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  1. this situation occurs w/ every single aspect of education, not just stadiums.
  2. Do I need to use all of the hashtags or just 1 of them?
  3. I bet the HR director is on a year around contract.
  4. demaree is maybe the best because of how close you are to the action, not having a track is awesome.
  5. sls

    Thinking about TA

    He was a big loss to IN HS football.
  6. Title: Volunteer Slot/WR coaching opportunity (Varsity) Homestead High School (Ft. Wayne) School: Homestead High School (Ft. Wayne) Position: Volunteer Coaching position – Slots/WR Varsity Level Contact Bill Skelton for any questions regarding the position at bill.skelton@hotmail.com This is an excellent opportunity to coach on a great staff in one of the best conferences in the state!
  7. sls

    Spring Football

    www.neinskillscamp.com & sos camps are how we do spring football in Indiana. Neinskillscamp.com does 6 hours of non-padded/non-contact position drills over a 15 day period and then conclude w/ a 1.5 hour practice in which all of the college coaches from the 5 state area are invited to observe. We usually have about 50 colleges present. We supply all of the benefits of spring football (fundamentals, footwork, agility drills, 7 vs. 7 etc... of each position & contact w/ college coaches) except team work. Additionally, I believe the neinskillscamp.com is one of the cheapest private athletic experiences in all of the state.
  8. I just had 2 volunteers cancel, if you would like to be a room host and receive a free attendance, hotel room, food per diem, and some glazier swag, please let me know. http://www.glazierclinics.com/Coaching_Clinics/Grand-Rapids-Michigan-Football-Clinic Steve Snodgrass snodgrass.stephen@gmail.com cell 260-452-7457
  9. How? What's the ruler/standard tied to time?
  10. Defensive Coordinator Jimmy Linn has been named Head Coach! Congrats Jimmy!
  11. I have been told the Harding attendance area is the highest due to the tax rate of apartment complexes, but that is just rumor mill info.
  12. I need two more volunteers to serve as room hosts for next weekends (Jan 19-21) Indy Glazier Clinic at the east side Marriott. As a room host you introduce the speaker, make announcements, take a head count of the room, and do some minor conference room clean up. You would need to arrive by 11am on Friday 1/19/18 and would be free to leave after tear down on Sunday. We are usually out of the hotel by 11am, noon at the latest. You will need to attend all clinic sessions. For agreeing to serve as a room host you would receive free clinic attendance, free hotel room (w/ a roommate), some daily spending money for food, and some glazier swag. This is a great opportunity to attend one of the biggest clinics in the mid-west for free! There are several new components to the clinic that we believe will make it even more beneficial to you and your staff. Please spread the word among your staff and see if there is anyone interested! You do not need to be a coach to take part, just a desire to learn some football! http://www.glazierclinics.com/Coaching_Clinics/Indianapolis-Indiana-Football-Clinic Please feel free to ask any questions you might have!!! Steve Snodgrass ssnodgrass@eacs.k12.in.us
  13. This man's information is virtually infallible in terms of IN HS football and probably any other areas.