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  1. Sideliner

    Covington Catholic - Chatard

    Great, thank you.
  2. Sideliner

    Covington Catholic - Chatard

    While everything you’ve mentioned is accurate, I do not think it will be a blowout. This would be a good game to go see, however I’m just not sure where I’d park. Any suggestions?
  3. Shutting out a TC team that’s been averaging 45 points a game may be a good sign.
  4. Scecina is going to be a tough out for whoever faces them in the playoffs. Their offense is pretty good and although they’re small up front on D, they’re quick and aggressive. They’re my pick to represent the south at LOS.
  5. Sideliner

    Mr Football

    Yes this is true. Yet we cannot overlook the fact that Mr Football consideration heavily favors the “skilled position” players.
  6. Sideliner

    Center Grove @ New Pal

    South definitely still has a tough road to hoe for sure!
  7. Sideliner

    Mr Football

    I completely agree!
  8. Sideliner

    Center Grove @ New Pal

    Just catching up since I haven’t been on for a few days. Maybe CG is down or maybe NC is really good. Or, maybe some would love to see NP fall or not be as highly regarded as they are by many this season. As I’ve mentioned in another thread, basically there are several teams that are going to be plenty hard to beat before 5a is all said and done. I just wish bhss was a little stronger this year. That way, bantering with you MD would be a lot more fun! Oh well, maybe Coach Mo can get them rolling next year. Who knows, he may be able to turn things around yet this season. Time will tell.
  9. Sideliner

    Get the Red Rings Ready...

    Personally, being a New Pal fan, I can tell you that I’m hopeful the Dragons can win all of their games by as comfortable of a margin as possible. I can also tell you that there are too many good teams to proclaim anyone a champion, especially at this point in the season. Unfortunately, other than conference titles, the regular season (in Indiana) is preparation for the playoffs as mentioned many times by several on the GID and elsewhere. @Temptation obviously has some very strong opinions, of which I do not share and I appear to be in the majority in that regard. I honestly believe there are a number of teams in 5a that can win the blue ring this year still. We are only halfway through and as teams improve and adjust, things start to get interesting! I’m not good enough at reading tea leaves to make any predictions at this point.
  10. Allison, Spinks, Pancol & Conkling are all very impressive! Allison and Spinks were big for PH in this game! I’m pretty sure Allison, Spinks and Pancol played on defense as well. PH is a very good team and very well coached. NP sputtered a lot in this game and I’m sure a part of that can be credited to PH. That said, NP’s got a ton of talent as well. Jenkins, Neligh, Canfield, Hook and the O line just to name a few. Not to mention Spegal. It was a fun game to watch for sure!
  11. Wow! Based on your film breakdown, I’m just hopeful that the overmatched Dragons can keep up. We will see how it goes.
  12. DT, If you’re correct, the conversation on this thread will be interesting tomorrow evening! Stranger things have happened so I guess anything is possible. I recall back in 2011, NP beat PH something like 34-7 or so in conference play. PH came to NP in the playoffs and completely turned the tables and pounded NP.
  13. PH is a quality team so this game should be a lot of fun to watch! I’m assuming the talent level you speak of would be in reference to the passing game. PH is certainly talented in that regard! I’m just not sure that the passing game alone makes PH more talented than a team like CG. More potent offensively.... perhaps.. To date, PH’s toughest challenge was their week one win 31-30. While NP’s was week two with CG 31-9. I’d say both teams have improved since then.
  14. Sideliner

    Center Grove @ New Pal

    Totally agree!
  15. Sideliner

    Center Grove @ New Pal

    IF “CG is mediocre”, Carmel and Louisville Trinity must be going through hard times as well. Or, maybe CG is pretty good after all... who knows..