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  1. That would have been really cool. Those guys run a great program.
  2. What kind of *Deleted* runs 2 tights and a fullback in a glorified double wing offense. SMH. Next you will tell me teams can win games and championships like this.
  3. Yes it would. I have been at their Lineman challenge the past 2 summers, and I am very impressed with what they are doing,
  4. Davs

    Cathedral and Penn

    Flossmoor is beyond the real deal. They would easily be the best team in Indiana. Ridiculous facilities. They have a 40 yard indoor field.
  5. Coach Nowlin do you know if kids will be allowed to do both sessions?
  6. Modest you forgot to add modest to your resume.
  7. Great numbers. Wish I could of attended.
  8. Coach I am just glad you know how to get on the message board. We just got Jeff off the flip phone a few years ago. Best of luck next year. Remember run and gun is fun in the sun and in the grass kicking...
  9. Not sure how established Highland is. It would be my guess they have only had a few winning seasons since 1987, and I would guess they were all with Brad Smith. That said Coach Koulianous is a very good coach, and Highland is lucky to get him. Best of luck to him.
  10. Maybe signs are what goes to the media and there are other reason. Hopefully the program can get back on track. Good luck to the new coach.
  11. Not sure but they are not going to “Execute with violent precision” .
  12. This is just all silly. Some state rep saw a chance to make some headlines because they saw a talked about subject. So what is next nobody can catch in baseball until age 12? I am not saying this is not a serious topic. It very much is. The problem with the topic is we only focus on the past, and people that played football years ago. Regardless of head trauma it was silly what we did when I was young. First day of pads here we go smash each other. 99% of the coaches know that was stupid. The amount of football teaching that can be done without actual contact is amazing. All of that gets over shadowed by the big headlines of old school players getting diagnosed with CTE. No talk is ever brought up about the amount of steroids or pain killers that may have been taken. Both have impact on the brain. I believe what is being addressed in many sports right now regarding CTE is outstanding. Continue the research by the doctors, and keep the politicians out of it.
  13. DT is right very weird. On another board it was suggested to re-read the article in the voice of Macho Man Randy Savage. Makes it much more enjoyable.
  14. I attended with my son a few years ago, and it was run very well. If you are thinking about taking some athletes I recommend this event highly.