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  1. btownqbcoach

    Neutral Sites from Regionals ON

    Should we schedule games on poor courts or with poor seating in basketball?
  2. btownqbcoach

    Neutral Sites from Regionals ON

    Grass should not be used neither should fields with only one stands
  3. btownqbcoach

    Neutral Sites from Regionals ON

    Forgot about the stands at NA and FC. Brownstown, Seymour, Bloomington is it
  4. btownqbcoach

    Neutral Sites from Regionals ON

    In the south.. Brownstown, Seymour, Both Bloomingtons would seem to be ideal locations for neutral sites. All 4 basically in the middle of southern IN, turf fields, with sizable stadiums. There would be times where Columbus, NA, and FC could work as well. Example: EC vs EC this weekend. Not overly invested either way, but I would be willing to try it.
  5. btownqbcoach

    Neutral Sites from Regionals ON

    Most overrated food ever.
  6. btownqbcoach

    Brownstown @ Memorial

    I can certainly understand that. Lol
  7. btownqbcoach

    Brownstown @ Memorial

    Thanks man. We are excited to play at Enlow.. or at least I am haha
  8. btownqbcoach

    Brownstown @ Memorial

    We don't. And wont.
  9. This wasn't unique for your game I can promise you. That's a 25 year tradition of awesome tailgating and home field advantage.
  10. I second all of this. DO NOT GO TO BDUBS IN SEYMOUR.
  11. btownqbcoach

    Sectional 31

    I do not know sir. I know it's as long as I can remember. I was a flipper 🙂
  12. btownqbcoach

    Hoosier Hills Conference 2018

    Cathedral Jeff Would you pay attention :)
  13. btownqbcoach

    2018 MSC-PLAC

    Brownstown JV and FR still looking for games Oct 1st.
  14. I understand what you're saying.. it just simply hasnt really worked out that way, least not yet anyway. I will say I believe that the success factor should be based on a 4 year time frame and not 2.
  15. Which public school are you are talking about? You're making statements with no precedent. North Harrison girls basketball moved up and competed well in the 4A girls sectional last year. They got beat by 8 by BNL who went to semistate. I don't understand why they have to be public? You're changing the benchmark every time I give you an example. Do you have any examples of public schools moving up that didn't compete well?