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  1. I think everyone needs to slow their roll on the NFL talk. Plenty of HS kids that were pretty darn good that never sniffed the NFL. James Banks was the best HS football player I've ever seen and I went to HS with two guys that actually played in The League.
  2. CaptainHook

    Get the Red Rings Ready...

    5A is far from over.
  3. Just tired of all the drivel you throw up against the wall here in a daily basis. Some of it’s bound to stick I guess. Not very often though.
  4. Agreed, but they can’t abandon the run like they did last night.
  5. Allison had a whale of a game on both sides of the ball. Nice player.
  6. By pointing out some incorrect statements and observations by you? You called a H.S. player NFL caliber?
  7. are you dissatisfied that almost every single statement your made in this thread was absurd, incorrect, or just plain wrong?
  8. I'd also like to thank the refs that allowed this game to be close, by calling a pity roughing the passer call on a fourth down incomplete pass, and calling a clear strip fumble that was going to be returned for a TD an "incomplete pass" all in the final two minutes. Pendleton Heights had ONE penalty called on them tonight. Ridiculous.
  9. Pancol 4 catches for 45 yards. I will tell our 6'4" tackles that that extra inch would have made them less "shorter and thicker" and "closer to the ground" (absurd statement) as they plowed over and through the Pendleton Heights defense for almost 400 yards rushing.
  10. Do you ever get tired of being wrong??? More details later.
  11. Bigger and better OL?? Ok, I’m done. LMAO
  12. PH has defeated three dreadful teams in Anderson, New Castle, and Greenfield. I hope you are not basing anything off that film. Missisenewa had PH beat week one, but their special teams melted down late in the second half. Regardless, it should be fun tonight.
  13. CaptainHook

    Get the Red Rings Ready...

    Ok I don’t think that’s even an option, and they would struggle to compete in the playoffs week to week due to roster size and two way players. Nobody should be getting any red rings ready. Zionsville in sectional. Michigan City. And others in north I am forgetting. We aren’t even to the half way point of the season.
  14. Were they? I didn’t pay attention during the game. Seemed light to start the game on the visitor side. Perhaps it was the difficulty with parking and it was late arrivals.
  15. Watching on TV is not an option for NP . . . maybe once a year.