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  1. US 31

    Defensive player blocking below the waist

    Does this mean with a QB in shotgun, it would be illegal for an offensive lineman to "cut" a defensive lineman on the goaline?
  2. US 31

    NLC - 2018

    You have just offended all of the Herschberger/Harshbergers in all of Elkhart county....they area always the forgotten. Yoders/Millers get all the pub!
  3. "The key isn't the kids that P/P schools have to count toward their enrollment, the key is the kids they don't have to count." Sorry, couldn't resist poking the bear. But to your point, the recruiting thing is BS. Every kid at a P/P has been recruited in some fashion....kids "recruit" themselves to public or charter schools for a variety of different programs. Also agree that a large number of feeder schools is a big advantage. Also better for kids in general...if a large school corporation has only one middle school....that's only one band, one student council, one basketball team, one football team, etc, etc, etc....kids, that age especially, need more ways to feel apart of something, not less. I know economics drive the wagon today...but I feel thankful that my ~1,000 kid public high school had two junior highs feeding into it in the 80's and most of the 90's.
  4. US 31

    BiG rEd & BlAcK

    7979/KISS and the members of the EC staff he had lunch with at the clinics....
  5. Do they play any IN schools? The size isn't tragically smaller....it would be an interesting. ...and a great haunted house if I'm not mistaken ;) (thinking back to the 90s...lol)
  6. US 31

    Spring Football

    Are you sure it was high school players? Several schools do a "camp" of sorts for they middle/school junior high programs in late spring.
  7. East Noble or New Prairie would be good "fits" from a competitive stand point....puts travel longer. East Noble has usually played at least 2 NLC teams on their schedule every year I can remember. Jimtown and Bremen are good "fits" from a geography/historical perspective. Most NLC schools play these schools in other sports. Bremen is a former member if I recall. Here is an off the wall idea that wouldn't happen....Penn???????? I think the conference schedule would be more competitive most years....especially with Bart now at Warsaw. The real monkey wrench would be only having two non-conf football games. This would limit the ability to play larger region schools or some of the out of state powers they've done historically. Most NLC schools already schedule Penn in other sports, so outside of football I think its an even better fit. From a competitive stand point...I think East Noble would be best across all sports. For a pipe dream perspective...Penn would be cool. If I'm betting actual money....Jimtown.
  8. Hardest hit I ever saw in person....1993 Goshen/Plymouth. Kenyon Hartfield of Goshen came free on kickoff coverage and blew up the Plymouth returner. The ball few several yards away from the impact. Can't find the video online anywhere but it may be out there.
  9. US 31

    Has Hell froze over?

    I'm more curious if they will be adding a play clock??
  10. In this order.... 1. Kate Jackson 2. Jacqueline Smith 3. Farrah Fawcett Feel free to debate... (I don't recognize Cheryl Ladd officially....and only acknowledge Tanya Roberts in the context of Beastmaster). Those born after the last bicentennial will be lost on this one....
  11. US 31

    Alabama vs. Georgia - Who Ya' Got?

    I'm boycotting viewership until they put the game on a weekend or start it earlier....of course if we were on central time like the lord intended none of this would be an issue. /end grandpa rant/