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  1. oldtimeqb

    SIAC Week 6

    From the newspaper articles, it’s tough to figure out Castle. Are they rotating QB’s now? What is the deal with Taylor? When he is in, they are a completely different team.
  2. Kinda late to this party, but out of curiosity will Chatard host playoff games at home now? And if a semi state team from Lincoln City should question it, you could always offer to play at Broad Ripple. He he he.
  3. oldtimeqb

    PAC Week 5

    After looking at the Pike-FP score and HH-Posey scores, I guess the gap between the top and the bottom of the PAC is as wide as the Grand Canyon. Yikes.
  4. I still can’t get a good feeling for this one. Sagarin has Jasper by 20 and Calpreps says Jasper 26-8. I think I would take VL plus the points, but Jasper still wins because of home field.
  5. oldtimeqb

    Big 8 Week 5

    Was Milligan out last week against HH? I didn't see his name in the box score.
  6. oldtimeqb

    PAC Week 5

    Oh. I think that pun was fully intended! Lol
  7. No directed at you - but that is a lot for an inexperienced official to process in a short amount of time. Add to that the biggest one, IMO - does that outside blitzing LB have an unevaded shot at the QB and I need to blow it dead before he gets decapitated? I would add the dead PAT/2 Pt plays to this list as well. Too many inexperienced players to let that play continue for safety reasons. Safer to blow it dead and prevent illegal blocks
  8. oldtimeqb

    PAC Week 4

    I had heard Spindler (GS RB) was out. Looking at the stats that appears to be true.
  9. oldtimeqb

    Game called due to no officials

    1. Yes. I agree there is a shortage of officials. 2. This games seems like a perfect storm (no pun intended) of events. Lightning delayed game. So they would have been asking for officials to come out and referee 20 minutes of football on a holiday weekend. I’m not sure how $$ works in those instances but I would guess at best they would have ended up with a mismatched crew.
  10. Pretty quiet this week. Definitely one big game and 3 others that seem to be one-sided on paper. I have no idea the relative strength of the Terre Hautes, New Albany, Henderson, and Owensboro - Daviess schools, so it will be nice to the Conference schools match up.
  11. oldtimeqb

    Sectional 32

    Multiplied by the power of Cutler. (Although Bears and Dolphins fans might say divided by Jay... )
  12. oldtimeqb

    Sectional 32

    In 2002, Pike Central beat a winless Princeton squad for its one and only sectional win since Indiana adopted the all-in format in the early/mid 80’s.
  13. oldtimeqb

    SIAC Week 2

    I agree! I would love to see it continue. The original games were sponsored by Independence Bank - based out of Owensboro. I guess they didn’t feel the need to advertise north of the river? The other problem was Central and MD played each other on Week 2. So Harrison and Bosse were the other 2 Indiana teams. Those fan bases didn’t bring the crowds to make continuing the series viable until ETFCU picked it up.
  14. oldtimeqb

    Big 8 Week Two

    I still can’t fathom those numbers. Just unreal.
  15. oldtimeqb

    SIAC Week 2

    Really surprises me. 70 points in 7 quarters given up by Reitz. That didn’t happen until week 6 last year.
  16. oldtimeqb

    Jasper @ The Ridge

    Should be a great game and I will be trying to follow on-line. Not sure what the outcome will be, but it's always a great battle between two tradition-rich programs. Thank goodness for Field Turf, huh? LOL
  17. oldtimeqb

    2018 MSC-PLAC

    Sorry if I missed an update earlier. But how is the field?
  18. oldtimeqb

    PAC Week 2

    I got the reference. And didn’t Perry Central (PC) win in Overtime 6-0, while Forest Park got shut out? 2-0 may not be that far off!
  19. You guys get out of here with that data. Driven doesn’t need numbers or data to get on a rant- those just confuse him.
  20. oldtimeqb

    A Question for Bobref

    That rule change was made a few years ago (Fall 2016 I think?). To answer your question it definitely makes sense inside the 10 if a sure TD can be prevented. I thought for sure you would definitely see defenses use it any time there was a goal - to - go situation but it really hasn’t happened. I would also say HS offenses are generally more run first inside the 10 anyway so it really isn’t as common as you would think.
  21. oldtimeqb

    This is the DAY!!!!

    Good luck and good health to all teams tonight! I would much rather see some football talk and encouragement on this board rather than those who gleefully promote the destruction of the sport. If this thread stays above theirs I would be happy.
  22. oldtimeqb

    Wood Memorial

    Why aren’t there 8 man or 6 man teams? My guess is that there is a round ball that only requires 5 players that draws too much attention in Indiana. And it can be played year round as well.
  23. oldtimeqb

    Wood Memorial

    So the players (or at least most of them) on the Jasonville Community team attend Shakamak HS? Or is it a separate charter-type school? Either way, that's great. I'm all for more HS students getting the ability to play football.
  24. I don’t know why I’m shocked, but your example is the complete opposite of the point you are trying to make. You are speaking out of both sides of your mouth. Wood Memorial had a FT employed coach in the building, who even was a second generation educator, and an egregious hazing incident happened under his watch. In fact, he was a young, energetic coach - some might even call him a “bro-coach”. So are you saying that arrangement is better than their current lay coach. Which one is bad for the game?
  25. oldtimeqb

    The SIAC Conference 2018

    Yes. It’s not Lent, so it’s ok.