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  1. PublicSchoolFootball

    Chatard - Where D1 Linemen are created

    Ben Soloman - Eastern Illinois ‘17 David Marsh - ball state ‘17 Sid Anvoots - Louisville ‘12
  2. PublicSchoolFootball

    Chop blocking

    Is it illegal for an offensive lineman to come out of his stance like he's pass protecting, inviting him up field, and then cut? Along with chop blocks, why are illegal hands to the face both rarely recognized? I have seen many players over the years continuously take advantage of the lack of attention directed to those areas of the game.
  3. PublicSchoolFootball

    Southwestern Indiana Top 10 -- Week 2

    I've heard several Reitz players did admit to getting a bit of a whooping during the GS scrimmage. If I remember right the Reitz posters were pretty shy to give their input on GID the few days following.
  4. PublicSchoolFootball

    sec 31 and 32

    Sectional 31 will be really interesting but sectional 32 seems like a coin flip between GS and Memorial with Mt Vernon and Lincoln trailing possibly.
  5. PublicSchoolFootball

    Sectional Assignments

    Sectional 29 might be one of the toughest sectionals I've ever seen
  6. PublicSchoolFootball

    Top 10 rivalries in Indiana

    I feel like the South Spencer and Heritage Hills rivalry could be in the conversation. A lot of good football has been played in this series such as last season. I think one of Heritage Hills closer games of the 2000 season might have been with South Spencer.