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  1. Butter Bean

    Conference Indiana week 6

    Week 6 Bloomington South at Southport South gave up a lot of points last week to an average team. Southport’s pass offense is powerful. Cardinals by 14 Bedford at Terre Haute South The Stars by 21 New Albany at Bloomington North North has come close a couple of times but they appear to be like Cougar teams of the past. NA by 21 Terre Haute North at Columbus North TH North is catching the Bulldogs at a bad time, coming off an upset. C. North by 28
  2. Butter Bean

    Conference Indiana week 5

    Week Five Bloomington North over Terre Haute North by 10 Columbus North over Guerin Catholic North is too deep Bulldogs by 17 Southport over Chatard Too much pass offense for the Trojans. SHS by 14 Bloomington South over Terre Haute South Panthers by 14.
  3. I would be surprised if Columbus North has an interest in joining HCC. They are the smallest 6A, by enrollment, school and would be one of the smallest in the HCC.
  4. It’s hard to believe this weeks games mark the halfway point of the season. A good time to look at the conference. It looks like the CI has separated into three groups. Columbus North has started 4-0 with a three week test of Columbus East, Southport, and Roncalli in a row. Coming out of that stretch undefeated is pretty impressive. Southport is 3-1, only losing to CN. Theses two appear to be the top of the conference. In the next group are Bloomington South and Terre Haute South. B. South is 2-2 and while they are always competitive, appear to be down some this year. TH South is off to a 3-1 start. While improved, they will probably finish no better than the middle of the pack. The bottom third of the conference are the North’s, Bloomington and Terre Haute. Both are 1-3 and probably neither will break .500 this season. The cross conference games with Roncalli, Brebuef, Chatard, and Guerrin has be a good decision. Good competition with new opponents has been an exciting opportunity for both conferences.
  5. Butter Bean

    Hoosier Hills Conference 2018

    Which schools usually win the all sports trophy in the HHC?
  6. Butter Bean

    Hoosier Hills Conference 2018

    If Jennings County decides to leave HHC, there’s two interesting questions. Does Madison follow? Who fills the vacancy?
  7. Butter Bean

    Conference Indiana Week 4

    Only two conference games this week Bloomington South at Bloomington North North is improved and South has slipped but South wins by 15 Terre Haute North at Terre Haute South North by 6 Outside the conference Roncalli at Columbus North If North could beat Southport last week without their starting qb, they’re pretty good. North by 14 Southport at Brebeuf The Cards roll. . . by 25
  8. Butter Bean

    Hoosier Hills Conference 2018

    Being the athletic director, I doubt he’s in the teacher bargaining unit. Administration contracts are different than teachers contracts. I’m not sure what his legal remedies might be. I have to believe the school system attorney knows when an administrator can be released and would advise the school board accordingly.
  9. Butter Bean

    Center Grove @ New Pal

    While NP soundly beat Center Grove they couldn’t beat Warren Central. I think this may be a long season for Center Grove. Warren is probably the best team in Indiana.
  10. Butter Bean

    Conference Indiana week 3

    All three games should be close. Columbus North over Southport by 7 Bloomington South over Terre Haute North by 7 Bloomington North over Terre Haute South by 14
  11. Butter Bean

    Hoosier Hills Conference 2018

    I think there’s more to choosing the high school you go to in Columbus than East’s two state championships. Were you at the game Friday? The North band was four times the size of the East band. As I’ve never lived in Columbus maybe there’s also a feeling the history, tradition, and academic reputation of North is a bigger draw than some people believe.
  12. Butter Bean

    Week 2 Stock Report

    I think there are two or three teams in their conference Franklin Central can beat but last years success was not a precursor of future success. I can’t see them finishing in the top half of the HCC on a regular basis. I’m still wondering if their conference switch will be a success.
  13. Butter Bean

    Center Grove @ New Pal

    In reality, Avon probably fits better, in 2018, that Center Grove does in the MIC. The next few years will be interesting to see where people move to, if at all.
  14. Butter Bean

    5A North collision course

    I think this is about ten weeks too early to worry about where it’s going to be played. . . . if at all.
  15. Butter Bean

    Hoosier Hills Conference 2018

    Agree on your assessment of what East's record would be if. . . . But by doing so you are saying East’s great record in the past is because of who they’ve played, i.e. HHC.