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  1. If we are buying what you are selling on other threads the only answer is contraction for this program.
  2. Where are you seeing any secrecy? Why did you not make an announcement that your were going to make a post? Why the secrecy?
  3. Gibson Southern wins 31-14. Sounded like the line play for Gibson Southern was the difference.
  4. Gibson Southern 31 Southridge 14 Final.
  5. Gibson Southern 31 Southridge 14 Field goal for GS 8:31 left in the game.
  6. Gibson Southern 28 Southridge 14 1:47 left in the 3rd quarter
  7. Gibson Southern 21 Southridge 14 7:38 left in the 3rd quarter. 47 yard pass
  8. Gibson Southern 21 Southridge 7 9:35 left in the 3rd quarter
  9. Gibson Southern 14 Southridge 7 halftime
  10. Gibson Southern 14 Southridge 7 Around 6 minutes to go in the 2nd quarter 1 yard run by Brady Allen
  11. Gibson Southern 7 Southridge 7 Early in the 2nd quarter. 24 yard run by Tucker Schank to become Southridge's all time leading rusher.
  12. Gibson Southern 7 Southridge 0 End of the first quarter.
  13. Gibson Southern 7 Southridge 0 GS scores on a 90+ yard pass play on 3rd and long. Early in the 1st quarter.
  14. I see what maybe the problem. Apparently you very mistakenly believe that any editing or censorship by a GID admin has to be announced. It does not.
  15. SR1

    Sectional 32

    I believe Southridge had more than one starter out in the Jasper game. Jasper has lost several starters from what has been reported in the newspaper since that game. I think that that the game if played today would be very different.