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  1. Giantbeareagle80

    CIC Sectional Week 1

    Indiansfootball2013. You didn't pick Eastbrook - Oak Hill
  2. Giantbeareagle80


    Agree with you IndianFanatic.
  3. Giantbeareagle80

    CIC Pick em Standings

    52 Gonzoron, Fballfan15 50 indiansfootball2013, ringthosecowbell, Caliboy24, Argyll_Nation 48 Franktonite4life, LC Bears 04 47 PantherPride, ED78 46 Giantbeareagle80, Noproblemcoach5, Old Bruin 41 RiverRat99 These are the people who are still active above 40 points I will still keep track of everyone who picks.
  4. Giantbeareagle80

    CIC Sectional Week 1

    Western @ Mississinewa (2pt) Northwestern @ Blackford (2pt) OakHill @ Eastbrook Madison Grant @ Shenandoah Elwood @ Alexandria Frankton @ Lapel A good game from each Sectional (Guests) Winchester @ Northeastern Delphi @ Rensselaer Central Southmont @ Brebeuf Pendleton Heights @ Marion 12 pts in this week picks! A chance to move up in the standings! By my picks the Home team has the advantage. Good Luck to all CIC teams
  5. Giantbeareagle80

    CIC Week 9

    I will take Alex over Oak Hill. Tigers put up some points against good teams. Oak Hill made way to many penalties last week. Against a decent team that will get you beat. The Indians with the win. Hats off to the Bruins, a solid regular season and overall improvement Eastbrook rest most starters the second half..Fresh legs for a long tournament run. Im taking the Eagles in a tight game. Some of the injured are starting to get cleared to play. Hard to believe this is the final game of regular season.
  6. Giantbeareagle80

    CIC final regular season

    You are correct. Thank you for checking. I changed it on the spread sheet.
  7. Giantbeareagle80

    CIC final regular season

    Standing after week 8 46 Fballfan15 45 Gonzoron 44 indianfootball2013, ringthosecowbell, Caliboy24, Argyll_Nation, 42 Giantbeareagle80, Franktonite4life, LC Bears 04, PantherPride, noproblemcoach5
  8. Giantbeareagle80

    CIC final regular season

    Alexandria @ Oak Hill (2pt) Blackford @ Mississinewa Elwood @ Eastbrook Madison Grant @ Frankton (2pt) Lapel @ Eastern Hancock ( guest) Shenandoah @ Monroe Central (guest) I added two guest game that should be pretty good based on record. I also have two 2pt games that I thought could go either way.
  9. Giantbeareagle80

    CIC Week 8

    Good Luck everyone, Stay dry and healthy.
  10. Giantbeareagle80

    CIC Week 8

    Leaders after last week 40 Gonzoron, Fballfan15 39 Indianfootball201, Argyll_Nation 38 ringthosecowbell, Caliboy24 37 Giantbeareagle80, franktonite4life, LC Bear 04, noproblemcoach5 36 PantherPride
  11. Giantbeareagle80

    CIC Week 8

    everyone scored the same for leaders. i will put them on in the am.
  12. Giantbeareagle80

    CIC Week 8

    Wow Oak Hills 6 road games in a row is a killer! I would hate that.
  13. Giantbeareagle80

    CIC Week 8

    Alexandria will put a few points on the Indians in the 4th Indians 48-6 Eastbrook wins this, but it will be a good game 28-14 Frankton by 2 in a tight one. Madison Grant by 7
  14. Giantbeareagle80

    CIC Week 8

    Alexandria @ Mississinewa Blackford @ Eastbrook (2pt) Frankton @ Oak Hill Madison Grant @ Elwood Greentown @ Sheridan
  15. Giantbeareagle80

    CIC Week 7

    First let me say Skeens and Campbell are Fast! WOW! Second I am proud of the way the Eagles hung around early against the Indians. The "8 Supposed starters" was 9 by the start of the third quarter. All 5 starting linemen, the best receiver, both LB's and a DB. most of them also played on the other side of the ball. Not making excuses just stating facts. In my 33 years of being around HS football i have never seen the injury/illness bug hit a team. So ya the "garbage TD" was our JV,