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  1. There is a sportsbook in Jersey that is refunding bets made on the game.
  2. Pretty close; being a guy from a family of 5 boys (2 girls as well). I was the 5th boy. I give the others a hard time because with all of us loving football, only one of gots rings 🤣 and the first coming from the first one in the family to attend a public school too. We were not spread out like some other families though. The oldest was born in March of 60; me being number 6, was born in September of 66. We have tried putting mom up for Sainthood, Now word back yet from the Vatican though.
  3. There are other videos coming up that would say otherwise. Not taking a side here, as the behaviors of numerous people on all 3 sides seemed to contribute to the chaos.
  4. From a sped teacher in our building Basic skills juniors and seniors now have to take ISTEP. They are only in elective classes yet have to take the English LA and Math portion of the ISTEP even though they are enrolled in functional skills math and English. Let’s remember these are the kids that since they entered elementary school, we knew they would be counted as failures against our graduation rates, by law.
  5. It is. But the pathways and changes in classifying special ed students is forcing more certifcate kids into core 40 classes as well as standardized testing for school grades and our evals.
  6. Irishman

    Warren streaked stopped by Lawerence Central

    Sad for my alma mater, but happy for Coach Gooden, former NH coach. He is a great coach and even better man. It is a shame the rematch will be in the sectionals.
  7. Irishman

    College Free Agency On The Horizon

    Add to it that both teams had a lot of young talent on the field, pretty guaranteeing their spots in the game next year, and maybe even beyond. If I remember right, years ago, the NCAA changed the number of scholarships that could be offered. The impact was more noticeable in basketball as it spread the top talent across more programs. But even in basketball, we are seeing the same few teams at the top again. Part of me says things like what we have seen exposed at Louisville are the norm, and that some schools have the cash for the top talent that lures them there, but that programs that have not been caught are just smarter than the people at Louisville are.
  8. Irishman

    A New Spin on OOB

    Look next to “Forum” in the browse tab in the upper left. You should see the word “Clubs”. Tap on that. You should see a link to join. Each time you want to enter the club, you just tap where it says club on this screen cap.
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    Academic All-State

    The deadline to get all the info in for nominations was January 4th, I believe. It was definitely in the early part of January, just not sure of the exact date.
  10. We have 3 at NH. The girls' State Championship was last weekend at Hamilton Heights. We had 1 State Champion, 1 Runner Up and the 3rd finished 6th.
  11. To have their expectations match their commitment.
  12. Our freshmen team played them about mid-season to replace a game that was canceled on our schedule and beat our kids pretty soundly. I was impressed how well the line got off the ball, and how well the QB ran the offense. The future is definitely bright there.