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  1. The year that INDIANA was back!? UK NC! NOLA!
  2. I might be wrong but Washington was never in the Toyota Classic!
  3. Talking to a P'Town football dad and he told me that the Evans' family have left and are going to Florida. He said that they haven't been at summer workouts for a couple of weeks.
  4. But according to HRC, middle class America wifes are doing what their husbands tell them to do!
  5. I hear that the QB has been chosen at GS. Incoming freshman Brady Allen was told this week that he will be the starter.
  6. I might be a little prejudice with last couple year teams but how do you figure that the defense with be better? We lost the starting DLine that was as good as Coach Hart has had, MLB that led the team in tackles the last 2 years and CB that was all state as a junior. I guess that I haven't been on the same street. I do think that they will be good especially if kids go both ways but not the best since 2015.
  7. Coach Hart asked my son if he would be interested. Its a pretty good group of kids on the list. He was thrilled to be considered.
  8. Approximately 85 miles and little over an hour drive. And that is one way.
  9. Titan35

    Evans Brothers Leave Central

    Princeton is the perfect spot for them. They will be treated like rock stars and they will be able to do and get away with what they want. Princeton already has a track record for having great athletes that cause problems. I look forward to seeing how this turns out. Maybe Princeton learned from their mistakes, I doubt it! The one thing I really want to reiterate is that we have four young men, and a young lady that is a fifth-grader, that we want to get acclimated academically and socially first," he said. "And then kind of worry about athletics, and that is kind of our goal." Quote from AD in PDClarion Wasn't he the AD when the other rock stars roamed their halls? I will say at least they have a different principal. To be clear, this isn't about the students. The adults are the ones that allowed it to happen last time.
  10. Thakilla is probably avoiding this thread. Hell maybe avoiding the GID site all together.
  11. Titan35

    PAC All Conference

    More 2 way players?
  12. The adjustment for EM was they couldn't run the ball so they passed it.
  13. Great game Memorial! Good luck rest of the way!