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  1. BigBlue91

    Sectional 24

    Reitz will have to sellout to stop the run and make Harper beat us. If he does you tip your cap. Know way we can let Schutte gash us for 300 yds up the middle. I think Harper had one pass attempt in the 2nd half when they came back from a 14-0 half time deficit. Credit to the new coach at Central for exposing a weakness and just attacking it. It will be a battle for sure.
  2. The Panthers should be very good in the trenches. Return Maynard- All Metro and Jr All State OT(3 yr starter), Hahn and Naas- 3 yr starters at C and OG, and the other OT, Ham started as a sophomore. 1 spot to fill at OG and there are some good options. Should be able to run the ball well with Schnarr and apparently have a couple good options behind him. Losing Groves will hurt a little, but I expect someone to step up. Secondary will have to drastically improve. Sounds like D could have a little different look but only time will tell.
  3. BigBlue91


    The majority of the sports writers are from the Indy area so there will always be an Indy bias when it comes to AP. What gets me is that you you have players named to the IFCA Top 50 regardless of class not even make AP honorable mention. I think the IFCA teams are closer although there’s always going to be some head scratchers. Being a Reitz fan I’m baffled that Joey Diekman didn’t make honorable mention after making first team last year.
  4. Any news on when the teams will be released?
  5. BigBlue91

    Reitz vs Central Part 2

    I'm shocked that a teacher would turn him in before possibly the biggest game of the year. I've heard they let Evans get away with all kinds of stuff. I bet Andy blew a gasket.
  6. BigBlue91

    Reitz vs Central Part 2

    Rumor going around about a Central LB suspended for code of conduct violation. Any truth to that killa?
  7. BigBlue91

    Reitz vs Central Part 2

    If Reitz will go to more of a power run game with Schnarr and Jones I think it would open up things for Day Day. Not to mention we can control the clock and keep Evans and company off the field. If we aren't able to do that and have to pass more we are in trouble. Our passing game has fallen off big time since Dunham went down. I'm still baffled at why Jones hasn't run the ball more. I love watching him run. He runs angry and gets tons of yards after contact. But like an earlier post said, we have to focus on MD this week and make sure the Nut stays on the hill!
  8. BigBlue91

    Circus at Evansville Central

    Not sure why anyone is surprised. All of his teams have been that way. Does anyone know what the WR Evans was ejected for?
  9. I agree 100%. With the way our secondary has struggled even with Dunham, their refusal to go to some sort of zone is baffling. I know the staff prides their self on press man coverage but you have to have DBs that are capable of doing it.
  10. Our typical fan base is calling for a coaching change and QB change after 1 loss. It goes back to what Herman Edwards used to say. "Don't Hit Send".
  11. I give all the credit to Memorial. They came out and dominated every phase of the game. There DTs were in the backfield causing our QB to scramble on nearly every pass play. Plus stuffing any attempts to run the ball up the middle. I really question the play calling by the OC. DayDay wasn't working and should've ran Jones and Schnarr more and try to control the clock. They also need to realize that they don't have the DBs to play press man. Swallow your pride and go to a darn zone. Really think Memorial has a great shot to get Lucas Oil in November.
  12. BigBlue91

    SIAC 2017

    It was on a punt return. Nothing dirty about it. Like someone said last year it wouldn't have been a penalty. Newspaper says it was a concussion and he has been released from the hospital. That's really good news considering how bad it looked. Hope he gets back on the field quickly.
  13. I would love to see Reitz vs Gibson Southern in week 1 or 2. The Henderson County game has been competitive once or twice since we renewed the series and the "Border Bowl" series is a joke. Only 1 of the 4 games was closer than 4 TDs. It's more like the Border Blah! With some Reitz blood on the GS staff I think it could be an interesting and competitive series. Plus no crossing the river and being stuck in traffic for an hour.