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  1. Coach Freimanis

    Sagamore Conference 2017

    Greencastle has a solid Defense and Sullivan can be one-dimensional throwing the ball. Pair that with the amazing weather of last Friday night and Greencastle comes out on top
  2. Coach Freimanis

    Coaching Stipend

    One school I used to coach at paid assistant girls 7th grade basketball coaches more than assistant varsity football coaches just because they won a state title in girls basketball at the varsity level over a decade ago.
  3. Coach Freimanis

    This is gettin old!

  4. Coach Freimanis

    IFCA Poll All Classes Week 4

    Sagarin 3A #64 (#320 overall) Brown County getting votes in 3A and Sagarin 1A #61 (#322 overall) Wood Memorial getting votes in 1A, something definitely doesn't add up.
  5. Coach Freimanis

    Mater Dei at Tri West

    No, it was also noticed by my wife who went to Pike. No Tri-Ville bias lol
  6. Coach Freimanis

    Mater Dei at Tri West

    My initial observation from watching the game was seconded by my wife. I felt that TW seemed to be a bit arrogant (somewhat justified obviously) and that MD came in with a chip on their shoulder. MD was the aggressor on the line of scrimmage and it took TW a bit to get adjusted to this on both sides of the ball. I realize that TW was ahead early but the players' demeanors on the sideline made me feel like TW felt that they already had the game won and that it would be easy to hang on from there. Then when MD took a 2 score lead it seemed to change to a look of disbelief. I would have loved to hear the halftime speech because TW came out and looked like a different team. I had to leave after TW tied it up at 28 but I felt like they were going to come out on top of this one. It was a really up and down roller coaster of a game to watch. Just wish my kids weren't getting restless or else I could have stayed for the whole game. I think I may make the trip down to Evansville next year for the rematch... without my kids
  7. Coach Freimanis

    Mater Dei at Tri West

    I think I may venture out to Lizton Saturday afternoon and catch the game. Should be a good one.
  8. Preseason? They aren't in the NFL. IMG is 0-1
  9. Coach Freimanis

    Brebeuf Jesuit at Bishop Chatard

    Chatard 35 Brebeuf 14
  10. This would be cool to see in the coming years... Circle City Conference North Brebeuf Chatard Guerin Heritage Christian Ritter Speedway South Beech Grove Lutheran New Palestine Roncalli Scecina Tech 5 division games, 3 inter-division games, 1 "playoff" game for conference title
  11. Coach Freimanis

    GridIron Digest Poll

    I may have replied to the wrong post... not sure. I will do 3A and 4A again, if it's not too late
  12. Coach Freimanis

    Official Scrimmage, Who do you play ?

    Triwest @ Beech Grove
  13. What about tiebreakers within a division? Anyone know?
  14. Coach Freimanis

    Top 10 rivalries in Indiana

    Danville/Tri-West is a good one