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  1. VIP

    Sectional 32

    Semi-state at Chatard during a snow/ice storm in 2015, only other post-season road games since then were both at VL.
  2. No knock at all to the kid listed but Tango is right, how in the world are Lindauer and Combs not on here?! They are studs tearing up the competition just like they did against the North opponent at LOS last year! Very obvious Northern slant.
  3. This is why I don't normally say anything on here, the point was that the rankings and ratings don't mean anything. Not tongue in cheek at all, you don't know me buddy. I agree AP poll is clueless and was making an example, do you understand that? But since we're here, why would GS be the favorite? It sounds pretty clear on here that most feel HH will win, maybe handily. From this side it doesn't feel like we are a favorite. I'm not taking anything away from anyone. Credit to HC for beating us, they have some big strong kids, a horse at QB and out-executed us, but our factors impacted that game as well. I give HH the same credit for handling their opponents so far but if you don't think the factors on our side will impact the game you're mistaken! HC was actually ranked #6 at in KY at the time we played.
  4. Point was that ratings mean squat and GS has not been proclaiming greatness (this year). You know as well as anyone that rankings mean less than squat in this game. GS is not overconfident in this game and understands that if we don't show up with our A game we will get beat.
  5. Rankings and ratings don't mean a thing and no one makes their own rankings, wouldn't you agree reigning champ but ranked AP#2?. The current AP rankings have HH ranked higher than GS so it would seem GS is the dog here. Who is rating GS loftier than you think they should be? Regardless I think most GS folks would admit that this year has already shown that the Titans are a different team and have not been on here chest thumping about how great they are. Why are you worried about it anyway? You guys are the clear front-runners. If y'all don't win it all, it would be a colossal fail. There is no pressure on GS, it's really on their opponents to beat them while they are riding a freshman QB and small Senior class.
  6. VIP

    PAC Week 3

    I was at the GS/SS game and watching the SS sideline, my impression was that the first year coach was watching to see if his kids would keep fighting or tuck tail. He's a good coach establishing a new culture and gauging the heart is a big part. He was exerting as much if not more energy through the 4th quarter as his boys were.
  7. He is DC at North Posey now.
  8. Congrats to HH. Can't help but think...almost $2mil and people not on the HH side won't even know it happened.
  9. This event was great. Obviously the space constraints limited some things but there aren't any other indoor options. There is a soccer complex that I've heard has more space but they aren't as willing to let other use it. Thanks to the local guys who worked the camp to let our kids have that opportunity!
  10. When will the all-area team come out?