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  1. Even though I've relocated to Texas, I'm a big proponent of the qualification and/or seeding approach, and I would be happy to contribute wherever/whenever I could. Not sure if I would have anything of value up front, but maybe down the road suggestions on format or the like. We have a system down here that, for the most part, works. Just let me know.
  2. Out of curiosity I Googled this school. Looks like their junior high football team is doing well. I scrolled through the results for several weeks and IIRC, they only lost one game out of the 4 or 5 I saw while scrolling. Also noticed they have co-ed soccer. I'd bet that's where a lot of the athletic talent might be going.
  3. Assume the 228 attendance number for Caston is 9th - 12th? If it is, 15 is a very low turnout for football, obviously. That's an average of less than 4 kids per grade, if they only field a varsity team. Do they also have a JV? I assume not. Lose 5 kids to injuries and/or grades and you literally can't field a team. I mean, we have high schools down here (several of them) that play 11-man where enrollment is in the mid to upper 160's and they dress maybe 17-18 kids varsity and 12-14 JV. Our school's enrollment is 212 and we have 25 varsity & 19 JV. I've been on the fence with the whole contraction thing, but for this school I have to wonder. I guess the kids are having fun since they're still playing, so props to them for their commitment and perseverance.
  4. Bonecrusher

    Seeded sectionals

    It should be a privilege to be playing in post-season, not a right. I see the playoffs as a period of time when the cream needs to rise to the top, great/good teams should be showcased and a team should earn their spot. That's how it is in college and pro. I can see some arguing against the pro's since their job is to play football, but it applies to college and those kids are students. Only 4 teams make the Nat Championship playoffs and you need at least 6 wins to play in a bowl. All-in waters down the tournament IMHO, for any sport not just football. The only exception I can see is maybe a fringe sport where there just isn't enough teams if you exclude the bottom 50%. It's a tough pill to swallow for the ones that don't make it, and my team was one of those, so I know how it feels and I still grew up to be a fairly well-rounded adult (i.e. missing out on post-season didn't scar me for life). Losing is a life lesson, and part of sports whether we like it or not is learning some of life's lessons. We toughed it out (1) playing for our school's honor, (2) because we enjoyed the game and (3) also enjoyed being able to knock the crap out of someone once in a while. Winning was nice, but even in defeat we were grateful to be able to play. This all-in, participation trophy fest is crazy. I shall say no more on the matter. Apologize ahead of time if I have offended anyone.
  5. Bonecrusher

    Seeded sectionals

    Interesting. So is football the top sport up there nowadays? If so that would be strange for me, being born & raised there, to see Indiana as a football state. Have other sports supplanted basketball as well? Soccer? Baseball?
  6. Bonecrusher

    Seeded sectionals

    I think you misunderstood my post. I'm not referring to Indiana teams. I'm speaking/posting on behalf of the high school players in Texas as an example of kids not minding and actually enjoying 6 rounds of playoffs after a 10 game regular season, in reply to someone's comment a few posts back in this thread about 6 rounds being too much. Just providing a different frame of reference or opinion, that is all. What I can speak to are the teams in my local area, several with championships or repeated deep playoff runs, where I'm pretty well connected and have knowledge of the atmosphere within those teams. Wasn't trying to stir the pot.
  7. Bonecrusher

    Seeded sectionals

    Agreed. We have the same number of post season rounds (6) as Indiana. The majority of kids on playoff teams see it as the reward they've been working so hard for all summer/2-a-days/regular season. They earned the right to be there by beating enough opponents and want it to last.
  8. No. NW suburb (if you want to call it that) of Waco. In between DFW and Austin. No offense, you wouldn't catch me living anywhere near Houston - because of the traffic. Played our second dry game of the season (week 6).
  9. Ha ha. Same down here. Ours starts this weekend and supposed to last most of next week. The running joke since week 1 is why does it only rain on Friday nights? Think our team has had 1 game not played in the rain. Pretty strange for TX.
  10. Bonecrusher

    SAC week 8

    Concordia by 7 or less Luers by 35 Northrop by 14 Dwenger by 21 Wayne by 7
  11. Bonecrusher

    Seeded sectionals

    I can't, for the life of me, figure out why you wouldn't want to seed. Texas seeds the first round of playoffs. The top four teams in each district (i.e. the most deserving) go into post season. There are typically 6 or 7 teams per district. This guarantees the powerhouses entry, and gives the next level teams (good teams, mind you) a chance for some glory and maybe they will put it together at the right time and make a decent run, some usually do. This same scenario will typically not happen with 3-7/2-8/1-9/0-10 teams. If they're not in the top 4, probably not gonna put it together in post season either. They have also made efforts here in recent years to equalize districts and in most cases they're about where they should be regarding the distribution of talent. IMO seeding keeps the teams out of the playoffs that have no business being there in the first place and most of the time ensures that elite teams won't knock each other out right away. Assuming districts/sectionals are about equal I don't know how anyone could make a case for a 10-0 team playing a 9-1 team (OK, 9-0 playing 8-1 in IN) in the first round. That is ridiculous, and I can assure you there is no #4 or #3 team down here, at least in 2A, who has a record like that. If the IHSAA is going to give everyone a participation trophy by letting them into the playoffs, at least seed them, so the chances of elite teams knocking each other out in round one is very low. Also, a few less teams might make the playoffs slightly shorter, possibly freeing up athletes for round ball earlier. Last time I checked Indiana was still a basketball state. That's my $0.02 Don't beat me up too bad lol.
  12. Bonecrusher

    Favorite Rivalry games

    From back when I was in high school, Heritage & Harding had a pretty good football rivalry.
  13. Bonecrusher

    Snider Panthers

    I remember at Heritage, we would usually get a few kids that had been kicked out of Harding for the semester. They would finish out the current semester at Heritage then return to Harding. My memory is fuzzy, but when I say kicked out maybe suspended would be the better term? I'm not sure. I don't believe they were expelled from Harding permanently, just for the semester, and this is maybe where the difference is. Either way, they were usually welcome at Heritage and more-or-less behaved themselves. Keep in mind, different school system (EACS) and this was the 80's, rules might have changed since then.
  14. Bonecrusher

    SAC week 7

    Carroll by 6 Bishop Dwenger by 21 Snider by 7 North Side by 42 Wayne by 14
  15. Bonecrusher

    SAC week 6

    I can't answer your question, but reminds me of when my oldest son was in 8th football. It was a home game and this one guy from the opposing team sat in our home bleachers. He was very vocal and animated in his support of his (the visiting) team. Kept looking around like he couldn't figure out why we weren't cheering with him for his team. We were all like WTH? Didn't know if he was confused, trying to mess with us, maybe not quite right? Left him alone, and it was kind of entertaining to watch him. IIRC we won by 3 or 4 TD's. Just weird.