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  1. Coach_G

    IS PJ Fleck a Fraud?

    Fleck's character is fair game. As a bronco alum the number of stories I could tell you that make Fleck look bad are numerous. There is a reason most WMU fans are fine with him being gone. But to say he can't coach is a joke. And most of his players loved him. Many D1 coaches routinely waste superior talent, Fleck will not. I'll never defend his character.
  2. I'm a supporter of neutral sites for semi-finals.
  3. Coach_G

    IS PJ Fleck a Fraud?

    PJ Fleck at WMU routinely outrecruited the league. Nearly every season WMU finished first in the recruiting class rankings, and often by a wide margin. By year 3 and 4 he was playing with a significantly deeper roster than most MAC teams (and he had a round 1 WR, with a 3rd and 4th year starting QB those last two seasons). His recruit rankings at Minnesota, while solid, are far from even with the top 4 Big Ten recruiting programs, and certainly not significantly ahead. PJ has a tougher go of it at Minnesota. Sold out for the big pay day, when he could've made WMU the next Boise State. He can hold his own it the Big Ten in terms of CEO/X and O knowledge. Don't forget he went 1-11 at WMU his first year, and everyone thought he couldn't be a head coach, then he went to a bowl game the next year, won a bowl game the next, went to the Cotton Bowl the next. It's just a slower tougher journey in the Big Ten. In regards to your second sentence you could say the same about every P5 coach.
  4. You are correct. This is why the IFCA pushes for a sliding 4 year window for calculating points, updated every two years. Purposely to avoid programs with 1 good class getting bumped up, as opposed to a more consistent program. But Bobby Cox in his infinite wisdom modified our request.
  5. Again you are applying statistical probability the wrong way.
  6. It’s a blind draw. Leave the conspiracy theories to the out of bounds board. That’s not how math works.
  7. Co-op football is a definite need now in many smaller communities. Why the IHSAA fights it is beyond me.
  8. Supply and demand, the IHSAA needs to create supply.
  9. CG's advantage over Penn is not scheme, the Penn guys know what they are doing. Their advantage is that CG get's to play in the MIC every week, every year.
  10. No point. Thanks for answering.
  11. Have you put as much effort into it on various baseball and soccer sites in that same window of time?
  12. Baseball and soccer of course are still offered by schools....so.....
  13. Hope all is well with you and yours.

  14. But Noll hasn’t shut down nor do they struggle to find 15 guys. They still operate a JV team and are attempting to rebuild.
  15. DT the first guy to say the “new generation” is too soft. Yet also the one calling for struggling programs to quit.