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  1. ED78

    CIC Week 5 (Ball St)

    I agree Marion would never leave the NCC. Which doesn't hurt my feelings one bit. I believe Lapel is the obvious choice if there would be an opening. But at the end of the day I would rather see a 10 team conference than lose any current CIC schools.
  2. I agree in most part. I am glad these homeschoolers have the opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities both sport and non sport related, that they would otherwise miss out on by being homeschooled. Not all of the BB players I was referring to lived in the district in which they played, Thus the recruiting comment. But your point is a valid one.
  3. Open enrollment has helped some smaller schools and hurt others. Some School administrators have turned to recruiting students form area schools, even sending busses to locations to pick kids up out of their districts. I'm on the fence on this one, I can see the good and the bad. One school in my area actually had 4 home school BB players on their starting 5. Recruiting it's not just for Parochial schools any more. Play where you stay.
  4. ED78

    Linton at Ritter

    I'm a Miner fan from up north, but Ritter has the edge this year. Hope I'm wrong
  5. You had me at "pancake" nothing is more joyous than a good old pancake block
  6. ED78

    CIC Week 5 (Ball St)

    Well Well Well I can see that this weeks game chatter is so ho hum that we have decided to talk expansion or other teams leaving the conference and being replaced. First lets talk about Saturday. Blackford is much improved, I have been a fan of coach Sehy sense his days at MG. A passing game and Good "D" plus the wing T equals a Bruin victory. Good Job Randy. Eastbrook lick's there wounds and there chops wins BIG. Bud and the west siders try to forget the day by going to Chuck Wagon pizza. Mississinewa coming off there big win "congrats" lays the wood to MG. MG coming off a good win plays hard every snap never gives up. Hats off to MG going in the right direction. Frankton gets the win here. Although Elwood plays there best game to date. Now to the topic of addition and subtraction. Blackford has expressed thoughts of leaving and how long will Ole Miss stay? Lapel is the obvious choice and Eastern also. Marion is intriguing. Or Tri Central, Kokomo Taylor, Shenandoah or Tipton. If Mississinewa is in for the long haul look for the push to be toward larger schools, Marion Jay county etc. If they would chose to leave look for the addition of similar 2A and 1A schools. Have to work Saturday, Good luck to ALL CIC schools except Ole Miss because your playing my Argylls. GO ARGYLLS!!!
  7. ED78

    CIC Week 5 (Ball St.)

  8. ED78

    CIC Week 4

    Hate to say it, but I will be away from computer access until next Monday. Somebody keep the pot stirred. GO ARGYLLS!!!
  9. ED78

    CIC Week 4

    I cant believe were not getting more trash talking from either Ole Miss or Eastbrook. Could it be no one wants to create any billboard material? Both teams took the foot off the pedal last week against MG and Elwood a little. This week do the Rats get the best of the Cats, or does Jeff and the east siders keep on keepen on? It's the place to be this Friday night that's for sure. Good luck to all CIC teams this week "except Alex". GO ARGYLLS!!
  10. ED78

    CIC Week 4

    Not sure I will be able to make it. Hope too.
  11. ED78

    Down goes another one

    Pioneer and CMA would be a good game to see. Wouldn't it be fun if the fans could schedule the non conference games? I'm sure some pretty good matchups could be made across the state.
  12. ED78

    CIC Week 4

    EASTBROOK gets a close win here. This is the game everyone wants to be at, even if your not a fan of either team. I respect what both have been able to accomplish. BLACKFORD over Frankton: Last week the Bruins "D" showed up when needed and they had a passing game, who new? Good Job Randy. ALEXANDRIA over the Argylls: Man that's hard to say. MG is improving but comes up short. NO way they lose by 6 scores here. OAK HILL over Elwood. Coach BUD and the boy's get a "W" Elwood looks for MG and MG looks for Elwood. SHENANDOAH over Lapel. Interesting game choice, wouldn't mind seeing either team in the CIC, When we get an opening. Raiders send the dogs to the pound.
  13. ED78

    CIC Week 4

  14. ED78

    CIC week 3

    Now there is something to smile about! BLACKFORD DEFENSE AND PASSING GAME? Now who would have ever thought
  15. I was at the same game and had many of the same thoughts. Kids have to be motivated to play something to look forward to. This generation has grown up with video games and TV's for babysitters. So If this downward trend can be stopped, action needs to be taken NOW. Just watching the 4 teams warm up MISSISSINEWA was the only team that looked like a motivated well coached team.. MG has had very few practices due to weather but will improve. High School coaches MUST be involved Hands ON the these early years to teach and encourage. I would like to see a mentor program set up paring a high school player with a 6th grade or JH player, the benefits could be very beneficial to success and numbers. If something isn't done then I can for see football being dropped at many smaller schools. How about bringing in collage or retired pro football players to talk to the kids and parents on the benefits of football? Seeing if Taylor or IWU could somehow become involved in local youth football programs. If ANYONE LOVES FOOTBALL as much as I do and you don't want to see it leave your school YOU better get involved to help fix this trend.