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  1. I thought I saw it in the Kokomo paper a couple of weeks ago but it was really hush hush.
  2. krunyan

    Eastern Hancock Coach

    I've heard that there was some pressure mounting on him for football W/L and more importantly because of salary for teaching. Take that for what it's worth.
  3. krunyan

    Markese Stepp

    Stars don't mean anything. Most of the NFL's best were 3 stars or lower. Kentucky had two guys make all SEC last year that was a 2 star(Brebeuf's Jon Toth) and a kid that had no stars(Josh Allen). It's funny how guys get more stars when Alabama/USC/Texas/Ohio State/LSU is recruiting them. Nebraska has always needed a Husker to fix the program after Zolich got fired for winning 9 games to unify the fan base. Frost is exactly the guy for the program esp at this time when it seems to need it the most. And Frost is one of the best coaching prospects in college football after taking a winless UCF team and turning them into an undefeated one in less than 4 years.
  4. krunyan

    Markese Stepp

    West will get better mainly with Nebraska getting back to being Nebraska with Coach Frost now in charge. I agree that Purdue will be a bowl team yearly or better once Brohm gets his guys.
  5. Best running joke in the history of GID.
  6. krunyan

    Bears 2016/2017 and Now 2018

    Not that I like Zach Miller getting hurt but we should be seeing more Adam Shaheen now. Might not matter considering Loggins playcalling is confusing at best. I'm for him leaving when Fox goes too. Don't want him stunting Trubisky.
  7. krunyan

    Bears 2016/2017 and Now 2018

    Fox asked Jeff Fisher for advice on coaching QB's....no joke. That's a fireable offense right there. Going Tebow offense and still winning somehow.
  8. krunyan

    Bears 2016/2017 and Now 2018

    Fox HAS to go. I'm good if they pick any of the following: Harbaugh, Rivera, Koetter(always been good with young QB's), Brohm. I'm a big Mike Leach fan but I don't think he'd translate to the NFL. Just too serious for him and I think he likes being able to do his own thing. Schemes match up though. Air Raid is condensed West Coast with more spread and no huddle. Really starting to like how the defense is shaping up. Floyd can't be blocked most passing downs. Jackson is going to be long time starter and Fuller is finally living up to expectations. The coaches have to let Mitch throw the ball more especially on 1st down. Good number for us should be 25-30 a game. 16 attempts in an overtime game is terrible. But they tried to play it safe against 2 good defenses that love to blitz. The problem is that teams will continue to blitz until you show you can beat it.
  9. krunyan

    CIC Sectional Week

    Wrong K Runyan(he's my cousin), although I did make Frosh B-Team all- conference the one year I played hoops. That one teaches and coaches basketball at Gibson Southern now.
  10. krunyan

    CIC Sectional Week

    I wouldn't be surprised if MG dipped into 1A. We were in 1A in my sophomore and junior seasons for football.
  11. krunyan

    Hoosier Conference 2017

    it's not just #88 either. The 3-3 is not the easiest to go against in HS when the team running it is ALSO big and athletic. It makes the angles on blocks even harder to get to. Roudebush has been good about getting the ball out quickly but will be interesting to see what the plan is for #88. Coach Nowlin, I've seen plenty of that offense the last 2 weeks(Western MS/your MS). I'm really glad to see something different this week lol! Your 8th graders were really disciplined and really hard to defend. Was impressed with them.
  12. krunyan

    Hoosier Conference 2017

    At this point I've seen them enough that I wouldn't even call them a sleeper. Eastbrook is good but I wouldn't be surprised at all if Cass won that sectional.
  13. krunyan

    Hoosier Conference 2017

    It's only funny on the show. We have a family just like that here in town and it's terrible.
  14. krunyan

    CIC Sectional Draws

    NW is an interesting team because they have athletes and I love their scheme(Air Raid) but sometimes they get in their own way. The QB can throw a good ball but is inaccurate at times. They have size at most positions even WR. Cardwell is a load to tackle at TB with his size and speed. Against Tipton, they had success going right at the Blue Devils but were content to try and match speed. Can't do that against this year's Tipton defense as they trade size for speed at lot of the time. And the other thing is that they are at least used to defending the offense in a phone booth because they ran double wing last year. Not completely the same but similar esp if under center.