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  1. EasyEJay

    ICC Week 6 Pick Em

    Heritage at Park Tudor Lutheran at Scecina Monrovia at Beech Grove Speedway at Washington Triton Central at Cardinal Ritter
  2. EasyEJay

    ICC Week 5 Pick Em

    Beech Grove at Brown County Indian Creek at Triton Central Lutheran at Park Tudor Scecina at Roncalli Linton at Cardinal Ritter Monrovia at Speedway
  3. EasyEJay

    Indiana Basketball

    I agree but Franklin is just adding depth at Guard for IU, (Green, Durham, and Phinese will all still be around) whereas Newman will have to try and fill Edwards shoes, I think it will also be good for Purdue that he stays closer to West Lay all season by staying at Valpo his senior year, even thought he circumstances that forced him to stay are disappointing. I also believe Izzo will snatch Keion Brooks Jr like he's proven he can do over the years, also its tough to compete for the national prospects consistently with so many wide reaching programs like Duke, UK, and UNC. Also as much as I would love to see Watford continue the pipeline I believe he will stay home and play for Bama especially after seeing that Sexton was able to succeed their. I believe IU's focus for the next few months is and has been Jackson-Davis. I know its not a lock but if Archie does what he did with Romeo its hard to see him going else where but I could be wrong. With a projected class size of only 3-4 I would say Franklin, Jackson-Davis, plus just about anyone else would make Hoosier fans very pleased!
  4. EasyEJay

    Indiana Basketball

    Figured I would pick this forum up instead of starting a new. Hoosiers add the first member of the 2019 recruiting cycle by napping Aarman Franklin out of non other than Indianapolis Cathedral. Archie continues to live up to his promise of recruiting the state looking to add other Indy talent (Brooks Jr, Jackson-Davis, Newman). He is also keeping a reach nationally with targeting Isaiah Steward Jahmius Ramsey and Trendon Waterford. However no matter how successful right now on the recruiting front unfortunately for Archie he is already in the eyes of many in an important year in Bloomington. I think he needs to finish in the top half of the conference and certainly needs to beat all at home mid-majors! With the arrival of Romeo IMO only increased expectations looking at the schedule and with what the Hoosiers have returning it looks like outside of @ Duke and @ Louisville and vs Butler possible @ Arkansas the non-conference schedule should be smooth sailing. At the end of the day a return to the NCAA Tourney in March I think will keep Archie in the good graces of IU Bball fans Only time will tell a month out for Hoosier Hysteria in the meantime enjoy Football!!!!
  5. I'm inclined to agree having played in that offense I can tell you the rain doesn't benefit as much as you think it would. The ball fakes and the flow of the belly lends itself to potential mishaps on the exchanges if the ball is wet. Obviously the belly is better than a spread throwing the ball offense in the rain but a key for both teams in definitely taking care of the ball a little bit better. another example from 2009 beat South Put 34-0 in the regular season 3 weeks later in the mud and rain second round of sectionals took a 6-3 victory in OT.
  6. EasyEJay

    ICC Week 4 Pick Em

    Cardinal Ritter at Speedway Scecina at Beech Grove Oldenburg at Lutheran Park Tudor at Traders Point Triton Central at Monrovia
  7. Best of luck to the Cougars , even though I'm a Monrovia Alum and had some tough games against NP , Coach Carnes is a former Oriole! Go Cougars!!
  8. EasyEJay

    ICC Week 3 Pick Em

    Beech Grove at Speedway Lutheran at Triton Central Cardinal Ritter at Brebeuf Jesuit Scecina at Park Tudor Monrovia at Linton
  9. EasyEJay

    Ben Davis at Avon

    a huge collection of D-1 talent on the field lead on offense for both squads Sampson James (Ohio State) and Delbert Mimms III (Vandy). This is going to be a great game that might very well come down to the last play should be fun can't wait to watch best of luck to both teams! Go O's
  10. Things weren't going well at Mooersville from the get go (some pressure to continue the type success Coach Bless had and the success he built quickly at Monrovia).....I don't think there is bad blood a natural little rivalry but honestly kids from both school are friends and spend a lot of time outside of school together , I think it was just a timing thing really and he realized that his brand of football was just embraced more at Monrovia? Totally speculative though think it just made more sense Fingers crossed I would gladly step away from Avon for a Friday right County Clash at Gordon Hadley Field !
  11. Now if we can just convince the Pioneers to play County school Monrovia all would be good in Morgan County! Seriously though could you imagine a gate for Monrovia vs Mooresville game!!!
  12. EasyEJay

    ICC Pick'em Week 2

    Beech Grove at Park Tudor Cascade at Monrovia Cardinal Ritter at Lutheran Speedway at Scecina Triton Central at Greensburg
  13. wow thats pretty cool any idea whats #1?............ just curious
  14. I think the conferences should make this an actual thing, its always fun to watch these two (especially the last handful of years as the HCC becomes better and better in football) it would be nice to see a few more head to head match-ups and you could have a rotating schedule every year. never the less the MIC currently leads 2-1 after week 1 HSE def LC 21-20 in LOS Pike def Zionsville 27-19 (In a close game where Zionsville had a TD called back) NC def Fishers 31-7 This weeks match-ups are: BD vs Avon HSE vs NC Carmel vs Noblesville Pike vs Fishers Westfield , Brownsburg, and Franklin Central are the HCC school that do NOT play a MIC School. CG, LN and abd WC are the MIC schools that do NOT play a HCC School.
  15. EasyEJay

    Indiana Crossroads Conference Pick Em Week 1

    Lutheran @ Beech Grove Monrovia @ Cardinal Ritter Park Tudor @ Triton Central Shenandoah @ Scecina Speedway @ Crispus Attucks