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  1. Do the way the seasons ended have effect on the discussion? MD (and FWIW, the Reitz team referenced in a follow up post) lost by pretty large margins to end their attempt at back to back. Memorial could have won on the last play of the last play of the game.
  2. A lot of Southsiders started talking about the Roncalli 2017 Seniors when they were freshmen. They said that was the group that was going to take Roncalli back to the State finals. They just got there a year early.
  3. fenderbender

    CYO Football

    It had me stumped too. http://ndaaindianapolis.org/ St Philip St Anthony Holy Angels Central Catholic Holy Cross
  4. fenderbender

    CYO Football

    Thanks for the info. Hopefully it works out for MTCA.
  5. fenderbender

    CYO Football

    St Luke has to have a team, right? Sorry to ask stupid questions, but who is MTCA? CTK combining with SLDM or with other schools?
  6. fenderbender

    CYO Football

    Anyone hear how many Cadet teams will be playing this year? South Deanery sounds like 5 teams: St Jude St Barnabas Nativity South Central Johnson Co. Catholics
  7. http://www.courierpress.com/story/sports/high-school/2018/01/11/evans-brothers-transfer-central-princeton/1026221001/
  8. fenderbender

    CYO Football

    Dude, It says so right on their website: http://www.holycrossschoolindy.org/
  9. fenderbender

    Greenwood at East central

    Hope the best for Greenwood, but I watched the Roncalli game last year and the Evansville Central game this year. Playing EC is like getting in a bar fight against a sledgehammer. Ev. Central was a pretty big team, but EC just steam rolled them on the ground.
  10. fenderbender

    Regional scores

    28-13 EC East Central. Sorry. Stupid same initials
  11. fenderbender

    Regional scores

    Evans just got tossed out of the game
  12. fenderbender

    Regional scores

    Amazing how simple EC offense is but still steam rolling teams.
  13. fenderbender

    Regional scores

    Another Central Bears fumble
  14. fenderbender

    CYO Football

    Holy Cross is a Notre Dame ACE Academy. Southside schools have combined too. St Mark/St Roch/Holy Name play under South Central name. St Rose/OLG/ Ss. Francis and Clare play under Johnson County Catholics. I think CYO rules state you can play for a neighboring parish if a sport is not offered at your parish.
  15. What I tried to say in previous post is that most don't consider CYO a rec league. CYO is where you play if you want to play at one of the Catholic HS.