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  1. MSG C

    Week 2 Scores

    35 Owensboro Senior (KY) 34 Evansville Reitz Final
  2. MSG C

    SIAC Week 1

    My picks Memorial TH South Reitz Central Harrison North Indian Creek Bosse ****Current SIAC Football Pickem Champ
  3. Halftime MD 21 SR 16 MD 2 turnovers (1 F, 1 Int) SR 1 turnovers (1 F)
  4. MSG C

    27 Coaches?

    5 for 8th grade 5 for freshman 5 for JV Varsity OL DL REC BACKS LINEBACKERS OC DC Special Tms ASST HEAD HEAD COACH 8 th and Freshman are scout coaches during during season. My guess this is how it works for jobs That only counts for 25
  5. Courierpress has Bosses 35 GS 32 4th qrt
  6. Congratulation to SR Football team. Good luck and I look forward to SR representing Sectional 40/PAC/Southwest Indiana rest of the way in the tournament
  7. My thought of the upcoming game: I have had the fortune to see both teams play (GS vs SR / Bosse vs Central). I believe that GS will come out with the win. They are the better all around TEAM. However, Bosse will keep it close for about a half. Once GS gets up by two scores, Bosse will try to keep up and that is when GS gets a few turnovers/stops and the game gets out of control for Bosse. Crutcher will get his yards. I believe he will be the best player on the field, but one player is not a team. What impresses me the most about him is that he just runs over people, He does not dance around, he runs north and south with power. GS fans will be impressed with him. GS team plays great team defense. They will be able to get some stops, and Bosse play calling and execution will end some drives too. GS 44 Bosse 26