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  1. @Coach Nowlin No sweat thanks for the info! Good luck this week!
  2. @Coach Nowlin We have a somewhat similar situation in the WIC as you do in the Hoosier Conference with two divisions and then on week nine there is a crossover game. At North Putnam, we have Cloverdale on the regular season schedule as a non-conference game even though they are "on the other side" of the conference because they are a county school and there is a tradition of all the county schools playing each other. Because of this and our conference records (both last year and this year) have resulted in an NP v. Cloverdale matchup two years in a row. I'm not sure how the teams in the WIC were divided originally. To my knowledge, it's currently loosely based on geography. I know that South Vermillion leaving the conference a few years ago played a role in the shaking up of the conference alignment. It appears that the conference will have some more things to figure out in the near future as well with Cascade leaving to join the ICC.
  3. In an interesting turn of events, after the ping pong balls fell on Sunday, North Putnam and Cloverdale had been drawn to play each other in round one of Sectional 38. What makes this interesting is that this will be the third time this year that North Putnam will have played Cloverdale. So that begs the question, has this ever happened before in the history of Indiana high school football where two teams have played each other three times in one season? My knowledge on the matter is limited however, it seems to be a pretty rare situation. Figured I would ask everyone on here to see if something like this has ever happened before. Might produce some good discussion or interesting stories leading into the tournament! Good luck to all tomorrow night and the weeks to follow!
  4. Coach Holt

    WRC 2017

    New sectional alignments out Sectional 47 Attica, Covington, Fountain Central, North Vermillion, Riverton Parke, Rockville, Seeger, Turkey Run Sectional 30 South Vermillion, Sullivan, Tri-West, Danville, Monrovia, West Vigo, Greencastle, Brown County
  5. Coach Holt

    Hoosier Conference 2017

    Saw on Twitter last night that Karlaftis picked up another offer from Western Michigan. After watching his Hudl highlights I can see why he's getting major D1 offers. He has to be a headache to game plan against.
  6. Coach Holt

    WRC 2017

    Link with video
  7. Coach Holt

    WRC 2017

    Looks like it's official. According to a news report from WTHI-TV in Terre Haute Turkey Run and Rockville will be consolidating beginning the 2018-2019 school year.
  8. Coach Holt

    WRC 2017

    Enrollment numbers from largest to smallest South Vermillion - 546 Seeger - 375 Fountain Central - 350 Covington - 309 Riverton Parke - 304 North Vermillion - 245 Rockville - 224 Attica - 223 Turkey Run - 159
  9. Coach Holt

    WRC 2017

    ICYMI the updated enrollment numbers have been posted by the IHSAA Link
  10. Coach Holt

    WRC 2017

    Returning All Conference Players Attica - Sophomore RB Sheridan Fountain Central - Junior WR Howell, Junior OL/DL McCollum, Junior DL Eades Covington - Sophomore QB Bever Riverton Parke - Junior QB Sanders South Vermillion - Junior RB/SS Handley North Vermillion - Junior QB Hill, Sophomore DT Woodard, Junior OLB Stephens Seeger - Sophomore QB Green
  11. New enrollment numbers, classifications, and sectional alignments around the corner. Will any schools bump classes? Who will be in what sectionals? New head coaches at South Vermillion and Riverton Parke. Conference more wide open than it has been in recent years? FC graduates a lot of athletes but returns an experienced O-Line, Attica graduates a very talented senior class, We at Covington graduate 10 of 11 starters on defense. RP had a great season with momentum going forward. NV, TR, South Vermillion, Rockville, and Seeger all have solid returning players. Plenty of discussion topics on the table. Basically, I'm wishing it was football season. Hopefully this thread will be where we can pass the time until next fall. Should be an interesting year!
  12. Thoughts and prayers go out to number 84 from Rockville and his family. Kid is a heck of a player. Ace any word on how he is doing? Last night's game was a gritty hard fought WRC battle. Stay healthy everyone and good luck next week!
  13. Coach Holt

    Tri-West v. W. Lafayette

    After seeing Wes Cook at the state finals last year I like the Bruin's chances. No doubt WL will have a solid team as well. Should be a good one but I think Tir-West gets the W at home.
  14. Coach Holt

    CIC Week 1

    Alexandria graduated a very talented class but they still have several weapons. We faced off against the Tigers this summer at the Lafayette Jeff 7v7 and that passing game is a handful. Coach Gast and staff will have the team ready. Looks to be an interesting year in the CIC!
  15. Coach Holt

    Wabash River Conference Week 1

    Trojans played fairly well last Friday against Turkey Run. TR had tough kids that flew around. We face off against soon-to-be-back WRC team in South Vermillion this Friday night. Good luck to all WRC teams and stay healthy!