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  1. Dan Jones

    New Pal 84 Delta 13

    I doubt Ralph is ever going anywhere. If Ralph (and Mrs. Ralph) wanted to be in Ohio, they would still be there. There aren't many perfect situations in high school football. Ralph is in one. Why mess with that?
  2. Somebody has to lose in the MIC. Its not like everyone is going to go 7-2 every year. In fact, somebody has to lose in every conference in the state. There are always going to be haves and have nots. IF Pike did EVERY thing right, they still aren't beating Carmel, Ben Davis, Warren Central and Center Grove on even a semi-regular basis. Maybe for a year or two run but over time, its not happening.
  3. Dan Jones

    Sampson James

    Just saying that players can change and the perception of them from schools can change. James is likely a better fit from a overall talent standpoint at a IU or a Purdue. That's just the reality. Its likely that is what truly made this decision. And with IU's history at the RB position (at least back when Coach McCullough was there) you can get to the NFL at IU. But lets also not kid ourselves that the big schools all have their eye on someone better and if you don't live up to their expectation, they move on. Its what's happened to Peters at Michigan too. Now he's stuck there (at least until he can transfer at the end of the year) and won't be able to play in college anywhere near as much as he probably expected.
  4. Dan Jones

    Sampson James

    Just because a kid is offered a scholarship and accepts to play there before his senior year, does not neccesarily mean he will ever be good enough to actually play there. We see it happen all the time, with players who think they can play at Michigan or Ohio State or Notre Dame or Alabama and they simply aren't good enough to ever see the field. Its likely come to someone's conclusion that he will have a better chance of actually seeing the field and playing RB at a IU. So its a good move for him. You have to be an elite talent to play RB at Ohio State. He's not that. A few others who have gone to OSU from Indiana found out when it was too late, once they got there. At least he won't waste his time or OSU's time in that way.
  5. Dan Jones

    Sampson James

    No he's not good enough. Not even close. Hence, he's going to IU.
  6. Nah. Lets continue to do it this way because....well just because that's easiest. Meanwhile, we all look forward in rabid anticipation for the Sectional 12 matchup for the most coveted trophy in high school football, between the winner of New Pal/Zionsville and either Greenfield or Anderson. Get those cash registers humming for the crowds that will flock to watch that battle of titans.
  7. Dan Jones

    Sagamore Conference 2018

    Actually Southmont doesn't deserve to be grouped with Frankfort and C-ville either. TW and Southmont are both similar teams (Southmont struggles big time on defense though, which is why they are only going to be a 4-5 win team at best). This isn't a great TW team even when healthy but their injuries have really killed them. They still have a legit shot at winning a sectional if they get somewhat healthy. North Montgomery is very weak as well but they are even several steps above Frankfort and C-ville. Point being that it wasn't going to take a whole lot to win those 4 games in a row. So not sure its been any sort of revelation in play in this past month. A whole lot of teams would go 4-0 against that competition. And the TW and Southmont games were both very competitive just looking at the box score/stats. TW had their chances and it came right down to the last possession. Southmont moved the ball well all night but couldn't get stops in the 2nd half. Which is the same reason they lost to North Putnam. But Webo kept the game much closer last year then expected and its certainly possible Danville could do the same this year.
  8. Dan Jones

    Most Surprising Teams??

    Possibly but he's also 67 years old (so how long he stays around will be interesting) and playing in a conference where he's going to be battling against 5A and 6A programs. 4A is a soft touch right now but that goes away in a hurry once Roncalli returns and a few other 3A programs may move up because of enrollment and/or success factor. In other words, they better make good this year while they have several 2 and 3 year starters and a 4A tourney that is inviting for anyone.
  9. Dan Jones

    Sagamore Conference 2018

    Yes they've beaten Crawfordsville, Frankfort, Southmont and Tri-West. Have they "figured anything out" or have they just played subpar teams, none of whom will have a winning record when the season ends? The only close game Western Boone has had was with Tri-West and that was played on a terrible field in bad weather conditions, where nobody could do anything on offense. On a dry field and good conditions, that game is totally different (which most TW people if they are honest will tell you as well). If Western Boone plays reasonably well, this game is not close. And the Lebanon game will only be close if the rivalry part of it, makes it that way. Which I tend to doubt will have much of a factor. Western Boone has been the clear class of the conference from day 1 and if anything has been even more impressive then most expected. The 2A playoffs will tell the tale of this season much the same way it did for Danville last year and Tri-West in previous seasons.
  10. The level of officiating across the state is not good either. And getting worse by the year.
  11. Dan Jones

    Most Surprising Teams??

    One year does not "establish" anything as far as your program goes. Mooresville was horrible last year. Had a good run playing some bad teams late in year last season. Got some positive momentum built going into 2018. Have won all of their 50/50 games this year and did pull off a big win on the road at Whiteland this past week. Face a big test this week with Martinsville. Are in a weak sectional and have a great opportunity to win it this year. With Roncalli likely looming in a return to 4A next year, need to take advantage of it in 2018.
  12. Most conferences in the 3A-6A levels are still like that. The Sagamore Conference for example is the same as its always been. Usually an elite team at the top (one capable of making a deep playoff run and a potential state finals contender) 2 or 3 teams after them that are solid 6-7 win teams with some high end mid-size level players and then a couple middling 3-4 win type teams after that and 1-2 very poor teams at the bottom, who are normally 0-2 win type teams. That's not changed in 30 years. Are Frankfort and Crawfordsville particularly bad this year? Yes they are. Both are suffering with similar issues. Both are very bad for the usual reasons most teams have always been very bad. And why teams will be very bad 10-20 years from now.
  13. There will always be "haves and have nots" in high school sports. Some of these teams that are awful in 2018 have tended to be awful for many other years too. The administration should respond in kind by helping out their football program by spending some money and trying to keep a head coach around for longer then a year or two. The programs that are semi-serious about football tend to not be as pathetic as the Frankfort's and Shelbyville's and Brown County's of the world. The LAST thing anyone should do is dump their program when times get tough. And like someone else said, Frankfort's students WERE pretty interested in football in the mid 90's to the late 2000's. Funny how some stability in the coaching ranks likely went hand-in-hand in that. They actually had built a program. Which you simply cannot do when you change coaches as much as some of these bottom feeder programs do.
  14. The Sagamore likely is very content with 8 schools. Plus you start adding extra conference members, and it means goodbye to some important (especially from a financial standpoint) non-conference games that many of these schools need desperately to make ends meet. Like Lebanon/Zionsville, Southmont/North Putnam, Tri-West/Plainfield, Western Boone/Sheridan and Danville/Mooresville to name a few. Without homecoming, some of these Sagamore teams don't draw flies to conference games deep into the season. Would be the conference equivalent of Lutheran on the southeast side of Marion County. Could work and we all know it won't be long until they are competing with good talent in football.
  15. Dan Jones

    What does PENN Have to do?

    Ridiculous? No very truthful. BD and Warren regularly have the best talent, most depth and most athletes in the state. Penn (and basically nobody else outside of Carmel some years and CG if they are at their absolute best and most experienced) cannot compete with that head-to-head. Simple as that. Talent usually wins out no matter the level of football. Penn doesn't have enough most years. So there's really nothing they can do about it.