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  1. Coach Nowlin

    All teams not D1 in Indiana

    Doesn't look good for Earlham https://www.indystar.com/story/sports/college/quakers/2018/11/13/earlham-college-suspends-2019-football-season/1990050002/
  2. you qualification playoff peeps will definitely love it :)
  3. Coach Nowlin

    Bears 2016/2017 and Now 2018

  4. 5 of the 1st 127 picks. Lets Go http://www.csnchicago.com/bears/nfl-draft-bears-have-five-first-127-picks
  5. Coach Nowlin

    Indiana Basketball

    don't you think he is just waiting to see what NCAA does now that FBI gave them info?
  6. Coach Nowlin

    2018 Hoosiers

    How is L'ville athletic dept funded vs Purdue's? https://www.courier-journal.com/story/news/2017/10/05/university-louisville-sports-wins-costs-coach-salaries-subsidies/727139001/ https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/college/2013/05/07/ncaa-finances-subsidies/2142443/
  7. Coach Nowlin

    2018 Hoosiers

    7 weeks ago Brohm in your eyes was over his head because he got Mad at his assistant coaches for lack of execution on the sidelines.
  8. Coach Nowlin

    All teams not D1 in Indiana

    I was at Franklin for that game: real exciting, bummed my guy from Rensselaer on Franklin didn't pull out the W, but great to see him pre and post game!!
  9. Coach Nowlin

    2018 Boilermakers

    I was at Franklin vs Hanover game Saturday and didn't see any of it. From the highlights it seemed like PU offense which is finese style did not handle the elements well and turnover to start the 2nd half led to the game getting out of hand. Only stat that really mattered from someone who didn't watch any part was the 3rd down conversion: I think Is aw 0-13. Brohm has continually said that this year's team NEEDS the explosive plays as it is very difficult to go on long drives without things screwing up. I believe the OL is good at Pass Pro, but they have struggled to open run lanes when the defense knows run is in the game plan, that looked evident again this past Saturday. The games that PU has ran well it was predicated off the threat of pass. NOW: Onto the other news. Fingers crossed that he stays, of course no one would blame him for going to L'ville, if he does I wish him the best and will still follow and enjoy watching his teams play, however the threat is REAL, no doubt about it
  10. Coach Nowlin

    2018 Boilermakers

    figured start this years thread with incoming freshman 600 pound squat http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000941369/article/watch-purdue-wr-rondale-moore-squat-600-pounds He is a 5'8 180 pound slot WR, runs 4.3
  11. bummed for my guys at NC, but what a show that ways: Also pulling hard for Valpo, that is my father's Alma Mater and want Coach Marshall to keep on going, especially the debacle that was last year. Good guy right there!!
  12. Coach Nowlin

    Rest in Peace Coach Joe Goodman

    I will miss his speeches at IFCA meetings and how he dominated the night when i was afforded the opportunity to be on N/S staff a few years back, the night at Primo's with Coach Goodman telling stories!! yes please!! RIP Coach Goodman
  13. Coach Nowlin

    3A Semi-State West Lafayette v Luers

    They were SPOT on in 2010 THIS Times 2
  14. Never Count the Fighting O'Shea out!! This is just the start
  15. Coach Nowlin

    HNAC Regional: Pioneer at Triton

    Yes: Pure Science DUH
  16. Coach Nowlin

    All teams not D1 in Indiana

  17. You should of went and supported your Alma Mater at least 1 time this year to get that experience. Well worth the 5 bucks
  18. sounds like a great job for @Coach Durham
  19. Coach Nowlin

    2018 Boilermakers

  20. Coach Nowlin

    2018 Boilermakers

    DOUBLE BOOM https://247sports.com/Article/Top247-wide-receiver-Milton-Wright-commits-to-Jeff-Brohm-and-the-Purdue-Boilermakers-football-recruiting-124448822/
  21. Coach Nowlin

    IU-Purdue Recruiting Deadlock

    BOOOM https://247sports.com/Article/Top247-wide-receiver-Milton-Wright-commits-to-Jeff-Brohm-and-the-Purdue-Boilermakers-football-recruiting-124448822/
  22. Coach Nowlin

    Coach(s) on the field.

    As Coach Snyder alluded: 1st one warning on Head Coach 2nd one was 15 yard unsportsmanlike on an assistant coach for yelling at his OL in the huddle with 2 feet on the field approximately 18 inches.
  23. Coach Nowlin

    IU-Purdue Recruiting Deadlock

    Somebody has just became available: RUSS YEAST https://www.hammerandrails.com/2018/11/7/18072930/purdue-football-recruiting-an-interesting-name-to-remember-russ-yeast