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  1. Irish Line Momma

    Peebles to Cathedral

    LC has a good program and will be fine. They have a great foundation on which to build. They have a good coaching staff and my hope is LC hires from within. DT you sound like it's doom and gloom for LC, they have lots of talent and will keep pushing hard. I am looking forward to see who they hire and I hope it's quick! Look what the LN coach has done with that program, turned it around. Best wishes to the Lawrence Central Bears!
  2. Irish Line Momma

    Cathedral's Rick Streiff Retiring

    I have never known a HS Football coach that got in to coaching for money. Best Wishes to Coach Streiff, those will be some tough shoes to fill.
  3. Irish Line Momma

    St. Edwards (Ohio) vs. Cathedral

    I'm here, come say Hi! BobRef I would love to meet you! PHJ good to see you!
  4. Irish Line Momma

    New Palestine 84 Pendleton 17

    Thank you, just wondering. I was not at the game.
  5. Irish Line Momma

    New Palestine 84 Pendleton 17

    You are obviously winning the game, why was your QB running up the score and keeping the ball? He has more rushing yards that any New Pal RB. Just curious.
  6. Irish Line Momma

    New Palestine 84 Pendleton 17

    NP QB Neligh had 200 rushing yards and 3 TD in the game. Rushing # Athlete Name Car Yds Avg Lng TD Team Totals 32 565 17.7 75 9 11 Alex Neligh (Sr) 13 200 15.4 55 3 14 Zach Neligh (Fr) 1 5 5.0 5 19 Gunnar Large (Jr) 1 13 13.0 13 1 34 Luke Ely (Fr) 5 137 27.4 75 2 7 Adam Kincaid (Jr) 2 41 20.5 28 9 Nick Brickens (Sr) 10 169 16.9 64 3
  7. Irish Line Momma

    Chatard v. Cathedral

    I do too. I think we can compete. It's the depth factor that will hurt smaller schools deep in the season. Praying for all teams to stay healthy. Although I know there are 2's and 3's out there that can shine bright.
  8. Irish Line Momma

    Chatard v. Cathedral

    I love the Chatard Spirit! The fans filled the stands and the cheer section was soooo loud! Too bad you guys were banged up, lots of good started not dressed. Hope your team heals and you are back to full strength soon. I did sneak over to your side once, brought my little 12 week old grand daughter to see the Hannons, couldn't find them.
  9. Irish Line Momma

    Chatard v. Cathedral

    No kidding. I hope we get the clouds to break. No fun to tailgate in the rain! See everyone there!
  10. Irish Line Momma

    Chatard v. Cathedral

    Hahaha, dag gone it. Love it!
  11. Irish Line Momma

    Chatard v. Cathedral

    The reason I leave it at 21 points? Coach Streiff won't leave all the starters in............ Chatard will close the gap.
  12. Irish Line Momma

    Chatard and Roncalli

    I love the way the topic turned in to Chatard folks talking about running the score up when I was shaking my head from leaving the starters in.............
  13. Irish Line Momma

    Chatard and Roncalli

    Thanks HHpatriot04. We like to hear that, hope your belly was full! Let us know if you are in town for any other games, happy to see you and enjoyed your company!
  14. Irish Line Momma

    Chatard and Roncalli

    Oh so are you gonna grace us with your presence for the game at LN? I heard...... Cathedral has a great tailgate!
  15. Irish Line Momma

    Chatard v. Cathedral

    The weather should be better. This game is always entertaining. Cathedral 35 - Chatard -14. GO IRISH!