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  1. Butter Bean

    Conference Indiana Tourney Picks

    First Round of the 2018 Sectional Columbus North at Center Grove The MIC, with the exception of Warren Central and maybe North Central, is not having a banner year. With those two exceptions, the league is down a bit this year. I don’t think CG is as good as last year and C. North is better than last year. As a result I’m taking North by 3. Southport at Brownsburg The SHS offense has sputtered a few times the last half of the year. Therefore, Brownsburg by 14. Terre Haute South at Terre Haute North South wins fairly easily by 14. Bloomington North at Martinsville MHS could be looking ahead but they’re too good for North. Martinsville by 14. Bloomington South at Whiteland I expect a shoot out South wins 42-35.
  2. Butter Bean

    Hoosier Hills Conference 2018

    Frozen Tundra I agree with everything you wrote except Madison’s ride is quite a bit longer than two hours. Long way to go to get beat!
  3. Has the Pike administration changed since Moyers was there? He turned things around quickly by getting students walking the halls to come out for football. With 3,300 students, Pike should be tough in everything, not just basketball. As I said earlier, the community apparently doesn’t care.
  4. Butter Bean

    Circle City Conf - Week 9

    Mule Driver Isn’t there some dark clouds on the horizon with the freshmen going winless at South?
  5. I think we’re being way too nice to Pike. After all, they are the sixth biggest high school in Indiana. When’s the last time they won a sectional in anything? There’s a problem there. Derek Meyers woke up the sleeping giant for a few years but he left and it’s gone back to sleep. There are probably several causes to the lack of athletic achievement at Pike but a big one might be apathy. The community doesn’t seem to care. As the old saying goes. . . Looks like Tarzan, plays like Jane.
  6. On the eve of the tourney, will someone list who could move up a class next year by success points and what it will take to do it.
  7. I never got paddled. Probably for two reasons. I feared the paddle. But more than that I didn’t want to disappoint my parents by getting in trouble at school. I’m not sure that sentiment is prevalent today in children in our society.
  8. I guess that’s my point. I grew up when you could get paddled. I think generations of American kids grew up ok under those rules. I feel sorry for the “snowflakes” we’re raising.
  9. Butter Bean

    2018 Conference Champs

    Conference Indiana Columbus North now has secured a share and will get the outright championship with win over Terre Haute South Friday.
  10. Butter Bean

    Conference Indiana Week 9

    Week 9 Chatard at Bloomington South South can score points but Chatard is tough. In a close one, Chatard by 7. Columbus North at Terre Haute South North goes for outright conference championship. North by 18. Southport at Bloomington North Cards can score in bunches. SHS by 28. Brebeuf at Terre Haute North Braves roll past North by 24.
  11. Is any research done on the brains of non football players? Without studies on all sections of society, football players, other athletes, and especially, non athletes, it’s hard to say the occurrence of brain diseases in football players is higher than the general population. How do you know scientifically if society wide research isn’t done.
  12. Butter Bean

    Bloomington South

    Big win for the Panthers last night. I’m surprised at the number of points scored. I thought it would be a low score, knowing Roncalli’s style of play. It shows some “backbone” to come back from last week’s loss.
  13. Butter Bean

    Conference Indiana Week 8

    Bloomington North at Columbus North The Bulldogs roll in a brothers battle. CN by 21 Bloomington South at Roncalli What could be a close battle, South by 3 Terre Haute North at St. Francis DeSales (Ohio) Who knows? I’ll take the Indiana team. Terre Haute South at Southport The Cardinals easily by 21
  14. Butter Bean

    Seeded sectionals

    The fact wrestling is seeded and has been for years shoots the theory all sports would have to be seeded if they start seeding football. We already seed one. Agree the problem is the IHSAA leadership. Time for a change. Move into this century. Basketball isn’t king any more.