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  1. I don’t get the Kiser as QB award. If you were to tell me Kiser was Mr. Football and Lindauer was QB position winner, I would agree. I think over 4 years, the stats and wins for Pioneer would be more than deserving of the top spot. To me, the position award would not include Kiser’s defensive stats and Lindauer’s punting stats. Lindauer had 3,858 yards passing this year - more than Kiser had in his career. Add 512 yards rushing, and that makes 4,370 yards of offense with 63 total TD’s (51+12). Regardless, I kinda agree with those who said this year was a great collection of talent, top to bottom. That is an amazing group of position winners.
  2. oldtimeqb

    NFHS Rules Changes

    I kind of like your idea. I’m assuming you have an option though? Team A scores. After the PAT they can choose to give the ball to Team B on the B -30. Or A retains possession 4-th and 15 from their own -30. Most teams would choose to give the ball away like a normal KO. However in what would currently be an obvious onsides situation you get a scrimmage down with Offense/Defense on the field rather than a hands team play.
  3. oldtimeqb

    NFHS Rules Changes

    Yes. That was what I meant. The other issue with kickoffs is that NFHS rules apply to sub-varsity contests as well. NCAA and NFL you are guaranteed some level of skill in the kicking game. Even at the HS level, you may not have a kicker who can put it in the endzone from the 45. I've seen plenty of JV, Freshman, and MS games where the strategy is to onside kick every time. I would not want that to become a popular varsity strategy.
  4. oldtimeqb

    NFHS Rules Changes

    Clarification on #4. If a player who got a 15-yard personal foul facemask while playing defense and then got a 15-yard roughing the kicker while trying to block a punt - he would be ejected? Like IO mentioned - that kind of interpretation could be a very bad rule, IMO. I don't want to mess with kickoffs personally. I get that there are safety concerns, but there needs to be a mechanism for onside kicks. However I think moving the K spot up to the 45 would only encourage MORE pooch, onsides, squibs, etc. and less attempts at a touchback. (I would guess that is the motivation.) If you are going to tinker with it, I would say add the fair catch rule from college and/or move the touchback spot to the 25.
  5. If by Districts you mean "football-only conferences" - then that is the only way it would work. I still think it would be tough sell to the majority of Indiana HS principals, ADs, and coaches. The corners of the state would greatly increase travel which would be acceptable for Friday nights but problematic to send for a school night tilt. Look at 4A Sectional 24 as an example. Owen Valley & Northview would be guaranteed two trips to Evansville (Central, Bosse, Harrison, and Reitz) and probably at least one of Boonville or Jasper. Evansville schools would have to travel to either OV or NV. That would be a long way for a volleyball, tennis, baseball, or softball game.
  6. Ten years from now, I'm not sure my kids will remember specific plays from the game or even the final score. I do hope they remember that players from both teams joined together in prayer afterwards. I have the utmost respect for the Gibson Southern community. I will miss "The Battle for St. James" the next two years. If I'm not mistaken, didn't Memorial's team chaplain (a priest) lead the prayer?
  7. oldtimeqb

    Jasper Job Open

    I can’t imagine a HS or school corporation the size of Jasper having 0 teaching turnover in any given year. Even so, their OC Geoff Mauck is a more than qualified candidate should he want the job. (Clarification edit - added the word ‘teaching’. I do not want to imply that turnover referenced the coaching staff. Coach Ahrens has done a great job with the Wildcats and I wish him the best of luck in the future.)
  8. oldtimeqb

    DOE Enrollments

    I agree with you. I was just trying some "out of the box" thinking - which would make me unqualified for a project like this! LOL Road accessibility, like I-69, US-41, and I-64 should be factored in, but that makes too much sense. Another thing I like to consider is the time zone issue. The logical choice would be to send Southridge to 31, since they are in the Eastern Time Zone and HH is Central. But again, that would make too much sense.
  9. oldtimeqb

    DOE Enrollments

    I haven’t had a chance to sketch out everything - but what about leaving Southridge and Heritage Hills in 32, but moving Washington and Vincennes north to 30? (Assuming Bosse is in 32 as well.) Owen Valley and Edgewood have dropped to 3A this classification as well. It would easier for Washington to get to Edgewood or Owen Valley than Mt. Vernon (Posey). Sectional 30 could be something like Washington, Sullivan, West Vigo, Vincennes, Owen Valley, Edgewood, and 2 more. Maybe South Vermillion and Brown County?
  10. oldtimeqb

    Mr. Football

    My vote would be for Kiser. My prediction is Bell will win. There is a little of recency bias in voting though. A big game on the big stage can sometime sway the voters. I watched Wodicka in 2009 cement his award in the championship game with an unbelievable performance. If Lindauer completed that 70+ yard game winning TD drive with 50 seconds and no timeouts- that might have been a legendary enough moment to win it.
  11. oldtimeqb

    Moving the Season Up 1 Week

    No. This state already has a get football season over with and on to basketball feel to it. That would make it worse.
  12. oldtimeqb

    DOE Enrollments

    Showing my age.... :embarrassed Now get off my lawn. 😄
  13. oldtimeqb

    DOE Enrollments

    Does IHSAA do the male/female split for football? I thought male enrollment was the football classification number. I admit football was the only class sport when I played, so maybe they changed to total enrollment after the other sports became class tournaments as well?
  14. Agree completely. I’m a firm believer that it takes a little bit of luck the last 2 weeks to win a state championship, at least at the lower levels. Take the EvC - EC regional game. Anybody catch that 50 yard field goal that hit the upright, then the cross bar, and trickled over for 3 points? Up until Ev Central’s last drive that 3 points was the difference in the ball game. I’m not trying to say any win is ‘lucky’. Central proved that point by winning in St Leon despite the FG. But it’s also foolish to not acknowledge a few fortuitous bounces can happen along the way, IMO.
  15. Computer projections are fun, but it all comes down to who executes on that night. neutral field [2008] Bishop Chatard (Indianapolis, IN) 28, [2008] Reitz Memorial (Evansville, IN) 21 [2009] Bishop Chatard (Indianapolis, IN) 31, [2009] Reitz Memorial (Evansville, IN) 27 🤔