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  1. Two of the top 5 in 2a have the possibility of being knocked out in opening round of sectionals. Hopefully get luck of draw and have Webo and Tipton on opposite sides of the bracket. GO STARS!!!!
  2. Jbk2

    2018 Indiana Football Digest

    I was told same thing at the Lafayette store so I just ordered it online.
  3. I believe Wethington the transfer from Lebanon will replace Solomon he will be a junior next year.
  4. 1995 1st round of sectionals Webo vs Monrovia. My senior year I played for Webo and we seen everything that night rain, snow, slèet, and freezing rain. At halftime we could barely get to the locker room going up that hill with cleets on. On the way back to the field we had about 6 players fall on the old wooden bridge you had to cross to get to the field. At the end of the 3rd quarter players on the sideline had literally ice covered helmets. Never forget that game
  5. There is a lot of very unhappy players and families right now at Eastern i can't and won't post some of the text messages
  6. It was 3 players and the coaches knew about it and still played them ( very reliable source:family on the team and im not saying no more than that )
  7. Washington is playing but for how long ? Still banged up ( source: family member part of program )
  8. I hope Webo and Tipton are on opposite sides for they can meet in sectional 38 final
  9. I just hope its not first round. Nice to this game for sectional championship
  10. Jbk2

    IFCA Poll Week 5

    Stink Town it was Danville and I believe it was Lawrenceburg that put them out
  11. Jbk2

    IFCA Poll Week 5

    I think everyone is sleeping on the team that put Chatard out last year. Danville is playing out of their mind right now and that team is loaded
  12. I played against David Catt from Tri West and Chike Okefore from West Lafayette (spellings? )