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  1. BlackshirtD

    IFCA Poll Week 4

    Hmm Hobart beats culver military. CMA still ahead of them. Weird.
  2. I suppose if Osika wanted it he would be a front runner. He’s a teacher, wife is a teacher, Mom is a teacher, Fathernin law is a teacher and long time coach all in Hobart. Not that’s why he’d get it but he is a part of a great family all tied into the education. He’s a good fit and I think the kids would play hard for him. Hard to say what he wants though.. a lot has changed this year losing Turley plus not really knowing if long time D coordinator will be or wants to be back anytime soon after having health issues. Who knows what teaching jobs are opening and who is available...always a dilemma. As far as the Outsider taking the job like Wally. I was a Wally Fan but a lot of people weren’t. I think he dealt with thing s that a lot of coaches dealt with but the fact that it happened in Hobart made Brickie fans out to be villains. Some deserving. But he quit. His next stint didn’t go well either so even though I thought he was a decent coach it’s not like he moved on and turned Portage around. That’s not a knock. It’s the truth. Life changes and I think that effects coaches and how they coach...or prepare anyway. Coach E mentioned old time Brickies maybe through with the college scene IE Karras. I love the idea of the Karasses coming no to town. Again there would have to be an opening. I don’t think the administration truly cares about how the product does as long as it looks good. Who knows how hard they look to replace Turley. Osika if he wants it I’d bet would get it and Id be good with that. I’d like to see them at least interview some people though. See who wlse even wants it. As far as the comment about being just another job...certainly not the program it once was...but they are loaded with talent right now varsity through 7th grade good pop warner teams coming up, beautiful field , great facilities, new school, great fan support, Big booster club, nice AD budget....I think it’s potentially at least better than just another job. Why did we fall off after Howell?? Legacy kids are rare anymore...half of Hobart settled down in Fishers..kids went to college instead of the mills. Used to see kids playing sandlot on every corner in town. Got all new people who didn’t know Hobart was even good at football. It’s a different world for sure but I think it’s a good place to be still...maybe they do need a fresh start with someone new from the outside but I don't have faith that they wouldn’t make the right hire looking at some of the other sports hires if they did. The school system has become a girls club leadership wise and the school board works for the super int. Or that’s the optics anyway. That’s not to say they aren’t good people, because there are some exceptional people....just don’t believe athletics is their priority, or winning athletics is anyway.
  3. Preseason polls don't have to be accurate... They just need to be talked about. I think 4a North will be decent especially with no Columbus East or New Pal buzz saws. Andrean up to 4a in the North adds some spice to the mix. Lowell is going to be a monster I think this year.. And next. New prairie has got it going on, a lot of people are still high on Plymouth. Roncalli may be sitting there but I have been hearing for years now if it wasn't for this team, or that team etc Roncalli would be back. Perhaps they will but this seems pretty wide open to me in 4a
  4. Well just speaking about Region teams in class 4a. Lowell should be the cream of the crop. They return a lot and many people here believe they have a great chance to be playing Thanksgiving weekend. Andrean seems a little low and Munster drops down but lost a lot so they seem a little high. Morton will be interesting to watch with the new coach in place. Certainly a lot of talent there. In 3a wheeler seems crazy high in the poll. They have not exactly dominated in 2a come playoff time so them being ranked so high is puzzling. 6a in Region is a crap shoot Merrillville brings back some great skill kids but they have got to play Defense this year to compete late in the playoffs. lake Central and Crown Point should be right there with them.
  5. Coach that was an awesome team...3 headed monster of Wendlinger,Dvorczack, and Nobertowicz correct?? You guys came a long way that year. I graduated the year before but I bust chops of some of my buddies that were on the 4A Brickie champ team saying that you guys would have beat them..that would have been a great game.....weren't you guys up a TD and BS scored on a hail mary going into half or something..I seem to remeber something crazy like that..... My honestly favorite memory was everytime I got the priveledge to come through the gates onto a crazed Brickie Bowl..The kids now have a great fancy stadium and GOD willing they get themselves some championships...but sadly they can't ever get the feeling of running out to a packed Brickie Bowl....magic...... I
  6. I don't have a problem with the score or scoring in and of itself. The only thing I found offensive was the defense. Both teams. I'm not going to condemn any coaches for how they choose to substitute with the game in hand. All I can say from my experience win or lose Hobart coaches worked hard to get people into the game even when they weren't winning. We certainly went mass substitutions late if the game was in hand either way and you can bet every senior saw some action that they may not have seen normally. No matter how many times Hobart got to the finals the coaches wanted as many kids as possible to experience it. We ran the ball. That is not New Pals mo. I just wished for the kids sake more would have gotten involved. As far as New Prairie....those kids may remember the score as they grow up. Being a part of the game will be what's memorable. They did something special that they all will remember.... Probably much more fondly than losing on a last second play. What ifs tend to ruin those memories. Congrats to both teams. I think New Pal will be back....
  7. BlackshirtD

    Lowell @ New Prairie

    Yeah... I would bank on that Coach!
  8. BlackshirtD

    Lowell @ New Prairie

    Although the exchanges may be more of an issue for New Praire..Poor field conditions could negate James from being able to turn the corner..This could be a scrum all game long.
  9. BlackshirtD

    Lowell @ New Prairie

    I'll buy that kamikaze. And I just like both kinds of apples.
  10. BlackshirtD

    Lowell @ New Prairie

    I disagree with that assessment. Not at all. Film is film. Russ although may have some wrinkles he hasn't changed his stripes. I've watched at least 5 NP games over the last 2 seasons and it's the same but different. While I'll agree that Stewart was a top notch coordinator. I still believe the philosophy on defense is there. Maybe I'm comparing Granny Smiths with Fuji apples. But the fruit is the same.
  11. BlackshirtD

    Lowell @ New Prairie

    Just playing "Red" Devils advocate here. Pretty sure the Devils have 20 plus years experience against Russ and tape of his tendencies. There has been more explosive Griffith teams that they have been able to relatively shut down. Not saying this NP as a unit isn't better. My opinion remains the same on this is really think that this Lowell line is maybe a little smaller than laporte a but more physical and athletic. Salary was the best back you have seen but James will be the 2nd best. Hey if NP blows them away. Cool. Up north I'll root for any of theSe schools. I will say if this was at Lowell I would totally feel like I'd pick Lowell. I can't commit in the pickem yet. Think leaning to Np.
  12. BlackshirtD

    Lowell @ New Prairie

    I could be wrong but I swear he transferred to IU and got some time at Safety.
  13. BlackshirtD

    Lowell @ New Prairie

    Lowell had some issues with rotating Qb's and had their starting RB quit and just took some time I think to figure out who they were. Young guys that had to get beards on the field from wwhat I have heard and they have improved. Also one of the reasons I think is some teams that throw better get them in perfect conditions in August and early September but by November when it is a little more difficult to go vertical they beat people up in the trenches and wear them down. Lowell always has very good line play.
  14. BlackshirtD

    Lowell @ New Prairie

    Watching Plymouth a couple of times I think they have more talented individuals but I don't think they were strong in the trenches..or as strong I should say as some of their opponents. I think New Prairie will face maybe a more physical and athletic line than they are used to seeing. If Ike James can bounce to the outside he will put some points on the board for Lowell. This just feels like a weird 22-18 type game with poor field conditions and missed extra points, fumbles, maybe a safey sprinkled in for good measure. Should be fun.