent shot of a repeat--there won't be anyone in their way till they get out of Regional....
  12. Go Raiders! Represent the PAC well!
  13. Yup, my son and I plan on being there....I'd say it will be a packed house. We are coming no matter how crappy the weather is.
  14. Great looking stadium! 4 quarters of football will be key Friday. If we do that, we are competitive, if not, we aren't. My thoughts exactly. It's time to give everything you have for every play the entire game, they have it in them, it just hasn't been cut loose all season.