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  1. Knight82

    In the NIC - WEEK # 6

    Yes, it happened.. I thought it was funny, but the flag was appropriate. Thankfully didn't impact anything, as the extra point was still made by our kicker.
  2. Knight82

    IFCA Poll Week 4

    Same setup as last year played out... Marian beat Luers, and Brebeuf over WL before Brebeuf won the North.
  3. Knight82

    NIC Week # 2

    I am also interested to see what happens between Jimtown and Washington. Is Washington as good as their score looked last week? Is Jimtown as down as their score last week would indicate? These three games should all be very telling for the teams involved.
  4. Indiana Football Digest 2018 Preseason Class A, 2A, 3A Poll
  5. I will do 3A and 4A. Thanks
  6. Knight82

    Mishawaka to NLC

    I would tend to agree re: NP. NCC seems like a much more logical fit for them given what they have invested, time zone, etc.
  7. Knight82

    Mishawaka to NLC

    The NLC would be very interesting for Marian and St. Joe - I agree with you that a combo of pp and the right public schools works very well. Not sure if the SB publics are the right ones, for all the reasons stated previously. These might be - but would the NLC schools be open to it? I would be surprised if Mishawaka wanted to exclude Marian. Mishawaka's principal is a Marian grad and my read is that the administrations of the two schools have a strong relationship. That would be an interesting combination. Size would be the primary common thread here, and as you say, there would be an increase in drive times. Would be curious to see if NP would be up for this grouping, as they would be the biggest school by a decent margin.
  8. Knight82

    Mishawaka to NLC

    What would you think would make sense for Marian and St. Joe? I don't see any conferences as currently configured that make a lot of sense for them to join...
  9. Penn $$ greater than Marian $$ - WIll be Penn vs Warsaw Friday night!
  10. Knight82

    Sectional 27

    Entertaining game - the two teams seemed very evenly matched. Marian just had Michael Hemingway, who really made the difference in the game with his breakaway speed. Defenses controlled the game on both sides, and turnovers/special teams ultimately decided it. The game was well played and well officiated. Sets up the rematch with Jimtown, only this time it is at Marian. Should be a fun one!
  11. I don't think there will be many close games this week. CMA, NP, Penn, EC, Riley and St Joe should all win, probably by comfortable margins. Marian should win, but have to figure out how to score in order to feel good about the upcoming sectionals.
  12. LOL - I posted a question, and almost as soon as I hit submit, realized the answer, and that my question didn't make sense. So I just said...never mind!