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  1. https://www.crimsonquarry.com/2018/12/11/18135287/another-crossroads-classic-adds-to-the-complex-dynamic-between-indiana-and-butler Another weekend of primer in-state College Basketball comes to Bankers Life Saturday. Thoughts on the odd dynamic of IU vs Butler.
  2. EasyEJay

    Indiana Basketball

    This team just finds ways to keep winning and im digging it I think grinding out tough wins will be a signature of Archie Miller teams at IU
  3. EasyEJay

    Indiana Basketball

    Hoosiers grind out a road victory over a tough PSU squad that went into #12 Va Tech and got a road win. 2-0 to start Big10 play with a couple of very winnable resume building Non-Con games vs U of L at SSAH, and Butler at Bankerslife Field House. Keep Grinding !
  4. EasyEJay

    Indiana Basketball

    Agreed I really thought he would be one that Izzo came in and snatched up from Indy like he tends to do, however after the Hendricks County Shootout that LaLumiere played in this weekend Brooks was interviewed and asked if Jackson-Davis committed has any impact on his? Response "Trayce is my best friend absolutely his commitment has some impact on me!" Since then his Crystal Ball is now almost 80% IU! Still have to be diligent but Archie continues to be even when it looks like a kid is solid towards IU.
  5. EasyEJay

    Purdue Basketball

    Don't make a habit out of complimenting Boilermakers but gotta admit I really enjoy listening to Robbie Hummel on BTN he does a nice job and really shows his high basketball IQ
  6. EasyEJay

    Indiana Basketball

    Center Grove 5 star big man Trayce Jackson-Davis just committed to IU ! Huge get for Miller and Hoosiers! He was the MUST have in the class . Attention now shifts to AAU teammate and LaLumiere SF Keion Brooks Jr .
  7. EasyEJay

    Breaking News : Brohm to stay at Purdue

    Let Allen ho-um around and Brohm and Boilers kick our butts for 2 more years at 5-7 be patient........ let Curt Mallory continue to build success at ISU and make a FCS Playoff run and then bring Coach Mallory back home to Bloomington after the 2020 season and watch the Hoosiers get back on track Coach Mallory would get them back a consistent 7-8 win Football team in no time.
  8. EasyEJay

    Indiana Basketball

    2015-2016 IU team loses a few close games and goes to Cameron Indoor and gets destroyed by Duke 94-74, a team with a combination of experience and talented Freshman. They would then reel off 14 straight wins through the month of Dec and Jan on their way to a Big 10 title. I would rather take the lumps in Nov, when honestly basketball is awful then peak right now. IU can get off to a 2-0 conference start this weekend and week , and could get to Big non-conference wins of Butler and U of L and get it rolling, I think Coach Miller and the Hoosiers will get it fixed and be just fine. BTW my optimist club meets on Thursdays at 9 😂.
  9. EasyEJay

    Indiana Basketball

    Hoosiers travel in the insanley tough Cameron Indoor for a show down with the media love affair Duke Bluedevils. Both teams with 1 loss only difference is Duke's is a loss to the #1 team in the country Gonzaga for the tourney title in Maui. Hoosier are a clear underdog in this game but it is possible to put up a fight and take one from the Blue Devils. Here is how it could happen. 1) Duke is tired. Coming off a trip to Maui, a young Duke team is going through 2 time zones in less than a week to come back home and play the Hoosiers after being battle tested in Maui fatigue could plague Duke in this one and result in foul trouble or their stars having to play longer than expected stretches in the game. 2) Green and McRoberts are back and at/close to full strength. Archie seems to allude that these 2 will be a game time decision I dont expect either one to start but I expect to see them on the court. 3) Morgan and Langford continue to dominate....... These two shouldn't have issues with the road environment both gotta have 20+ period 4) others contribute, especially from the outside (Fitzner, Anderson, Smith, and Phiniese can all knock it down they HAVE to tonight) 5) Phinese, Durham, and Green take care of the ball and IU weathers the first half and second half energy of Cameron Indoor always staying above or within striking distance. That all has to happen , it could it could not we will see what the Hoosiers are made of tonight ! I will stay up and cheer them on! SHOCK THE WORLD!
  10. Cathedral also continues to attract top tier basketball talent among the private schools , especially with the downfall of Park Tutor after recent scandals
  11. EasyEJay

    Bucket Bowl Game

    Agree 100%!!! [Slams Fist on the Table] LEO!!!!! in all seriousness Debord HAS TO GO NOW! I think Allen is doing a good job with the defense and recruiting, not a great job as the HC running a program , really needs a strong OC my vote though I think he will be in high demand...... now former Texas Tech HC Kliff Kingsbury
  12. EasyEJay

    2018 Hoosiers

    Come on now, first of all Winovich clearly stepped on Stephanic's calf play prior.... besides and any O-Line coach will tell you that is called finishing a block NOTHING dirty about that! The second penalty on Stephanic was dirty i admit and *Deleted*ic KILLED IUs drive. As for Cam Jones play it was bang bang, its part of the game now but personally I think he was doing his job which is to blow up the blocker on the kickoff he it him square but NEVER lowered his head don't think he should have been kicked out. Overall not any dirtier than any other football game on any other given Fri,Sat, or Sun and deep down you know if it was any other school than IU you would agree with all of the above.
  13. EasyEJay

    DOE Enrollments

    Gotcha then this will be a collective sigh of relief for Bulldog Nation!
  14. EasyEJay

    DOE Enrollments

    Monrovia would go back to 2A by the hair on their chinney-chin-chin. Better close down enrollment till after the IHSAA count day 😂
  15. I really Don't think this is an over reaction things are getting critical in Bloomington, especially after last night after losing a 20 point 2nd half lead..... at one point Archie was using a 6 man rotation, and after Langford got hit in the nose they played the final 3 and half mins with just 5 guys. Though coach Miller did have 2 scholarship guys in Moore and Forrester on the bench still clearly not 2 guys who are ready for extended min in pressure situations. I'm not expecting any thing whats-so-ever in the trip to Cameron Indoor in 6 days, BUT with the 20 game Big 10 schedule to be started in less than 2 weeks and Dec match-ups with HUGE non-con opponents Butler and U of L. IU HAS to get McRoberts and Green back ASAP at least by DEC 1 . Hopefully Durham and Davis will be ready to go by the next 2 games and Langford was just a bump and is ready to go Friday. I'm not sure how much depth Thompson actually adds or if he will even see mins when he gets back from concussion protocol. My best guess is Hunter will not make his Hoosier debut until 2019-2020. Could be a tough start to the season and it won't get any easier in Big 10 play clearly might be the best all around conference this year........ https://www.indystar.com/story/sports/college/indiana/2018/11/20/insider-injury-troubles-threatening-iu-basketball-already/2075573002/