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  1. We are well versed in your support of this, but the topic asked what you would like to see from your team this season.
  2. Whenever the wildlings are a big part of a scene, does anyone else think of Celts from movies like Braveheart? 😂
  3. My guess is with the first fight being this early, there will be some sort of retreat involved, forcing Westeros into the battle.
  4. 1. Would not surprise me to see a team get there in the near future. Their freshmen team was solid. 4. Is that official? I know there was a proposal, but Iwas thinking it was not a done deal., 8. I agree, and for the good of football in this State, I too hope that Coach Allen can close the gap. 9. Interesting concept, nothing wrong with trying it and mix things up a bit. 11. This is not just a football issue. Look at what politicians are doing to education in general. A cost saving move is to get younger teachers with less experience. Education is one field now, because of the budget moves, where experience can be costly. While it is noce to think of the IHSAA doing something, the fact is the IHSAA is a member driven association...so no initiatives would be coming.
  5. Just received an email today from hudl. This line was part of the email " All film—including game footage, opponent scout and practice—will count toward storage."
  6. If you sold game 1, I will disown you; even with me being a Pack fan. 🙂
  7. They can be voted down, but I cannot remember a single year when there have been that many significant changes.
  8. My understanding is that Jon is the son of Daenerys' (FINALLY spelled that right lol) brother?? So she is his aunt, so the dragons could be called cuz 🙂
  9. I am terrible with names from the show as well; except Danaerys...I remember her name.
  10. You are correct. The HBO app had a post show discussion with the directors, talking about story lines that reconnected even going back to season 1. The White Walkers...fyi
  11. LOVE the show.....great opener to it. I will be curious to see how Danaerys handles John Snow being the real king. My guess is she will be fine with it. But will Snow abdicate for her?
  12. Ok...thanks for that clarification. I know of a couple of exes that have said they wanted to do something similar, soooo. 🙂🤣
  13. But, couldn't you say that the matter going through the hole is breaking up? 🙂
  14. Even as an old school coach, this is an interesting concept. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/26432845/inside-tech-experiment-wants-change-football-forever FTA: "I'd love to see a Super Super Bowl, where Belichick plays the fans." George Colony, YCF founder
  15. I have not seen that guy around here in YEARS.
  16. Count me in then....Mine is pretty old now and is crumbling 🤣 I got it back in 96 when they first came out; so I need a replacement.
  17. This is too cool. https://www.nsf.gov/news/news_images.jsp?cntn_id=298276&org=NSF
  18. This is incredible. Dwayne has always in a class act, especially in a league where that seems to be so rare. To see someone use his talents and gifts off the court and out of the spotlight is awesome. https://www.barstoolsports.com/viral/apparently-budweiser-wants-everyone-to-cry-today-over-this-dwyane-wade-commercial
  19. https://www.wired.com/story/eva-galperin-stalkerware-kaspersky-antivirus/?utm_source=pocket-newtab FTA: " Over the last year, Eva Galperin says she's learned the signs: the survivors of domestic abuse who come to her describing how their tormentors seem to know everyone they've called, texted, and even what they discussed in their most private conversations. How their abusers seem to know where they've been and sometimes even turn up at those locations to menace them. How they flaunt photos mysteriously obtained from the victim's phone, sometimes using them for harassment or blackmail. And how none of the usual remedies to suspected hacking—changing passwords, setting up two-factor authentication—seem to help."
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