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  1. oldtimer

    NIC Regular Season Edns

    Leaving the NIC would help football for sure in the competition department.... however the community(most people outside of the sport) already believes football gets whatever they want so the increase cost on travel does not make sense.... the 2 Michigan schools helped football but their fan base did not travel well...a combine Elkhart school hopefully brings competition every year and if South Bend would combine a couple of schools that would help...
  2. NP offense ran into a good defense and got shut down..... NP is young and has a bright future and Penn is better off with them replacing Clay on the schedule...
  3. psaboy those locker rooms will help more then just football.... and what club sports are you talking about?
  4. oldtimer


    You make a great point... I believe most respect Penns program as we respect what MIC conference does every year... Penn and Carmel were even set to scrimmage each other until the former coach who is at IMG backed out... Too bad the some parents do not monitor their kids usage of their computers but those that never could play have to use their mouth to act like they know something
  5. MIC teams have won the past 16 (SIXTEEN years).  hmmm.....

    1. oldtimer


      Because they have had the best team.... never said they did not but Penn would be a major player in that conference

    2. oldtimer


      BDR kinda of quiet what is the excuse you want to give or you going to give credit to Penn?

  6. oldtimer


    BDR I assume that you played on the Carmel field at half time and not when it counts.... I wish Penn played in the MIC but they don't ... hopefully they can play a good game but to think they would be a low end MIC team no way!
  7. 2 teams with a good defense... what will be the deciding factor? Heard Crown Point had a couple of injuries in Sectional final..
  8. And I disagree but we just have opinions.... no one won in this situation.... and not sure it played a role in their game against Penn but they have the offseason as school to make sure this does not happen again..
  9. No the coaches stayed but did not agree with what happened to Coach Coyle but felt they needed to coach the team.... why give contrition if you feel you are right? to Von2Rov where do I give the idea to special privileges? Every situation needs to be looked at but if you have a certain set of rules then either stand by them or don't have any no matter who the kid is.... unless you value winning over teaching...
  10. Interesting that it sounds like many of the coaches supported coach Coyle.... a coach/parent of a player seems to have taken the approach of being a dad and not a coach.... Valpo lost a good coach and a great man because parents get in the way... hopefully at some point he and the other coaches can finally talk and set the story straight
  11. I wonder if the QB will be back for this game.... it might help steady the ship for the players..
  12. oldtimer

    Penn at Valparaiso

    It will be interesting to see who plays QB for Valpo...
  13. I had to join because could not take some of the description to the Penn Central game!! After a personal foul the Central player(will not use name) did push ups in the middle of the field and then tried to get the crowd going... why? Because he is an individual and not part of a team! And if he was any good maybe he would have done it against the big boys!