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  1. No point. Thanks for answering.
  2. Have you put as much effort into it on various baseball and soccer sites in that same window of time?
  3. Baseball and soccer of course are still offered by schools....so.....
  4. But Noll hasn’t shut down nor do they struggle to find 15 guys. They still operate a JV team and are attempting to rebuild.
  5. DT the first guy to say the “new generation” is too soft. Yet also the one calling for struggling programs to quit.
  6. Affording isn't the question, it's a question of proper allocation of resources, and cost/benefit. There are many Indiana schools that can "afford it"
  7. You dream. For a one off you might get a big gate, but frequently they will lose the excitement value. And you didn't address the signifcant increase in travel costs.
  8. Think of the negative impact on the budget. Increased travel costs, and significant drop in gate revenue.
  9. Freelance...aka...between gigs
  10. Why not use the same concept for summer that you want to apply to spring ball. Just say Football can pick two weeks on in the summer the rest is dead.
  11. There are no schools above 1600 in SW Michigan.
  12. 2 inaccuracies here. 1. Edwardsburg doesn’t need to travel to find games, they play in a ten team league so their entire schedule is filled with league games. 2. They don’t play in the league with Portage Central (the big league) they play in the second biggest league in SW Michigan.
  13. And look at that, the last four years Football is virtually stable. Shocker 😀 As I’ve said...overblown.
  14. Nope. So you have no ability to refute the data I gave. Thanks. Have a great weekend. Stay cool. Why did it have to take 6 posts and name calling and Nazi name drops for you to admit that.
  15. Football is incredibly healthy. But that doesn’t get clicks. Some of us live in a world where clicks matter some of us live in a world where truth does. Everyday those two groups get further apart. Would you you like to refute any data about Michigan I gave you? Or would you just like to admit the data you linked is misrepresented to push a narrative.
  16. Just always had an issue with muck raking, and lies. I appreciate how you got personal as soon as I pointed out the flawed data used, rather than attempt to keep it on topic.
  17. I’ll be sure to ask you what it’s like when that day comes.
  18. Your statement was that Michigan led the nation in reduction of football participation. I soundly refuted the statement. The push for 8 man began in the early 2000’s when Michigan’s population was dropping faster than any state in the nation. Prior to the start of 8-man Michigan had over 150 schools that would’ve fit in Indiana’s 1A . As those schools shrunk from 250 kids to 150, or 325 to 200 8 man became a valuable alternative. ....and scene. Thank you everyone for another episode of the “DT makes up stuff to fit a narrative”
  19. Using this article shows how little you understand Michigan. This article states a 53 team drop in 11-man teams in roughly a five year span. (Article written in ‘16) That is a statiscaly accurate statement. But the key part of that statement is “11-man”. In that same time span Michigan implemented 8 man football. Guess how many teams were playing 8 man in ‘16..... 52. For a whopping net loss of.....1 football playing school. It also stated a loss of over 4,000 in participation in 11-man We can safely assume at least 50% were playing 8-man Making Michigan’s stop in participation nothing to get excited about. When you factor in population decline/stagnation in that window of time, it’s barely worth mentioning. Luckily football coaching hasn’t fallen as far as journalism has.
  20. Please show me data to prove this ridiculous comment. What I can tell you is that Michigan has added two asditional classes to their postseason in the past 5 years.
  21. I wouldn’t read too much into it. New Buffalo is a tiny school. And they’ve lost about 20% of thier enrollment in two years. Bridgman is a little bigger but has lost about 1/3 of its enrollment in less than 5 years. Both would be among the smallest 1A schools in Indiana.
  22. While the percentage of Americans playing football is trending down, the number of participants is still up from your glory days in high school. People have ever increasing options, this is the biggest reason for the dip in market share, but make don’t doubt that football is still an option and will be for the foreseeable future. Now if you want to talk about a dying genre, journalism. What a sad state of affairs it has become. Murrow would be turning over in his grave.
  23. It's clear you don't understand how spring football works in "spring football states"