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  1. bowwowindy1

    0-9 and 9-0

    Off the hook. Wasnt looking good early and then a 36 point 2nd half. Will enjoy the moment.
  2. bowwowindy1

    playing both ways in 6a

    Perry Meridian - 6A, three O-Line/D-Line both way starters, two get some rotation, one doesn't come off the field other than punt, KO/KOR. Several others, WR/DB x 2, RB/TE/LB x 2 all start both ways but are rotating liberally offensively. So literally talking about 7 two way starters which is absurd. 63 on the roster. Last year almost 60 just on the freshman roster. A half dozen starters walking the hallways, that are choosing not to play. At least a half dozen still living in the district, starting for other schools. Countless numbers that have moved out of the district, to which, "life happens." It's just amazing how much, "life happens" to good football players between 8th grade and their freshman year and between freshman and sophomore years. Soap box+vent=feel better. At the enrollment levels of 6A schools, 22 starters with heavy competition for starting spots should not be an issue. And if you have rare talent, it should be used within limits that are fair to the athlete.
  3. bowwowindy1

    0-9 and 9-0

    I second that notion unfortunately. Talent is lacking, coaching is abysmal.
  4. bowwowindy1

    All teams not D1 in Indiana

    Condolences to the family, friends, Wabash College, and Guerin Catholic teammates and classmates of Evan Hansen. Such a tragedy for a young man with so much promise and seemingly in such a great place in his life, that he would feel so bad inside to take his own life. From my understanding, there was no indication he was there. Four year starter, all conference linebacker, leader of the team and the epitome of a Wabash man with his post college planned should have had him on cloud nine. This is another example, mental illness doesn't discriminate. Awareness, education and acceptance are critical for those needing, and those helping. A lot of coaches on here that spend a lot of time with young men, don't ever hesitate if you suspect something. RIP Evan! https://www.tributes.com/obituary/show/Evan-Robert-Hansen-106415745
  5. bowwowindy1

    Greg Schiano is Outstanding

    Schiano may be the best assistant coach in college football and the players absolutely love him. I think out of that list, Rutgers is probably the closest to parting ways with their coach. I think it would be safe to say, he'd be interested. At one point, while at Rutgers, he was said to be the heir to Penn St. which of all the Big Ten coaches who have not been pro coaches, I'd say Franklin is the prime of all of them. He's a hot commodity for all the right reasons and jumping ship to the Pro's I think is in his future. All the rest, I see as somewhat stable. PSU is stable as well but I could absolutely see him leave right now for a pro job and open it up for Schiano.
  6. bowwowindy1

    Conference Indiana week 5

    BHS North Columbus North Chatard BHS South
  7. bowwowindy1

    Mid-State Pick Em - Week 5

    Martinsville DC Whiteland Plainfield
  8. Screen passes. JHC...I'm sick of screen passes. How about play action and a tight end post. And quite honestly, every QB wannabee should know what a sweaty @$$ feels like. 😂
  9. bowwowindy1

    All teams not D1 in Indiana

    St. Francis and Marian are both just dominating so far this season so mark your calendar for the 29th of this month for the head to head. Might be the college rivalry game of the year in the state of Indiana. IWU gets the first win ever albeit against an under matched non divisional opponent in Anderson. UIndy bounces back with a good win. Wabash holds on barely against much stiffer competition than in the opener, but Ike James may be out for a while with a knee injury. And as good as Jake Reid was in the opener, he was bad in this one, throwing a couple picks and inaccurate. DePauw had a disappointing opener to their season with QB and RB by committee, they couldn't get anything going offensively. Should be able to bounce back with an easy win at Hiram this weekend. And oh yeah, I said who could stop Franklin's offense...well it took themselves with a couple costly turnovers and inability to stop the other team. 1,251 total yards combined yards isn't a game for the defensive minded. Manchester played very competitive at Alma losing by a score and will welcome getting their first home game this week. I see them having a big week and notching one on the left side of the column. Trine continues to roll and i'm not sure they'll get tested at all until the end of the season. Rose Hulman might want to Scooby Doo ending their schedule as the beat down from Mount opening week, has them in a funk. Another beat down, this time not by the number one team in the country but by an unranked, and traditionally weak football team. Need to turn it around quick or the fighting engineers might be taking a step back this season. Hanover and Earlham both starting 0-2 isn't surprising but there's a big difference between their 0-2's from a competitive standpoint. Earlham will take another on the chin this weekend while Hanover gets to prepare for the same opponent the week after and I see them righting the ship. A lot of football still to be played this season and many of these games are very entertaining to watch. It does seem the officiating in these games follows a more traditional pattern of calling the game as opposed to what you see on TV. I find it similar to watching minor pro hockey as compared to the NHL.
  10. bowwowindy1

    Conference Indiana Week 4

    BHSS THS CN Southport
  11. bowwowindy1

    Mid-State Pick Em - Week 4

    DC Whiteland Mooresville Plainfield
  12. Great, I get to go watch 1-2 vs. 0-3...again wish I could be in two places at once. Until someone proves they can stop Avon's run, you have to give them the nod.
  13. bowwowindy1

    What is a "Dude?"

    This is funny...and had such a different meaning in my youth. But I know one very old school coach in west central Ohio who is currently 5th in win percentage NCAA all time and has over 200 wins and he uses it regularly. For him, it is an endearing term and earning it doesn't come easy. Everything Yak posted in that chart would be included along with one simple rule; don't be a P....
  14. bowwowindy1

    All teams not D1 in Indiana

    Couple notes from this past weekend or before. On the positive, Wabash found a new quarterback in Mt. Union transfer and Lutheran HS Alum Jake Reid. Had an impressive debut going 18-20/273 with 3 TD's. Ike James picked up where he left off and averaged 12 yards a carry. Franklin's offense just keeps rolling with over 600 yards total offense and 55 points. Marian is happy to have Luke Johnston back at the helm of the offense as they won big vs. #6 St. X. FBCoach has it right, the St Francis/Marian game is going to be huge at the end of the month. Trine used the ground and pound and a couple pick six scores to win big. 400 on the ground and 8+ per carry limited them to 7 pass attempts. The bad, well I'm not sure you can blame the football or the scheduler, but Rose took it on the chin against #1 Mount union. But if you want to be the best you need to compete against the best; they unfortunately figured it out that they have a ways to go. Manchester I'm sure felt the ground and pound they received from Trine. More of the same for Earlham. Anderson and Hanover played well, just came up short. Big winner of the weekend though is Indiana Wesleyan. They may have lost the game to Taylor but they win big for them and Indiana college football. Great crowd listed at 6,500. Well done.
  15. bowwowindy1

    Week 3 Mid-State Pick em

    DC Martinsville Plainfield Perry Meridian